Daily Reading #9B

I am working on a difficult tech problem, these will be short for a while.

Nobody understands how a system so dysfunctional stays alive :


I know enough Russians and ex-USSR immigrants to know the diaspora is as split wrt Putin as the American electorate is about anything. I largely agree with Buchanan and have independently come to those conclusions over the last decade. It seems to me that Putin has managed the challenges the US has created very well, and largely in the world’s interest. Whatever Putin means to, for and about Russians, we all should rather live in the world Putin is creating than the one the US has been attempting to create  :


I agree with much of this, especially the population moving to small towns again. Internet + permaculture will make that a reasonable lifestyle :


This is largely correct, in my experience. The best programmers and EEs love their work because it is creative and a continuing challenge, and keeping up with techology makes it even moreso. The problem is ‘trade mastery’ is only possible in smaller and smaller windows as the technologies outrun human minds. That means people who can grasp new problems and the related technologies are essential, but they are rarely the experts from the last tech, and are not at all experts when they start. That works on small projects, where people can do cheap experiments and take more risks, but not large projects for risk-averse managements. That is one of the reasons that software startups have been so valuable, they do the initial feasibility study and proof of concept, the elements nearly impossible for the managers of the larger company :


Paeloburrows, another newly discovered thing in the world. When you tally the number of new things found every year, you could easily conclude we humans don’t know as much as we want to believe :


Also, badgers burying carcasses, a newly discovered thing in the world that is important from the pov of ecosystems.  This was only found because of video cameras in an experiment, so there are many more facts about wild animal behavior to be found :


AI is so far from the general intelligence these people postulate, I can’t get my mind around how any of them can believe any of this.  It seems to me we are in far more danger from the stupidity of AIs than their intelligence :



The pro-war propaganda never stops.  The only ‘vital US interest’ in Yemen is the quantity of bombs we are dropping on the country, of vital interest to our MIC and financial people. It is increasingly clear that Trump has been converted to a supporter of Israeli’s views, the wars will never end.  All Empires die of blowback and military spending, we will be no exception :



Stratfor’s take is largely propaganda, e.g. the Houthi attack on an American ship :

Stratfor explains why we are fighting in Yemen’s civil war

I could never understand why anyone got caught for insider trading. From a computer guy’s pov, this was a no-brainer :


Bank of America is just anther rapacious TBTF bunch of banksters. This is a rare setback for BofA.  The judge must have given up on any more important position, e.g. Supreme Court :


Yes, the financial system and its banks profit in good times and bad, while the rest of us lose during the down cycle, at best :


The problem with this is accepts that there is ‘a national interest’. How do you measure that? I have an interest in other nations, and those interests are different year to year for many reasons.  The US doesn’t take my national interests into account, or any other citizen’s. Unless they are an oligarch, of course.

Foreign policies are too important to allow any government to represent citizens in any way.  We each can have our own foreign policy, if we wish. That would be the proper arrangement if we genuinely wanted peace in the world :


Yes, we start with white lies to avoid the need for any diplomacy, proceed to ‘blue lies’ in social solidarity, and end up in a failing system. If we want to fix this drift to failure, no lies, ever, must be our personal ethics.  As for Trump’s lies, I hear lies every time I listen to NPR, which I only do when driving, or watch any TV news, which I almost never do. Those samples convince me Trump isn’t particularly different from anyone else in public life :



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