Daily Reading #114

Gee, now we find it wasn’t all Stumpf, that the board was culpable.  Who would have guessed? :


‘Grooming’ this is called.  Just what happened with Bill and Hillary Clinton, when the CIA needed someone to protect drug operations in Arkansas:



Both my wife and I, in different companies,have had to train our Indian replacements before being let go. H1B is money in oligarch’s pockets.  The amount that the US has subsidized Indian software and systems developers is $Bs, because the experience of working on large projects was the US’s major advantage, not the details of the software, OS or languages in job descriptions :


All armies should be so intelligent and humane with their own troops. If these American anarchists weren’t so ideological, I could believe they would win :


So they can do something for the tech workers because their H1B visa replacements are legal, but not for the working class whose replacements are illegal :


Signalling mechanisms for keeping muscles strong :


Makes you wonder what we need the SEC for? The people committed fraud against people who bought their stock. It isn’t hard to identify them and get them into a tort case that takes down the individuals who did that, there is no corporate cover of individuals for crimes :


Micro-dose LSD — citizen science in action, far better than clinical trials :



Our military cannot deal with reality in PR, why should we believe it is better at anything else?  Especially because we don’t see the evidence, e.g. winning or pulling out :


NSA cooperates with everyone, gives out technical information freely :




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