Daily Reading #99

I could easly support this with intelligent opinion, if not hard evidence:

The argument that we are on the edge of an automated national surveillance state that delivers totally consolidated power, totalitarian powers, upon the Federal Government, has been won years ago.  The new questions are, “Is totalitarian rule avoidable? Reversible? How many deaths will it cost? How certain can you be of that estimate?”

It is way past time to get excited about this, nobody is.  Some far-future historian of quantitative mind will use that as a primary measure of the sophistication of the social control our total system of the Stasis Quo exert over our understandings.

OTOH, becoming well-armed is perhaps better than becoming excited, and all sides are doing so. Now the ‘left’, whatever that means this week, but I am beginning to agree with commentators that the term always containing genuine Communists, is arming also.  Our political masters are trying to make $ on the coming conflict.

The fact of such obvious conspiracies among the political ‘left’ and our Deep State is beyond anything any rational person could have believed up until the Trump campaign. The realignment that Progressive Left-Deep State represents is far more remarkable than anyone I have heard comment on the subject make it seem. Wonder why that is?

So our totalitarian state is to be of the Left version of an ideology? The juciest parts of Lenin, Hitler and Mao, spliced to automation, extreme Greens who believe the earth’s population is 90% high and needs purged, or … Remotely operated sniper rifles covering more and more of the country.  Microphones in every cell phone, lamp post, smart anything, kid’s chat bot, most computer systems.

Read the daily headlines for more social trends waiting to join a totalitarian government, imagine the infighting historians will document, the strange paths that lead to that particular perversion winning the contest. Pedophiles, of course, one of the natural groupings in any power struggle because they do worst in normal jails, are looked down upon by all other classes of criminal. There are others that do poorly in jail, depending on law and culture gays, particular ethnic and religious groups. It will be a bloody bit of infighting, so many so corrupt trying so hard to stay out of jail.

Pray Trump wins the fight, but prepare for the worst! Pursuing pedophiles is his strongest tool, and that is the exact reason the Stasis Quo so opposes him!

OK, I made up the bit about the remotely operated sniper rifles being deployed in the US, but hasten to assure you that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. All the rest has solid support, e.g. the wide-spread surveillance with a multitude of devices, the rest is supported with enough evidence to be widely believed to be true, or at least very plausible, and many people write intelligent opinion and articles supporting particular points.

I don’t believe Communists with a Stalinist heritage have much influence in any political circle, but that is not the view of more than a few people with intelligence backgrounds. I don’t believe them, because you shouldn’t. Also, very few things that are important slide completely beneath public notice, media manages by ignoring them, downplaying their importance, not by making them uniformly invisible. Obama has a bunch of communist friends? Probably, but more normal evolution of authoritarian government was evident in Obama’s admin than any other trend, it seems to me. I don’t see many hints of communists, tho the methods are used by all sides, and weren’t original with the Communists in their time.

The point is that so many people, ones I talk to and commentators, are beginning to reason like that.

I wish I thought that was crazy speculation.  It is rank speculation, but not at all crazy.  We could not possibly have imagined the reality we are in 10 years ago.

I think that more and more people are concluding that they live under the power of people who don’t much like people like them. Not good for the future of civilization.

Far past time to get excited about this. As a feasible first step, let’s take down the legacy and internet-advertising-based media. That will remove much of the Deep State’s political powerful. It also means we need to oppose internet-based companies that are aligned with the Deep State, e.g. Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Microsoft is easy, I haven’t used their products since I switched to Linux. Sadly I haven’t found a good alternative to Amazon, and Youtube is a fantastic cultural resource, so long as I work at ignoring the ads.  Adblock doesn’t work for Youtube and Google’s own web pages.  I like Amazon’s services, just don’t much like the CIA-positive positions that their owner and operator supports. Opinions rewarded with a $600M contract for Amazon’s servers for NSA.

So, can’t condone, have to live with them, I try to minimize my contribution to their business models in my use of their cultural resources or convenience. So I don’t read articles on WaPo, that lessens the probability that Zerohedge and others will link to them, their revenue declines and costs of delivering the content per user increases. My goal is to make the WaPo and NYTimes losing investments, costing $10s of millions to keep open every year, and serving as a constant reminder for us all how close totalitarian government came.

So I oppose them as I can and use them as I must.  But they are the environment, until we take their market away, advertising.  Contribute to Free Media, watch them on Youtube, but ignore all the ads, do not support people who advertise on Youtube. Or else, find the browser addin that randomly clicks on ads, but displays the resulting pages in the background, on a dark screen.  That is a more active way to degrade the value of online advertising.  It also makes you pay more for bandwidth in your contest with online advertisers. Information Resistance linked to that addin.

However you individually work against these mega-interests and mega-influencers, you have to support intelligent, reality-oriented writers and vloggers (not me, I am an amateur) as you devalue Google., WaPo, NYT. And you have to devalue Google, et al. to oppose the CIA-Deep State takeover of America.

That will work, eventually.  Meanwhile, it is easy to believe, to interpret the streams of news as, the morons in our Stasis Quo driving us to civil war, inadverently as part of the inevitable polarization of forces that accompanying seizing political power or perhaps needing a civil war to complete the totalitarian transition. However all this works out, we mere citizens will be the last to know, just like in the case of Hamilton’s role in the Whiskey Rebellion.

