Daily Reading #10C

More thinking and evidence that big is slow, and slow loses evolutionary arms races :



This is the best evidence I have seen, or perhaps the best interpretation of the evidence, that Trump is being smart rather than incoherent :


Incoherent may be smart, an improvement on the unified position in this excellent summary of America’s foreign policy :


If an organization cannot judge matters of responsibility in war, how is it different than a propaganda organ? Our vile ‘allies’ support the organizations who do these atrocities, and our vile foreign policy supports them :


Bottom-up organization to correct problems works.  Waiting for laws does not work. Given that these abuses were violations of the law, laws don’t work :


Interesting sequence of leaders in populist waves. I don’t see much commonality in these, it is difficult to know what I can learn. E.g. Jackson wasn’t elected because of hard times :


Universal small patterns defeat Deep Learning neural network’s recognition.  Do natural neural networks have the problem? I don’t know of a parallel, meaning current neural network technology, Deep Learning is the best yet, is not as good as natural. Computers replacing humans in jobs is further in the future than people think, as I have been saying for some time :


Biology is subject to constraints from the physical world, and optimizes within them :



Just after reading that, and finding the West link again, I find this, another example of physiological mechanisms triggered by environmental conditions. I hasten to add that physiology is tradeoffs, that nothing can be considered purely good, and nevertheless this may be or lead to a preventative or cure for many medical problems.  The physiology discussed is how animals deal with the cold, as humans did until clothes. Also, the breathing exercises are part of physiological feedback, hard exercise produces more blood, lung capacity, … as a result of lower oxygen levels in the blood :


And then this, which finds a neurophysiological link to Yoga practices.  A rational mind could conclude the body is a complex system :


And then this, the complex system of humans as we try out new ways of scaling the size of our groupings.  Death rates are an early warning system, this society is not producing healthy and happy people :


The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is voluntary. There are at least 2 different web pages of competent insiders critiquing the CDC’s evidence for the safety of vaccines. I need to find those again and catch up :


This from Western Rifle Shooters Association. Note the convergence of views left and right.  Well, maybe not a good example, most of the comments assumed all Muslims are the same in something important and that that something was bad, and based their comment on that. A few thought the same about Jews, based their comment on mutual badness.

To be clear, I think they are all people, just like every other large category of people. There is no characteristic shared by any large group that isn’t, or hasn’t been in the past, common in all other groups, except for the name of the group. Suicide bombers is the latest terrible social phenomena afflicting Muslims, and kills far more Muslims than any other group. But Japanese had their version, all nations have had warriors who volunteer for suicide missions, and Hindus pioneered suicide bombings in their war with Sri Lanka’s militant and militaristic Buddhists :


This must mean that anesthesiologists can charge more for keeping the patient awake than using gas. They otherwise are very reluctant to even consider non-gas anesthesia, despite the many papers showing bad effects on people’s brains :


The simplest questions produce surprising answers :


If the human body is a complex system, and we thus can’t predict the effects of medicines beyond a local effect, should we not be doing more careful analysis of possible effects of every medical treatment?  E.g. chickenpox vaccines above. Something is causing the epidemic of autism and autoimmune diseases and cancers, purveyors of medicines and agricultural chemicals aren’t anxious to find out what :


To control information, it can be hidden (censorship), countered, re-packaged (spun), or made relatively unimportant and unknown via competing information.  We see all of this at every level in any PR activity, what is interesting and surprising about this study is how simple it is to noise-out a news event.  As this seeps into the practice of PR and media, there will be a need for more Kardashians :


Violence begets violence. Antifa is on its way to being bombers, the next version of the ’60s bombers, the Weather Underground, anti-Nazis in theory becoming Nazis in practice :

The “sucker punch” at the Berkeley riot reveals the rot in our politics

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