Daily Reading #91

The CIA has been active in US politics for a long time.  Bill Clinton was the CIA’s candidate for governor of Arkansas, and they got a place to transport cocaine as a result.  This is the example from the state of Nebraska. The CIA’s power depends on having people who can act for them into power. That works long-term, involves recruiting and grooming people via their many front organizations :


It would be easy to think that I have ‘CIA on the brain’ inflammatory disease. If your evidence comes in dribs and drabs, as evidence normally does, and if your mind doesn’t connect events from different parts of the world, of life, as most don’t, you can believe that the CIA is just another bureaucracy, no more corrupt than most.

But, once you read enough books and think about enough of the very many examples of the CIA’s out-of-control acts, e.g. the cocaine smuggling through Mena Airport under Bill Clinton, in aid of Reagan’s support of the Contras, the connections between the CIA’s senior man in the US House, Dennis Hastert, and drug dealers, drugs and drug money, other senior members of all administrations connected to arms, arms dealers and arms money, sex trafficking, brownstones and brownstone money,  money, bankers, the CIA and illegal operations of all kinds, .. and the obvious corruption so evident in all of DC’s affairs, you conclude that the CIA is a major mover and shaker in all of that.  There is a Deep State.  It is connected with the financial and political elites, but is an independent power center with a Black Budget and independent revenue stream, the ability to coerce more of both, and no signs of losing power.

Except for the insurgency that may be Donald Trump. The Internet enabled the information flows that are exposing all of that corruption, and Trump is the first beneficiary of the new power of voters to understand what is really in their own interest, and to be able to vote for it.

Read that link, there are many connections to evidence that show the CIA is the major corrupting influence in our world today. And it doesn’t stop, Israeli-Neocons have been increasingly prominent inside the US government and political system for 50 years :




And all of this makes Alex Jones Infowars a trusted source of news ! A fine measure of the Legacy Media’s failures.The Constitutionalists are fighting back against the Deep State.  It will be a hell of a fight :

This is the story of Alpha-Go, the AI that beat the best Go player in the world, and how it is already improving Go.  Just like all of the previous AI games have improved people’s performance. Think what Sexbots will do for us :

This is the kind of thing I read, but have no way of evaluating. I think it could be true, but meaning requires context I don’t have. Wayne Madsen is a fine investigative reporter, no conspiracy theorist, and is associated with Boiling Frog Post, which is filled with people like that :


This is the future of medicine. The Insurance Model + government has fubared the delivery of medical care in the US. There is an attempt to sell a Lloyds of London model to create self-insured pools where everyone is responsible for a share of everyone else’s medical bills. That will fail because families with individuals with pre-existing conditions will be excluded. This probably has the same problem :


This is long and thinly thought, but comes to the right conclusion, modern war is a dumb idea, to be avoided at all cost :


The direct losses of jobs from minimum wage increases is the smallest part of the problem. Long-term, indirectly, those increases bar the least advantaged from ever getting a foot on the job ladder, as the person or corporation offering the job will give it to the individual posing least risk of wasted time and $, normally someone most like them, or a family friend’s kid, or … That always discriminates against the most socially isolated. There have been 100s of such studies, and still good Liberals support minimum wage laws because Unions like them as a way of decreasing the cost difference between union labor and ‘the untrained’ :


It isn’t the world people think it is :


By this time, everyone in media should grasp that any filtering, framing, propaganda will inevitably destroy trust in your brand. Short-term power dominates, they all do it :


Our cultural and intellectual history is much longer than most people, even anthropologists, grasp :


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