Or perhaps I am crazy, and the fact of the Progressive-Deep State alignment is just happenstance, the historical equivalent to a neutral mutation in biology. Hope I am crazy, afraid I am sane :


This is an excellent takedown of ‘Hamilton’, the man himself in history, the play, and its use in the current authoritarian government propaganda campaign. This is not the first cycle through a profoundly anti-democratic, anti-populist campaign for government power, Hamilton himself lead the first few rounds and used military force as often as he thought he could win. Washington himself was suckered by Hamilton in the case of the events surrounding the Whiskey Rebellion :


This article has a frame which completely changes the import of the 100% true facts. ‘Boomers’ is a category of humans selected by birth date, but blame is placed on them all. They all didn’t do these things, they all didn’t vote for the politicians who voted for the bills that made the decisions that produced these social and economic disasters. They didn’t all adopt the values that have produced or allowed the factors that allow all that to happen. Incidentally, who educated them, guided their opinions via the points of view and frames and playing up, playing down or ignoring a fact in the world of the media, wrote their plays and novels, scripted their movies and standup? Progressives did that, the biggest part. Get real, Progressives dominate our culture and institutions.  That is what this fight is about, the people against Progressives.

Both the Left Progressives in economic affairs and Right Progressives, Israeli-Neocons for the most part, in world affairs. Both use coercive measures to achieve their ‘goods’ via gov action, the definition of Progressive.  Those are taxes and laws and programs in national affairs and war and sanctions in foreign affairs.

Both prefer the media, it is so much cheaper, because the competition is less. Less and less, as time goes along. Well, less competition if you ignore the alt-media, or can control it, or stop it from flourishing by restricting ad revenue :



Insanity is rampant on the left.  How can this make any sense? You don’t have to be racist or sexist or anti-Muslim to see that where women wear the hijab are very conservative cultures wrt what feminists consider women’s rights :


Any article that uses ‘them’ for groups of people is inherently wrong.

It would be easy to believe that the many water crises are as serious as the many pent-up economic and political crises around the world. The US has the same problem as India, e.g. farmers in California’s Central Valley pump so much water the land is falling in some spots, which is threatening the 2 main canals’ ability to deliver water to farmers :


Manafort has been an international PR consultant for a long time, meaning passing bribes from foreign clients to politicians and bureaucrats, normally disguised as campaign contributions or speaking fees.  Those normally pass through the agency as normal fees and are written off as expenses. This fits the pattern of outright cash bribes, and fits with Manafort’s dodgy reputation in the reputable Congress-heavy K-Street crowd, who, they swear, only do legal forms of bribery :


Censorship can be done by private industry as well as government, and, even ignoring the very extensive gov-industry connections, Amazon and Google definitely do.  Amazon not only owns the Washington Post, but controls what books it sells, e.g. the removal of  Professor James Fetzer’s book “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” :



The thing everyone is missing is how fast Trump, his administration and any politicians who don’t like the undue legacy media power, could completely destroy Twitter by switching to Gab. Or Youtube by publishing their press conferences on any of the many hopeful competitors, and enhance any of the alt-media by only talking to their reporters, often from the comfort of their audiences via webcam.  That is  more real thing to most people these days, and could well be interpreted by the public as more authentic, an indication of a person more like them. I bet PR could help that interpretation along, if anyone ever thought of it.

I use an ad blocker and contribute directly to individual bloggers and journalists I like and publicize them often via links in these posts because it opposes the Stasis Quo. More people doing that, fewer watching TV or reading print, and the usefulness of advertising falls, a lot. I would far rather learn about products from craigslist for my city, or one of the even-more local web sites often available.

A point in that is that the media have their power given to them by the minds engaged by them. ‘Minds engaged’ is a social concensus, and social concensus can change. Change fast, in fact. That discussion on InfoWars has it right, people don’t go back after realizing that the legacy media’s frame and manipulation of the news is very wrong, and their world-view is one that favors their Stasis Quo.  Controlling the growth of the alt-media just puts off the inevitable, and makes the ultimate change and rate of change much worse for them.

I don’t believe the legacy media is viable except for being a vanity press, as the NYTimes and WaPo have become. I do believe people could end them quickly, just by ignoring and otherwise devaluing their product by never buying advertised product they see. It is only OK to buy products advertised where you don’t see them. That would drive the agencies wild and devalue advertising generally.

This AM I find that Brandon Smith agrees with me, tho he doesn’t propose active measures to help the trends along :


This following book seems, from the publicity it provides, a profoundly confused view of society, IQ and history.  First of all, a nation’s IQ is 100, every year, by design.  The reason is that IQ tests are re-standardized every year to adjust for, among other things, the Flynn Effect.

So if a nation is to have an IQ below 100, it must be some international, cultural-independent IQ test.  The very idea is unbelievable BS, note the Flynn Effect, then consider the problem of the historical lags in national economies catching up to world levels of consumption so that the society can participate in world-levels of information flow and the increasing sophistication of mind that follows.

That IQ may or may not be a component of a nation’s international economic performance, tho it is easy to imagine a few hundred other factors likely to be important, also. All of which interact with the IQ measured by that culturally-neutral test, and so because that test requires a culture in full contact with the world’s culture of commerce, also the measure of success.

But I very much doubt the simple story, serious scholars haven’t even gotten started on this problem, it seems to me.  That is a serious argument, and I don’t see that it has been considered, much less refuted, in any of these discussions.

The Human Biodiversity people mostly aren’t serious, so far as I know from sporadic reading their stuff.  The problems they ‘work on’ are too multi-dimensional to ever collect enough data to tie down good correlations outside of small contexts, much less cause-and-effect relationships :

It certainly seems to me that The Generalissimo’s approach to a future civilization makes more sense.

American aerospace know-how is alive and well outside of NASA and the MIC :



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