Daily Reading #9C

If Rand Paul keeps emphasizing fundamentals, he may rise to the level of a statesman like his father, and then be worthy of the Presidency :


A very fine medical detective story :


“Failed Justice System”, I state repeatedly. So many consequences, e.g. nobody should ever talk to any official, ever, about anything, and that would be so if they were all saints come to life :





Nobody should talk to any person in authority without a grant of complete immunity for everything, of course. Nobody can trust the official person you have never met before, subject to incentives and pressures you can’t know, viewing you as just another case to make a career on, in any way.  I know of several cases, people personally known to me, where the law was seriously abused to make $ and careers. I think everyone knows about one or more of those.

It is not a functioning society, much less a functioning legal justice system. We can’t fix that individually by our honesty with anyone in authority, only by our honesty with each other, individual to individual. That reduces the need for anyone in authority, of course. Fewer and fewer honest people remain in any bureaucracy as we all learn there is no fixing them from within.

This has gone so far, if it can be done without legal liability, e.g. answering the questions of pollsters, we need to lie to them, randomly, to fuzz their data, reduce its value. The people who commission polls use the information against us, it is our only defense.

I hate those conclusions, it is not natural for me to be less than honest with anyone. Note that the detective in the 2nd video says it isn’t natural for most people, and is his chief advantage in obtaining convictions. It is also the chief advantage our Stasis Quo kleptocracy have in managing this rapidly-failing system.

Our next Constitution needs to mandate honesty in every official action, to place all officials under the same laws that apply to the rest of us.  When a Federal official is subject to the 10,000 laws and 100,000 regulations, laws and regulations will become simple again.

Another consequence.  George Webb’s series on Youtube connected this with another of the Deep State’s mafia schemes for producing an independent stream of funds, run by Pug Winokur, I think his name was. Wholesale theft beats retail, as the value of asset forfeitures claimed by the DOJ have exceeded those of burglars :



The theft of the PROMIS software was one of the early mafia-type acts of some federal agency or other, I haven’t read about that story for years.

Webb shows only one side of the Deep State :



Analyses of all kinds is getting relatively cheaper.


The left is excellent in critiques of our system in some respects.  Read comments for interesting connections between laws and beneficiaries :




I read this a day or so ago, am surprised I hadn’t linked to it.  America has the same problem, tho our interest groups are Progressives and oligarchs and government bureaucracies, with considerable overlap between them :


This is reading tea leaves, but could be correct. But Scott Adams at least puts his hard predictions out in public for us to evaluate his track record, better than most journalists :


VPNs are not the answer, overlays like TOR are the better answer :


Power organizes its own opposition, the basic tenant of Discordianism, the only empirically-validated religion :



No doubt, the CIA is using pedophilia for control, Congressman Dennis Hastert is the case that proves that. The question isn’t whether or not the CIA is using it for control around the world, of course they are. The question now is “Is this an ancient pattern?” because there is a considerable history of pedophiles in royalty. Does the pedophile want cover for his crimes?  Of course they do. What better person to provide that cover than a fellow pedophile?

That is a conspiracy I can believe in, and has considerable evidence supporting the idea.  Boiling Frog Post has covered the Hastert case very well.



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