Daily Reading #9D

This level of information is available from the stream of URLs your ISP sees from your computer, and which it is now free to package and sell, having bribed enough US Congressmen to get the law changed. Your ISP can’t quite read your thoughts and emotions, but they certainly can read interests, intensity of interests, intentions and the probability of intentions being executed. Further, your normal, routine activities clearly reveal anything anomalous.

Add analysis of the content of the URLs you visit, and your preferences about EVERYTHING will be known to any investigator. With all that, imagine your problem, for example, in constructing an alibi. Or their ease in setting up a frame, perfectly fitted to you, for a crime. Or a trap.

If you intend to murder your mother-in-law using botulinum toxin in canned goods, you should do that research at the public library, not from your home system. But, if you research the topic for your crime novel from home, your mother-in-law better not accidentally die from botulinum.

Consolidated power, our Founding Fathers thought, was tyranny.  This generation is discovering that consolidated information is also :


My opinion on this would depend largely on whether Penn State was run, during Sandusky’s time, as an open, honest institution where great integrity was expected of everyone and of the institution itself or the standard politics-controlled large institution, in which everyone was go-along to get-along to preserve their jobs and sanity and power determined which rules would be followed.  The existence of Sandusky over such a long period indicates the latter, which mind-set included Penn State’s executives and board. I guarantee that their employee handbook covered all the bases and their procedures were impeccable in every record. Sandusky existed in a community of pedophiles and was involved with institutions helping children and molested a large number of boys during that time.

When they replace their employee handbook with “Be open and honest in all things and do not tolerate dishonesty in anyone about anything, or be terminated” and do fire people for the even slight offences, Sanduskys will no longer threaten their students or their institution.  But of course, that would demand more of everyone, is unthinkable to most minds.

I am beginning to understand the logic of group punishment in cases like this, and that these law suits apply that.

We deserve our government, currently filled with pedophiles, all tolerated because we citizens allow our representatives and news media to shade the truth. We have tolerated that for so long that few of us apparently even understand the concept any longer.

There is an objective social reality out there, people being hurt by other people. Complex causes, complex responsibilities. If we don’t deal with the reality, we cannot improve our civilization. It is in everyone’s interest to improve our civilization, in few people’s interests to see it degraded.

But it is degrading, Fake News has been a constant for as long as I have been following the news, there are very many examples.

One of the new problems that has arisen is pedophilia, pedophilia is a major corruption in our society. We do not have any defenses so far. That is our problem, the pedophiles aren’t going to change :


I always read Robert Gore’s SLL from wrsa. Both have been on a streak of good articles, getting better. No kidding, many of the alt-news web sites have improved very much over the few years I have followed them.

I rarely watch any TV news program, and the only few I ever listen to are NPR or Pacifica, both strongly biased and obviously so.  Of these, the TV news shows are mostly simplistic, all of what can be interpreted as depth of context is images carefully selected by an editor.  Increasingly, the ability to combine video streams allows the reporter to remain in the studio. But mostly, they are just people reading the news and trying to be especially believable as they do so. I can read faster than they can speak, although I find it easier to be skeptical of a person speaking, I have enough mental bandwidth to both listen and be very critical, but not to both read and critique to that level.

NPR and Pacific are leftist biased, but NPR is so obviously and totally Stasis Quo, whereas Pacifica has always been critical of much of what the government does.  I find I agree with Pacifica much more often, and rarely shout and gesture at the radio, as I so frequently do with NPR. National Propaganda Radio is bad for my blood pressure :

No Fooling, by Robert Gore

I could easily convince myself that there is a big ‘back to the land’ movement in its early stages. The internet and youtube I think are very de-centralizing forces, however much Google wants to do otherwise. It seems to me that ecologically-aware farmers such as Gabe Brown produce a higher ROI than their fellow farmers in the same county, industrial agriculturalists following the ag agent’s recommendations.

So every downturn in corn and soy bean prices pushes some into bankruptsy.  Over time, the more land goes to individuals producing those higher returns. Eventually, someone will figure out how to produce the level of very local management that eco-farming requires, and the pendulum will swing back again, until eventually the very-local mangements have enough experience to be producing their own evaluations and information flows.  Youtube, email, web sites, … do all of those.

Combine that with how standard it is for people to move to France or Italy and change to being appreciators of the local cheeses, wines, foods. I think that is happening already, e.g. people who appreciate steaks in Kansas City and the varieties of every fruit, nut, vegetable and animal that are beginning to come from the new generation of farmers.

So, I expect the local farmer to outrun the centrally-driven version, over time.  The next range wars center on that, especially if there is any loss of social control, which would produce communities of squatters very quickly, given mass communications and transport, information support systems such as DuckDuckGo, Google, …

If I were a subversive, I would suggest setting up many different kinds of web sites and let them compete for the future. But we already did that. Wonder what happens next?



He is in Bismark. I said ‘Billings’ in something on this blog. Memory is imperfect. The mix of farmer images in the audience is diverse. Anyone who thinks we have one culture anywhere isn’t paying attention.

Many people are thinking about information resistance :


The world’s opposition to the US’s attempts at hegemony are becoming more effective, with much more cooperation. More validation of Discordianism, as we believe that every attempt to impose order causes disorder and opposition. To be effective and to endure, order must be organic, voluntarily adopted by the elements of the order. Coercion creates opposition as naturally as forces create acceleration or trees create leaves, and opposition creates chaos, both the nature of nature. Thus, you should not allow coercion in your society, why do that to yourself? :


If it isn’t entirely honest, clear communications in simple language, it is a variety of fake news, framed to mislead, to fuzz the reality.  We allow this to degrade our understanding.  How can a country operate with this level of dishonesty?  Well, it isn’t :



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