Daily Reading #113

Latest intelligence analysis of the hypothetical sarin gas attack in Syria.  The administration’s story is still BS :


Yes, Justice’s threats to prosecute Assange for espionage won’t work, but they certainly will deter others.  They keep tightening the restraints on publishing.  Controlling publishing is the cheapest way of controlling what we can think.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump to get anything but relative peace and a bit more Freedom, maybe.  Well, I lost. But President Trump, you have lost your way and this country is still on the way to the cliff. Nobody can think this is working, or that this cycle of the internet making it easier to publish vs legacy publishers’ poodles in news rooms and their ownership by even larger entities is going to end well for the Stasis Quo :




This is just court politics, and represents another level of consolidation of power, centralization of information flow.  I was encouraged when Trump was going direct to the web, but he hasn’t continued that. The quote about ‘intellectual rigor’ must be a joke :


But the elite outlets of yore earned their status not just from their proximity to power, but also from the rigorous intellectual framework against which they measured the powerful. And the most significant implication of Bannon’s triumph may be the rise of a governing philosophy that shifts along with the unpredictable man at its center.

I tried some organic potatoes and carrots recently, as I had seen so many organic farming videos bragging about how much better they taste.  Carrots, definitely, taste better. The potatos looked ‘ugly’ compared to normal, but were perfect under the skin. Normal potatoes have at least a few black spots and a thick skin and so need peeled, these were perfect and thin skinned and I didn’t bother peeling them. Given the problems with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, I think the price of organic is worth it :


Burning your rice straw? Why do that to your soil? The organic approach is either ‘chop and drop’ or compost it. The only good argument I can see is reducing bugs and diseases, but good soil does that even better than pesticides, organic farmers don’t use pesticides and make more $ than their neighbors because they don’t have the costs of the fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Bushels per acre isn’t the correct measure, rather profit at the end of the year.  With farm prices fluctuating as 2 or 3X over 20 year periods, it is inevitable that the lower-risk organic will replace high-risk conventional farms :


Democratic Party is out of touch. Republicans too, but Trump keeps them in the game :


Israel is not good for Jews, the animus I see building because of the Israeli-Neocons dominating our foreign policy. Such a joke, Russia controlling the US, when Israel has much more claim to that role. I am seeing more and more outright anti-Semitism, and I don’t think that is good for anyone.  Israel makes anti-semitism easy, as there is quite a lot of evidence that Israel has control of US politics, as the huge amount of $ the US provides every year comes back to be strategically spent here in very sophisticated lobbying, spying, business connections and campaign donations. Rome had the same problem throughout its life. If government has power and spends money, inevitably the recipients of the benefits organize themselves to keep it, to expand it :


It seems to me that the world would be more stable with more countries having nuclear weapons :



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