Daily Reading #10B

I agree. Criminals and morons staff our government, tho PCR is a bit over the top in some of his opinions, imho :


The NK leadership express the proper paranoia of any leader who the US might decide to depose.  Our CIA’s attempts to order the world to US, or at least the CIA’s, benefit drive the chaos :


Syria is what the CIA and military have been doing in South and Central America for a century :


Ron Paul says we need 8% of US citizens to restore freedom by nullifying our Federal government’s over-reach :


A Constitutional Convention that represents the citizens of the US is an excellent idea.  The problem is how to do that? If a CC is organized by any element of the political establishment, it will represent the Stasis Quo, and will destroy Freedom :


If and only if the CC was called as a result of a ballot measure in each state specified that specified how the State’s representatives to the CC would be selected, and that was from among citizens not Stasis Quo, should we support a Constitutional Convention. Even in that case, the states that didn’t so vote would send their Stasis Quo, and that would be a danger to Freedom.

The probability of a successful outcome of a CC is very low, imho.

Could any lesser measure of constitutional reform suffice to reform our political system? Most obvious things are far too late, it seems to me, e.g. a balanced budget amendment. There is no way the US will pay down its national debt, as a normal rate of interest is 5%, so the interest on $20T is $1T / year.  Our tax receipts are $3T, and expenditures $3.85T.

OK, real interest ~= military expenditures, so if we cut all the military and another $850B we would have a ‘balanced budget’ in US budget terms, which hides the fact that we don’t actually have a social security trust fund, it is part of the $20T, etc. The Federal government has so many accounting frauds on citizens we can have little idea what our situation really is, but depend on government pensions not being paid. And this before we start paying down the $20T of debt!

Also, it seems to me, impossible to pass anything meaningful, e.g. the balanced budget, limitations on spying, abolition of the interstate commerce clause which would eliminate all of the agencies that foster crony capitalism and make politicians rich, … We can’t even get a budget passed that makes any sense.

There are so many unsolvable-within-the-system issues, and contemplating each one leads me to believe this system is incapable of fixing itself using any legitimate internal mechanism. Which leaves the only possible fixes from outside the system. Stupid system, to allow itself to get into such a state, but a standard result of centralization of systems.

I hate the conclusion, but this system is toast, all you can do is protect yourself from the fall and fallout.

4th Generation Warfare is asymmetric, weak forces using cleverness and daring against organized military. 5th Generation Warfare is individuals against ‘the system’.

4th Generation Warfare is asymmetric, weak forces using cleverness and daring against organized military.  5th Generation Warfare is individuals against ‘the system’.

Rich societies empower individuals in many ways, most of the known examples are mass murders, but surely clever non-violent tactics have not been noticed or, if noticed, not been attributed to individual intention. The Generalissimo discusses how to run 5GW effectively and ethically :



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