Daily Reading #92

They found the Russian connection :


Smith is very good again, as usual :


I think this could be correct, the hard left and Deep State view people like me, serious opponents, as best taken out of social life, one way or another.  I have long said there were gulags in America’s future, that is the social-political dynamic of political systems at this stage, a cabal seizing power :


Abolish public funding of science, it produces no public, social return. Private funding produces economic growth :


The Israelis and the US are the source of the ME wars, huge disasters for the people of the ME :


A political reason behind India’s disastrous demonitization :


The major reason California will not break away, and other states have equivalent reasons, is that it would immediately become an extension of Mexico. Even Mexicans don’t want a Mexican government. Indians don’t want an Indian government, Chinese, Russians, … ditto. OTOH, we aren’t doing so well with our white liberals and progressives, either :



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