Daily Reading #94

Anyone who thinks they are getting straight information from legacy media is oblivious to reality. “The Russians Did It” has been Big Lie propaganda from the very first, coordinated by Clinton and Obama before Obama left the White House. They were both part of the Deep State, or at least a very bad segment of that mafia :


Yes, obviously part of a plot to sabotage the Trump administration, the Deep State – MIC protecting the world-view that supports their budgets :


McCain is one of the public faces of that world view, Clinton another, and probably Mattis and others in Trump’s administration are aligned with the Deep State – MIC :


A symptom of that fight is the Russophobia that we see everywhere among our elites :



Legacy media’s view of Russia and Putin is very wrong :


Legacy media is excellent at repeating Big Lie propaganda, not so good at digging out facts and logicing their way to understanding, excellent at de-legitimating the entire Stasis Quo of which they are paid up members. The CIA, our propaganda and government takeover specialists, are behind all of this. Makes you wonder about their actual goals :



80% increase in reported cases of enslavement as soon as UK local councils started paying attention, but still the tip of the iceberg :


This is fun and effective tactics, what individuals can do to push back on the insanity from everywhere :


Yes, there is no living with an intelligence organization that has a searchable database of blackmail information on every person in the world :


Or with secret agencies of government free to kill anyone anywhere :


“Two-thirds of cancers are unavoidable” is the standard medical story, also very untrue :


5 days of normal eating, whatever you want, followed by 2 days of 600 calories each cuts weight and improves blood levels of everything important. That kind of caloric restriction cuts the rate of cancers, also, and has shown to reduce all diseases and extend health life in research since the 1930s. There is no $ in telling patients not to eat so much, so the medical system is oblivious :

You cannot doubt who the CIA thinks is their opposition, these are tools used against everyone, including American citizens :



For a very liberal critique of the entire ‘Russians did it’ propaganda effort and its Deep State mafia ties, read NakedCapitalism.com, e.g. :


NakedCapitalism has no use for our corrupt elites, either :



Despite years of outright lies and innuendo, Snowden is still a hero :



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