Daily Reading #9A

I just received a call apparently from my son’s cell phone #, but actually from “Credit Card Services”. Most people I know don’t answer their phones, wait to see who is really there from a message. The telephone companies could control this, rather like the short-term profits as they devalue their declining asset. Years ago, I concluded that the Telcos were more valuable as a source of copper from all of their obsolete twisted pairs, CO to every house, than for the services those twisted pairs could provide. With copper prices down, no longer even that good. This is why AT&T delivers internet slowly over twisted pairs, but prevents any other company from competing in broadband.

I have to stop reading politics and do The Generalissimo’s work. I have neglected Scherrhy terribly, and she is annoyed with me also. Sad when we think we have to attend to politics and media in self-protection.

Obviously, legacy media has been judged to be of rapidly declining value in $ terms by their owners and operators, and thus the best use is to expend their last bits of credibility for political effect :


Null hypothesis should be that the CIA did the Sony hack, as their tools means that CIA-NSA could obviously have done any hack.  Thus they need to prove their own innocence before we can believe their attributing particular cases to foreign parties. That isn’t possible, meaning we can’t allow ourselves to believe CIA-NSA-FBI on anything.

Is an intelligence apparatus that nobody can believe useful? :


This irrational stock market has gone much longer than I believed possible. It has been obviously nuts for 2+ years, risk of losing everything vs even 60% gains is not a good bet.  And, on the other hand, serious inflation is setting in, the excess money has to go someplace and currently it is the stock market :


This little problem could be the trigger for the meltdown :


Or this one :


Or this one :


Or the black swan nobody saw coming. Or the first shots of our civil war, or default of another major finance company, or major fraud like Enron, … In any case, it is really dumb to have money in the stock market, the bond market, or anywhere you don’t have physical control of real assets. This is a time in history when great fortunes are lost.

The depth of our coming world-wide Greater Depression are the times when great fortunes are made, but purchasing cheap assets is only possible if you have cash. Intelligent investing must consider the full economic cycle.  There will be serious-to-hyper-inflation in many, but not all, currencies. Challenging times for an investor. So maybe the exuberant market has a long run ahead of it, and the risk will be minimal.

Certainly people predicting ‘crash’, like me,’ have been wrong so far. It is really hard to be right when it is impossible to know the free market price of anything. Which we can’t, because the Central Banks are buying stocks. In addition to the many layers of taxes and subsidies that go into every product.

My main thought is that centrally managed economic systems do well for a while, and for insiders, and always crash.

I don’t agree with much of this, but it certainly supports my thinking of yesterday, that there are plenty of political memes and their partisans waiting in the wings, hoping for a bigger stage. Also, several of the other points, e.g. people getting armed and thinking they are ruled by people who don’t like them :


And this supports the idea that legacy media systematically filters the news for partisan reasons.  The Daily Caller’s articles on Podesta have produced 1 story in the Washington Times, a rather conservative site. None in any larger, more mainstream, publication that news.google.com knows about.  So nice when they provide the tools to so quickly and easily check their biases.

‘Lies’ the lawyer says.  So where is the proof? If false, it would be easy to destroy the story with a few facts, why has that not been done? :


I like this woman’s web site, two excellent articles. She is no fan of Trump’s, isn’t partisan in these stories, attends to evidence :



This is a list of the mechanisms that have moved wealth from the commons and individuals into the pockets of the powerful and wealthy :


I own me, I own my data, and this law steals my ownership of my data from me, and gives it to the ISP.  Another mechanism moving wealth from the commons and individuals to the powerful and wealthy :




When the US learns that its opposition is the major factor supporting stupid governments around the world, e.g. Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, …, the world will be a much better place :


When the state administers the ‘system of justice’, there is less Justice, always. There can be no legitimate drug laws, and need be none. General laws mandating honesty + torts take care of legal liability for drugs, we don’t need the FDA, DEA, …, except to protect the CIA’s drug smuggling profits. If this continues, we will decide we are better off with a vengeance culture and bloodgeld rules administered by village elders :


This is the tech which breaks image recognition systems :


Cars are even easier. 2030 for automated vehicles is optimistic :


The Generalissimo suggested saving not just the cord blood, but the entire placenta, as those are the only free cells a new-born has that can be used to extend life in ways yet unknown :


Immigrants have a large impact on innovation, always. The fact that they are paid less but equivalent-or-superior productivity is attributed to discrimination, as with women and minorities. A suspect assumption, I think the problem is the definition of ‘productivity’, easily seen only after the fact, while ‘different’ is obvious from the first.  ‘Different’ means risk, and cost, and bias the interviewer against choosing that candidate. :



The centralized state monsters have learned to feed themselves. This is the other side of the CIA’s black budget from importing drugs. I am sure none of those couriers are ever caught, this is part of controlling any independent competition.  Same as the gun running scandal run by the ATF, putting guns into the hands of the CIA-favored Mexican cartel :


This should be interpreted as how long it takes reality to overcome  incessant propaganda in forming people’s opinions.  Nixon started the WOD in 1971, but the propaganda was constant from the 1820s Temperance movements, which had gradually increased the number and types of drugs made illegal and enabled Nixon to gain support by beginning that war. By 1971, a lot of hippies had smoked a lot of pot, and before them many people in rural areas, and ragtime musicians in whorehouses, blues musicians everywhere, etc.  It has taken all this time to accumulate enough social wisdom to decide to be free of these laws, but we are still many years from that freedom. :


AI is getting closer to being part of medical practice. Much closer than driverless cars, I think :


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