Daily Reading #110

The only thing NPR is good for is learning what the government and oligarchy want you to believe.  The latest on their ‘news’ is that the North Koreans are shipping chemical weapons to Assad.  (It could be true that NK ships weapons, tho hard to believe the Russians’ couldn’t do better weapons and prices.) Did not the UN inspectors certify that Assad had no chemical weapons?  Did not Clinton ship Libya’s sarin gas weapons to the ‘rebels’ in Syria?.

Now I see that the Israelis say that Assad has ‘tons of chemical weapons’. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? I don’t believe anything I hear out of Washington, NY, London or Tel Aviv without verification from half a dozen good people in alt-media :


Fred has it right, the Stasis Quo drives Trump like a sports car in aid of Israeli-Neoconservative foreign policy and world domination :


If the same oligarchs didn’t own everything, we could perhaps generate some pushback on the system that allows untested chemicals into the food supply. These are dumb experiment we do on ourselves :


“When our leader spoke, it was judged ‘terrorism’.  When the US bombed, the world did not even blush”. The problem with the Left vs Right frame is neither side holds itself to any high standards.  Both are right about the leadership of the other side, but defend their own despots. It seems to me that the people who elected Trump are holding him to serious standards, he lost everyone I read with the attack on Syria, and continues to gain opposition from his voters :


We don’t have a System,of justice, we have a System. of Legal Process and Procedures. There is simply no way a Justice System could proceed with the execution of a person without considering all of the evidence, not even if every other minor bit of evidence supported the ‘guilty’ verdict. Every time the ‘Justice System’ is tested, it is found to be terrible, e.g. 25% of rape convictions based on eye-witness testimony, when checked by DNA, were wrong.  In more than  few of those, one of the eye-witnesses was lying for a reason. Serious legal scholarship has identified many people executed for crimes they did not commit. This article notes 153 people have been exonerated after a conviction in a capital case.

We need to change this FUBARed system, soon, before the gulags get going :


I endorse this as an example of how science is constraints and possibilities for everything, without believing any of the connections made. I don’t think this is much more far-fetched than Cold Fusion/Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and probably less far-fetched than the Brilliant Light claims.  Nevertheless, I believe those more than the psychology <–> physiology connections, because measurements of physical values is much easier and more precise than psychology :


Step by step, we are extending life and effective life. Abolishing the FDA  and all Federal and State research funds would speed this up enormously.  This particular experiment could have been done 50 years ago, fractioning blood is an old tech, tho identifying the proteins probably couldn’t have been done then :




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