Daily Reading #10D

George Webb, James Corbett, Boiling Frog Post, … are the leading edge of a new kind of journalism, professional, but citizen supported in both $ and information sources.  I think this is the early beginning of a new form of populism, one that directly threatens the Deep State and all of its minions.  That is what this political fight is about, Trump may have thrown the fight, we will see. But, in the end, we citizens will win for the same reason that our armed forces have lost throughout the ME, enough of their people object to our presence in their country sufficiently strongly to risk their lives in ejecting us :


Sargon of Arkad is another in alt-media. There are dozens of rational, literate, very ethical people commenting at all levels of popularity and breadth of audience. That is the biggest and fastest evolving part of the global information flow, legacy media is failing to deal with it, however much Google and Facebook try to minimize them.

BTW, Antifa is funded by George Soros, whose goals so often align with our Deep State.  Soros funds groups which are strongly anti-Israeli, the only divergence I see :


The map is not the territory, example 2,187,451 :


Yes, the US Empire has spent its future on bribes to regime supporters, domestic and foreign, and arms, as all Empires do :


Such a good example of how attempting to impose order produces disorder.  The more I look at the NKorea situation, the less I think I know anything about the country.  Same as Syria, sorting propaganda from reality is impossible without enough real people reporting. NK is too paranoid to allow much of that, a big check against them.  It is a totalitarian government, pretty clear, from the NK refugees in China.  And this kind of reality is what supports many repressive regimes around the world :


Another one from wrsa. Western Rifle is another alternative media site that has done a lot for Liberty, they publish many good articles.

This is the kind of thing that says systems + chaos therefore we humans better get sophisticated about self-preservation.  We do not yet handle our political issues with intelligence and sophistication, the dismal results are vastly increased chaos and hurt and killed people. This world we live within is serious stuff, and we allow governments of complete amateurs. Very unwise amateurs. Only fools and neophytes could allow themselves to believe they can win at games of such high dimension, so highly interconnected, with so much chaos inherent in the system, and so many possibilities of asymmetric conflict. ‘Conflict’ meaning everything from medical billing fraud through open warfare.

When you see billion dollar frauds carried out by governments and banks and criminals, it is easy to find several, that is asymetric conflict. Currently, the last release of the NSA and CIA’s tools have hacks for the SWIFT system. How long will belief in that banking system last?

Countries that have no systems the citizens can believe in are all poor countries.  Our country is headed in that direction. I believe the county land record systems are amazingly screwed up by the banks and the financial scams they did with mortgages. Some smart legal firm is going to find an honest judge and start making money out of that, I predict.

However I try to understand the state of our Stasis Quo system these days, it makes no sense from their pov, none of them can believe the system is working. Thus their building of bunkers.

But they keep on doing what made them their $Bs, and people keep on getting killed. The Deep State keeps on doing what made it successful and its leaders rich, people keep on gettng killed. Now they brought their technology of taking over governments home, and are doubling down with every increase in opposition :


I think everyone near the US gun culture learned from ‘Unintended Consequences’ by John Ross. He said that individuals, acting alone, are all that is necessary to end a tyrannical regime. He points out that murder by strangers is very difficult to solve, and so patriots targeting government officials who they know personally to be worthy of assassination will rarely be caught and will generally meet with social approval. Also mass resignation of individuals who know they are corrupt, and respond to the incentive of immunity if a private citizen.

Update his ideas to 2017, adding open source investigation, and Ross’s approach is more powerful. There are already web sites listing the officials responsible for passing anti-Constitutional gun laws in CT and NY, explicitly targets for assassination if those laws are enforced.

The left hasn’t learned the lesson, and will do the standard leftist routine of groups building and setting off bombs in public places.  Whereupon they will either be captured by law enforcement because of informants in their groups and the ubiquitous surveillance, or lose their lives, one at a time, as open source investigations out each of them and their opponents act as individualists.

This assumes good operational security on the part of individuals, although either our current police and intelligence organizations can’t make use of the ubiquitous surveillance they have available, or they aren’t focusing them on Antifa and serial killers.

I think that our Deep State needs violence to maintain its power, the reason Antifa is supported by Soros :




I got 2 of those from wrsa.

The following articles triggered this line of thought.

Once you start thinking about systems, you think different. You may be various points on a hard science to softer-humanity scale, but it is hard physics that there are physical sources of chaos, hard engineering in dozens of disciplines that their  disciplines have sources of chaos arising from entities and processes within their discipline, hard information theory that chaos can arise from processes at that level of analysis, and politicians, sociologists and philosophers and ministers and wise men both illustrate and claim that everything is connected. In addition to being their own sources of chaos, of course.

Science and engineering find amazing new connections, missed opportunities and seeming miracles every week, so there is a lot support for the idea everything is interconnected.

So, if chaos is inherent in everything, yet everything is connected, how to make good moves in an N-dimensional mine field? These species did not become extinct when a key element of their ecosystems vanished, merely shifted species that provided for seed dispersion, selected for new characteristics. We don’t know about what must have been many other species that vanished.

At every level of the ecosystem, culture, civilization and physiology, that is the way it works, see The Generalissimo’s reading list and the Geoffrey West link I posted recently.

You don’t have to be a mystic in order to believe the Precautionary Principle is great Wisdom in a connected, chaotic, universe, merely look at things from a systems pov :



Immediately after writing that, I find this :




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