Daily Reading #93

Outstanding evidence that the CIA, FBI, … all spied on everyone, including Trump and associates. Congress, the media, everyone else ignores the evidence and the whistleblower who produced 600M pages of evidence that he took from CIA and NSA files :



Because it needs the budget for MIC :


And because so many of them will hang for 9/11 and other crimes if normal rule of law is re-established.  Voltaire is a fine publication, and Thierry Meyssan is an outstanding thinker :


The CIA has cost American countries $Billions in sales because everyone knew or assumed this was the case :


CHSmith is a great example of expertise building itself. The guy is more insightful with every post, one every day of the week and a mailing to a list on Saturday :


This is the reality in Russia that I hear from relatives. The economy didn’t get ‘normal’ until recently, and some visitors still consider Moscow distinctly lesser in civilization than Europe or the US :


The Media is front for the CIA :


Our perpetual war culture, nobody thinks it is important to end our wars :


Addiction in American life and politics :


I finally watched this. Searle’s argument fails when he admits that the brain is a computation mechanism, and that the ebb and flow of neurotransmitters is as different in mechanism as transistors in a computer from whatever consciousness is. I think his problem is that consciousness is just one of the many mental mechanisms that the brain provides, none ‘causal’ in a way different than a computer is. Some of Serle’s distinctions are useful, others seem to me to obfuscate the issue :


This discusses consciousness from another pov, anesthesia.  Even when performing surgery under propofal or one of the other short-acting IV anesthetics, gas is used at the end for its amnestic effect, so no one remembers being awake during the surgery :


English and US courts are designed to be toothless, making them the safest arm of government. The US politicized judges by making them an arm of the state :


The CIA and NSA have destroyed security of computer, network and telephone systems. This is the iPhone case :


Norse.com shows the real-time view of attacks. ‘Origin’ is merely the originating IP address

Any hacker can imitate any nationality by using their tools. Code is not language, Chinese programmers use the same Python that I do, even if they don’t speak, read or write a word of English :


If the roads had been private, all this would have been done routinely.  The big gains in fiber deployment came as the railroads put in conduit wholesale.  They had the right-of-way and ran a special train down every major track that plowed a conduit into the trackside in one operation :


Theory of Mind continues to develop. Kids have sophisticated understanding of other’s expected mental states very early, and we know that we share those with chimps, monkeys and even dogs :


MDs still have no clue about how people should eat :


But the many variations of a real hunter-gatherer, where eating is irregular, do more for health than MDs.5 days of normal eating, whatever you want, followed by 2 days of 600 calories each cuts weight and improves blood levels of everything important :

We are dumber than other nations because we won’t face up to lead and how to take care of it cheaply and effectively. The ridiculous laws about cleanups needing so much protection for the workers and the environment means the cleanup is too expensive, and so it is always put off, kids go on being poisoned :


Pizzagate is expanding, now includes dealing in body parts. George Webb’s series on Youtube did that :


Child protective services in every state are the same story as the FDA, converting every failure to a bigger budget and more power. With the added bit of paedophiles gravitating to positions in all such agencies. The combination produces very many dead children, no penalties for anyone :


Children in our nation’s capital city are not safe, they are disappearing at a high rate :


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