Daily Reading #98

The US government is so guilty of so much in the ME wars, this hardly stands out.  Just another few million people threatened with starvation, another 100K dead, and the inevitable 10X injured, 2X that driven from their homes. Our so-truthful legacy media ignores it all :


Now the left is arming and demonstrating as armed groups. Training in small group tactics is a major edge of existing militias over any newer groups, so intelligence suggests confrontations are a bad idea :


FakeNews, using #Pizzagate as the example, are the latest propaganda campaigns, taking over from “Russia hacked the elections” Fake News stories. The legacy media is losing because they are the major purveyors of Fake News. 60 Minutes did a big hit job on alt-media recently, which produced this response :


There must be very heavy pressure coming from somewhere to have both Breitbart putting out ‘Pizzagate is fake news’ videos via Stranahan and Infowars’ Alex Jones apologizing for connecting Comet Pizza to #Pizzagate, both very contrary to all facts in the open source investigation. Go look at the evidence yourself, it is easy to tell whether there is any reality when you look at the evidence in this case.

Very true, the evidence does not yet connect particular victims to particular people in the network of padophiles, e.g. the Podesta brothers. Nevertheless, the world’s pedophilia epidemic is real, and there is child trafficking to support the pedophile networks, without question, and the professional, friendship and other connections between people like Podesta and pedophiles are strong and real.

Without question, leading people to pedophilia and using their pedophilia as blackmail is a method the CIA uses to control the world. Without question, our government has been corrupted by blackmail and largely does what the CIA wants, e.g. the State Department covering up the bad habits of diplomats, security people and Clinton’s cover for Laura Silsby and her crew of child traffickers, with whom she has had a long association.

Not mainstream news as a topic in itself, but those facts certainly explain a lot of what is mainstream news. You only need look at the evidence to begin seeing those hidden connections at work.

I linked to the following yesterday, finished reading it today.  It is interesting how few people in most of the ME support jihad and ISIS, except for a few countries strongly allied with the US :


Turns out, Russian companies and the gov have done a lot of normal things, and benefiting Clintons and friends is normal :


Yes, audit the Fed! Including an inventory of their physical gold and its ownership :


I read comments because they are often, in aggregate, as illuminating as the article. Or funny :


BenBoy : Coming up with this infographic he must have been 4 sheets to the Venn.

I have known a number of women who succeeded in arenas dominated by men, e.g. one in scrap plastics brokering. Another couple ran tech recruiting agencies, one moved into a CEO’s slot in a significant tech company. I have worked for several excellent female bosses in the tech world, and thought them mostly superior to the male managers I have endured. I don’t recall them worrying about sexism. No doubt, many of these same incidents happened to them, but they didn’t interpret them as sexism, nor take them so personally, as this woman did. Men and women are different. Women can take advantage of that, fight it, or ignore it. Men also :


When law enforcement uses informants to snare criminals, it is difficult to discern which of them are the biggest liars and criminals :


Excellent analysis of some first-order effects of self-driving cars, which they think could be standard by 2030!. Even 5 years, much less 15, is an eternity in the world of technology. Business plans for 5 years in the future in most businesses are a waste of time, because everything changes within and around most businesses in that time. Look at the list of Fortune 500 companies, year to year, if you don’t believe me.

For self-driving vehicles, the problem is proving the programs bug-free enough that insurance companies will indemnify manufacturers and owners. That and the resulting legal cases will take a long time to resolve, and that can’t begin happening until the cars actually work, still some distance in the future :


I need to find a study of the importance of first-order effects like that vs 2nd-order in the history of particular technologies.  I bet there are many more and more serious 2nd order, e.g. the myriad of social changes that happened after the car became a standard part of families. Young adultss will have more freedom with self-driving cars, as an example.

Legacy media vs alt-media is one aspect of Deep State vs Citizens.  It is a hell of a fight, and the legacy media is less rational.  This is an interesting view of the process of Legacy reporting on Alt in the context of “fake news” :


This is an excellent article, I ordered the book. The neurology and psychology seem solid to me, and I have thought that BrainPickings was interesting every time I happen upon it :


More Big Data invasion of your home.  This information is merged with Google’s and everyone else’s view of your and your family by both them and the government. They all have a dossier on everyone. Your remaining privacy depends entirely on their inability to pay more analysts to look at you, but every salesman in the world will be able to access it. In fact, selected elements will be on their screen as the robodialer makes the call to you :


As a long-time member of the Discordian Church, at least if you ignore the frequent schisms and consider our Dissident Contrarian sect part of it, I very much approve of this. Progress in every area does depend on the outsider, the contrarian, the person who refuses to conform :


Properties of substances depend on their physical state. Extrapolate to capabilities and properties of individuals, teams, groups, institutions, … dependent upon the ‘state of civilization’, emergent properties of a social organization.


Major evolutionary transition is always forming a super-organism of smaller components. The next stage in The Generalissimo’s guided evolutionary transformation is such a transition. People into families, a tighter cooperation of genetic and social-economic evolution, extracting more hybrid vigor at both levels and also a new fundamental unit in civilization, a major improvement on clans and tribes.


I should begin by saying I liked working in companies with a lot of women because I thought they were more pleasant, even more rational, places to work. I liked having a woman as boss, they were easier for me to deal with, for some reason, iconoclast contrarian that I am.

Nevertheless, I have the same response to this as to all the other ‘feminist’ takes on what they consider ‘workplace discrimination and harassment’, it is one interpretation of what seems to be a normal range of human behavior in a wide variety of cultures. ‘The group of men fell silent as I approached’. What is more normal? What man can’t say the same about any group, men or women, that they walk up to, at least some of the time? “He made a pass, got handsy?” Not good, but not a physical assault.

This entire essay is interpretation in a ‘sexism is rife’ frame and the problem of what constitutes discrimination is not so obvious, everyone fails at most things if they are careful to record their attempts, even winners.

Men and women are generally different in their psychology, however much some might wish otherwise. All of this assumes we are the same, and ignores the normal range of human behaviors in everything.

We don’t need more studies showing that some men interrupt women more often in a business setting or can’t take them seriously in meetings, that is well established, and corporate training programs don’t entirely fix the problem.  The problem to be investigated is ‘why?’.  Clearly, some men handle women in business well, some don’t. Some women handle men in business well, some don’t. Some men don’t deal with men well, and some women don’t deal with women well. Do those men/women have different women/men in their lives? Different fathers/mothers?. Different nationalities? Different national histories?

Without knowing why, we can’t do much to improve the function of our organizations, the point that should be made.

Because some women deal with the ‘slights and discrimination’ well, and succeed in what is considered “a man’s world”, we could consider this sensitivity a failure mode induced by feminism, or failures by individual women who can’t manage to do so. But that would be an interpretation also, one of many that could be considered.

There are not many women in the tech world.  There are very few blacks and Hispanics. It isn’t discrimination wrt blacks and Hispanics, they don’t take engineering courses. Women are a minority in engineering courses also. Is that a factor in how many rise to the top?

The strongest argument against sexism and racism being big factors in business is cost. Any CEO would give their left arm for a 5% cost advantage over competitors, because that is a long-term win. Women are paid less than men?  OK, select the very best and pay them at men’s rates, wipe out your competition. Women’s banks, women’s companies in general, don’t wipe out their competition.

In any case, people need to be generally more tolerant of everything, and ignore what they can’t easily change, deal privately with what they can change. That manages a lot of problems.

I interpret this article another example of the legacy media functioning as COINTEL-PRO, splintering the society to allow our elites to divide and rule us peons :



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