Daily Reading #10E

The world isn’t at all what our Stasis Quo wants you think it is.  Wayne Madsen continues to do good investigative reporting :





Finally, the US intends to end a war? The first good news from Trump’s administration, if it isn’t just another head fake :


Maybe Trump understands that the way to win is to intend to lose :


Of course, all of the US problems and all of France’s problems would be happening whether or no we had large minority populations, but the minority dimension makes solutions more difficult to find. Devolution is happening, everywhere, because our central governments subtract from the value of the country.  Just like breaking up companies and having the components worth more on an open market, so citizens can separate their local governments from a larger entity and profit from the experience :


I am evidence-based person, and this bit of ‘journalism’ is incredible BS. I don’t have the time to do it justice, but note that a lot of Hillary’s skating over criminal indictments would be explained by her and Bill’s work for the CIA ever since Arkansas. Comey did his very best to coverup the server issue, and is covering up the Weiner laptop issue, with the 650K emails that the Chief Detective of the NYPD says indicate Clinton was involved in horrendous crimes, including sex trafficking.  No news, no investigation, the issue fades into the background, and Hillary’s criminals continue their careers.

The CIA is no doubt working on the Chief Detective because he threatened that if there isn’t progress, one of the many copies of those emails will be delivered to Wikileaks.  No wonder the CIA is so down on Wikileaks, and you have to ask what hold the CIA has on Pierce that he should sacrifice his reputation for this kind of cosmetic work.

The CIA has weathered all of the leaks so far, but you have to wonder how our Deep State sleeps at night, knowing how poorly they prevent insiders from walking out with files, and how their secrecy isn’t working well in the Age of the Internet :


How many 100s of articles like this have I read? Yet the cult of the SAT score, of a meritocracy selected by itself, based on academic achievement judged by itself, has conquered all :


This is an interesting pov with much interesting supporting evidence :


If you can’t keep NSA out of your phone, how do you think you will do against your spouse? :


People have accumulated a lot of knowledge, and some wisdom, across the centuries. This is data mining, but requires a classicist-botanist-medical researcher :


A good first step to overcoming the opioid epidemic would be to end all the drug laws, because cannabis is a very effective pain killer :



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