Daily Reading #102

I am extremely pissed at Dumb Bastard Trump. No president has kept their campaign promises, but April after inauguration must be close to the record :


I think everyone should start paying attention to the George Webb and general Pizzagate phenomena. This first one expresses the importance well, is even understated compared to my estimate of the reality.

This system is about to blow, there has never been a phenomena of major new technology, trade or communication which didn’t produce exactly this situation, the new flows of everything produce a lot of pent up need for political change. Always against a corrupt regime, the Statis Quo. The internet and the emergent social phenomena it enables are this generation’s mass technology. Previous episodes played out over generations, this is compressed into perhaps as few as 3, WWII to the near future.

So far, computers have enabled bigness and secrecy. Adding the internet hardware, protocol stacks, and 15 years of the development of information flows and social contact, computers are enabling smallness and openness, are on the edge of having the power to punish large and secret criminal cabals.

We have a massively corrupt central government with factions of incestuous Deep State criminal mafias. New upon the scene are Open Source Investigations in a world of much paper and many many many emails and phone calls. It only takes one insider sysadmin to make one small mistake, once, and NSA’s databases are sucked out of their computers just like the rest of the government’s have been.

I would expect the next Snowden to be a sneaky insider, leaving a tiny window open, only for a few seconds, on a particular system connected to the internet. In the time it took to correct a trivial mistake in an IP address, for example, at 17:18:32 on a particular Tuesday gee, someone got through the security net. Once inside, it is a lot easier to hide as a normal user, given an accomplice on the inside. A few more minor administrative errors, perhaps extending over years, anything at all can a result.

I don’t care about how many people watch over the shoulder of every person at the keyboard, mistakes happen. If they happen at the right time, in the right sequence, anything at all can result.

The guy at the keyboard is the weak point in any security system. System administrators are generally the guys at the keyboard.  For any complex system, network and server admins are specialized, there aren’t likely to be many of equal capabilities on every shift. So you don’t actually delete the exiting employee from the security list, etc. That novel nearly writes itself, if you are a system and network administrator who takes security seriously and keeps up with the hacks.  Which I am not, of course.

But, that is the probable reason you haven’t heard about the latest hack of NSA or any other too-big-to-succeed organization, they don’t know it yet :


As I was saying, mistakes happen, and security holes are due to mistakes.  Some of the exploits this guy finds are the result of normal engineering tradeoffs in real-time control systems with constraints of processor cycles and memory space :


In my humble opinion, larger everything makes us all poorer because larger == less efficient.  Financial efficiency is not the only measure of efficiency, much less effectiveness, but that is how large corporations measure themselves. CEOs are replaced if their net profits decline, nobody notices if profits are up because they are burning out employees or burning bridges in front of them by one of the so many ways to eat your seed corn that increase profits short-term.  IBM borrowed $Bs to buy back their stock, and stopped investing in new technologies, a fine example :


There is a lot to disagree with in this, but the plight of the poor is the same everywhere, and is being ignored. Pent up need for change is not sustainable. The next step in this coup is more violence from some source, a few more cases of terrorism, thus more need for police and fusion centers, thus more poverty, … Maybe we will get it changed before you can’t tell US from Mexican sides of the border in photos :


I think this is right. I have long thought that inflation is the only political way out of this mess, as that doesn’t require planning and plays to the oligarchs’ benefit and against the rest of us :


This is another overlay network, which will ultimately fix the problem of computer and network security.  At least, to the point where people are the weakest link, not the software :



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