Daily Reading #10F

Yes, they need us to believe in enemies and be distracted by them :


Our drug laws fueled the already-bad corruption in Mexico, improverished the country, and sent millions of their citizens to the US in search of work.  Everything is connected, the best thing we could do to help Mexicans is abolish the DEA and all of our drug laws :


There is no end to the new talent coming along. The richer societies get, the more the artists and varieties of everything :


Every now and then it crosses my mind that the socialists control education and many institutions in the society and also have not trained people to deal with reality well.  But I don’t have a good cause-and-effect explanation for that. Hans Herman Hoppe explains those failures as a normal side-effect of socialist systems :


America’s form of socialism is crony capitalism and monopoly, protected by political contributions :


‘The Hype Cycle’ is an excellent tool of analysis. The example of ancient DNA is interesting :


Cold Fusion research is well along in the Hype Cycle, the R&D is improving heat production rapidly. I can’t tell about Brilliant Light, all of the explanations are new physics, different than CF/LENR. For CF/LENR, E-catworld.com has posts such as this :


Things for ordinary people around the world have been getting very much better, rapidly.  There are good reasons to be optimistic. Well, except for the wars, the governments who create them and the oligarchs who drive that :


Security is hopeless without confining every app in its own virtual machine, and strictly regulating the access of each to particular facets of the underlying system. System security is an evolutionary arms race, finding vs patching bugs in code and procedures.  As bugs are infinite, attackers are still winning :


A few days ago I predicted that Antifa’s members will be found and revealed? Told you so, it is the kind of thing they do at 4chan/pol/. Look at the detail they can tease out of pictures. Cell phone cameras are pretty good these days. As the comments on wrsa say, NSA can do much better than that.

My question is, “Why can’t there be prosecutions based on this evidence?” Two different people taking pictures of the same events, posted on a public server within a short time of the crime, are surely more reliable than eye-witness testimony.  An honest prosecutor would have both the camera and the person taking the pictures as witnesses, and there were very many other potential witnesses on the scene who can be identified.

If prosecutors don’t do this, it leaves room for vigilante justice :


The more anthropologists dig, the more we realize we have lost cultures that likely had a lot to teach us :



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