Daily Reading #101

This makes twice the we citizens elected the Presidential candidate who promised peace, and got more war :




The planning for war has been continuous :



The wars are necessary to justify the rest of the takeover of government, of course. The changes to American values, expectations and institutions were the goal, not an incidental by-product.  The CIA and Mossad have been at this kind of takeover in other countries since its founding :


The CIA has always been anti-American values in every respect.  I think the CIA does things besides smuggle drugs, but those other things are terrible also, e.g. make $ by running houses of Prostitution, now including kids on their menus for better blackmail of patrons :


The general case against going to war is always the same, this was 1809 :


Another of those contradictions so frequent in the climate literature :


I think this is the first new form of government that has been adopted since the USSR. This could be a trusting society :


Israel is a failing state because of its attempt to steal all Palestinian lands and the occupation of Palestine.  Occupations have a long history of killing the occupying state and culture :


The serious difficulty of being anonymous online in a world of ubiquitous surveillance :



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