Daily Reading #96

Not just likely true, true according to a multitude of inside information that has been coming out for many years, including the recent 600M pages of database info the media is carefully ignoring, coming, as it did, through Sheriff Arpaio’s group :


Newsbud is becoming an important news site and Whitehead is excellent, as always. Kleptocracy has it right, and look at how the cases are increasing police powers to take money from you and me, daily :




This is one small piece of the long-term cooperation of corporations with the government and Deep State.  The specific example is French and the construction of fortifications by ISIS et al. in Syria. 100s of engineers and firms must have been involved to use 6M tons of cement in that effort :


All enabled by writers in mainstream publications, legacy media such as the NYTimes, some of whom are clearly insane :


The kinds of protests that lead to change :


The cycles of rise and fall of economic equality are the same as those of social cooperation. More equality, more cooperation throughout the society, more inequality, less :


We have to own our own data, otherwise privacy is gone :



The usefulness of genetic information in the prediction of disease is very low. Only a few special cases, cancer and single-gene mutations, have genes at the center of treatment.  This discusses the many reasons it will take many years for genetics to be more generally useful :


ISIS is good at social control, standard totalitarian methods.  Our CIA and MIC have a lot to answer for. American deaths are a few percent of the total deaths the ME wars, and our society’s suffering a tiny fraction of even that small fraction. We allow this to be done in our names, we do not insist on abolishing our Intelligence ‘services’ for our own protection, also a benefit to the world :



To be in the stock and bond markets now, in any way, is to take very large risks for likely very little gain.  This is a fundamentalist analysis that says the same, demographics will drive those markets both directly and indirectly. Their analysis covers ‘directly’, indirectly comes as a result of the falling retail sales, as retired people do not consume at the same rate as younger people :


Cannabis is a low-harm substitute for many other drugs, including alcohol :


There is interesting technology in farming everywhee :


Controlling corruption, theory and practice :


Contrary to most researcher’s assumptions, rates of DNA’s evolution vary, even for the same species in different intervals. Many papers are being rethought as a result :


Anti-aging research is showing many individual mechanisms which cumulatively and interactively produce aging :

Harvard scientists pinpoint critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging


Trump as President is NOT the man he promised to be.  The major factor holding his approval ratings up, higher than Clinton’s now, is the animus from the legacy media :


Another aspect of #Pizzagate.  The police and media are trying hard to minimize the importance of the numbers of missing girls, of course, so this article does not discuss the reality that motivated so many people to show up to a town hall meeting :


The trends to totally-fake news has a long history in the US, with the CIA at the base. Sandy Hoaxen were merely a late development, but controlling news organizations in detail has been the goal since the 1970s, and the CIA does so around the world :


Slavery continues with new cosmetologists handling the optics, lipsticking the pig. The psychological aspects for slaver and slave are very similar to pimp and their prostitutes. Nevertheless, the rational mind in me says ‘slavery’ in these contexts means ‘working for room and board’ by people who had few choices in life. That doesn’t apply to the sex traffickers, sometimes including ordinary pimps, who routinely use violence to crush resistance from their prostitutes :



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