Daily Reading #97

The latest CIA-NSA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, went public a week ago. Just now, news.google.com lists 20 articles that refer to the case, all in alt-media. The legacy media has not deigned to notice the 600 million pages showing that the NSA-CIA spied on everyone, including all members of the administration, the Supremes and other federal courts, Congress, other agencies, … I linked to this when it first came out, wanted to remind everyone of its importance :


This French case makes you wonder how many of our agents who have worked with Mossad on many operations, e.g. 9-11, are now double agents working for Mossad :


There is no way we can do good in the ME, the US and Israel caused the wars and fostered ISIS in a multitude of ways. We should stop helping, and do our best to stop all of our allies from ‘helping’.  If we didn’t provide ISIS, et. al with arms, and the Saudis and Omanis stopped paying them, the wars would end much sooner, and we wouldn’t be needed at all, the Iranians, Iraqis, Kurds and Syrians can handle the situation with some Russian help.

That is the problem, of course, Israel, Saudi Arabia hate Iran, and our Deep State needs Russia as an enemy, so we can’t allow them to appear to be the good guys.

This is Greenwald on the death rate among civilians.  It is easy to say ‘collateral damage’, very true in the frame of ‘war is the way to peace’. It isn’t a winnable kind of a war, I think, and certainly has not produced peace. The assumption that Israel or the US want peace is empirically wrong, of course :


CHSmith goes after the most obviously-failing cartel, medicine.

My latest interaction with MDs was this AM, accompanying a relative having surgery today through the process. In the specific instance, the surgery is a treatment for an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are diseases of cleanliness, the immune system doesn’t have natural pathogens to occupy itself, an extremely unnatural situation, so looks for work, and finds things not to like in your own body. Autoimmune diseases are the fastest growing type of disease in the US, even faster than obesity.

This particular problem has never should have been treated as an autoimmune disease, e.g. high tech with drugs suppressing inflammation or the immune system, or low-tech with eggs of a relatively-benign intestinal parasite. That was shown to be effective for MS 15 years ago in a NEJM article and in numerous small-scale clinical trials for MS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and some others.

A roundworm infection fixes the ones so far tested, and produces long-term remissions in MS and Crohn’s, seemingly as good as any other medical treatment, tho it takes large-scale trials to know that for sure. Cannabis for MS is also producing good results, tho I haven’t seen any clinical trials yet. Cannabis is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent generally opposing the side-effects of the perverse autoimmune response.

But roundworm eggs are cheap, even cheaper than cannabis. Surgery with gas ((which stops neurogenesis for 3 months even in younger patients) + IV anesthesia + overnight in the hospital produces much higher billing for the hospital. Nobody in the medical system has any incentive to evaluate or use cheap treatments, however scientifically advanced. No inexpensive treatment can find support for the large-scale clinical trial needed to become part of standard medicine, because large-scale clinical trails cost $100M.

Clinical trials, mandated by the FDA, are the primary means that Big Pharma uses to control competition. Big Pharma is extremely profitable, and the biggest part of America’s excess spending relative to other 1st-world countries.

I suppose it could be justified if Americans were healthier than people in other countries.

Charles’ 2 articles focus on costs, don’t mention how poorly the US medical system performs relative to other countries :




The concept of dry toilets has been in discussion and practice in the organic farming and homesteading publications as long as I have been reading them, for exactly these reasons :


I read stuff like this because in many unlikely articles, in many streams of stupid comments, I find a gem.  This one has the bit about neurogenesis being the key to breaking depression, which reinforces a lot of evidence I have read ever since neurogenesis was proved to happen in adults, and later found to be important in much mental functioning. This guy is a good writer :


Free-lance psyops, false flag variety, to compliment the recent spate of ISIS free-lance terrorism-for-absolution-from-your-sinful-life operations. This guy had a bitcoin account, making people suspect there is an intelligence agency behind his ‘free-lance’ operation.  Various of the ‘free-lance’ Muslim terrorists weren’t particularly Muslim and had recently sent large amounts of cash ($100K for one of the French cases) to relatives, tho not much was ever made of those facts :


The gem of fact in this related article is “In Mosul there were no less than 600 attacks by men driving vehicles packed with explosives in the first six weeks of the Iraqi government offensive that began on 17 October last year.” As ISIS crumbles, the CIA will need a new enemy to justify their power and budgets. Russia is resisting the CIA’s effort to make them the US’s chief enemy very effectively, so far.

All of the Caliphates attacks in taking the area it controlled were lead by sarin gas attacks, which were enabled by the CIA and State Department shipping Khadaffi’s supplies from Libya to Syria, tho this doesn’t discuss that aspect of the situation :


The Generalissimo has a lot to say about psyops.

Eric Zeusse, no supporter of Trump, on ‘How Media Lie’, and why.  The particular example is Syria and ISIS, the US opposing Russia and supporting ISIS. This must be the two hundredth article I have read, beginning years before Ambassador (CIA agent) Stevens was killed in Libya, about the US supporting ISIS, and our legacy media still present ISIS as our bitter enemy as the frame for every article :


And the version of lies about Iran are the same thing. Israel and the Saudis need Iran as the enemy, the country can be no threat to the US, yet ‘implacable enemy of religious extremists’ is the standard frame for legacy media stories :


This is another aspect of internationalization, how can the Stasis Quo be so against it? I tell my kid all the time he should go overseas for his engineering degree. Speaking 4 languages, he has a considerable choice of countries.  The article’s warnings about effects on the foreign graduate’s job prospects are not inconsequential, but once you have a first job and recommendations, that fades into the background :


Except for credentialism, e.g. firms who need the image and assurance of your membership in their social circles, and crony capitalist cartels like medicine, most of business cares about your actual value in a position, where you got your degree is less of a concern :


Opposing kleptocrats has dangers :


Church of the Subgenius is a fun meme. This from a Youtube search that shows there are many such videos, one sort-of-explaining the concept of ‘slack’, the main theological concept of the Church. As a member of the Dissenting Contrarian sect of Discordianism, which worships the god of Chaos and is thus the only empirically validated religion, I have some sympathy for fun religions :


I am happy that we were NOT included in a list of weird religions. Scientology isn’t weird, more on the evil side, imho :


More on the CIA’s tools for hacking Macs. These were surely duplicates of the tools the NSA and other agencies, e.g. the FBI, had also built :



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