Daily Reading #90

This is the reason that the Democrats are abandoning the “Russians influenced the US elections” propaganda effort :


I was driving just now, listened to NPR replaying the Congressional hearing with Comey and ?some admiral? answering leading questions from Democrats. They have NO EVIDENCE at all, but pound the theme, big lie propaganda all the way. Innuendo and ‘alleged’ in every question, asking for answers to hypotheticals, etc. Continual refs to “Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, seizure of the Crimea”, total BS. Do they think we are all stupid and depend on MSNBC for our news? Or do they really not know anything?

In any case, it was a pitiful performance, and I can’t imagine that it changes any minds. Clinton’s popularity falls, trust in institutions continues to fall, but the political system thinks it is winning.

This is the government that the Status Quo is defending, one that steals from non-privileged citizens.  This lower-level theft is a small part of what is happening according to George Webb’s series :


Doug Valentine on the CIA, predicts Trump will be domesticated by the DC elites. This is a good discussion, lots of context over a lot of topics. At the highest levels, the CIA is the same as the media. The CIA as organized crime, and the effects upon us all :


This is possibly evidence that the CIA-Deep State-MIC are domesticating Trump. The lack of any comments from the administration, much less actual arrests, on “Drain the Swamp” ditto :


The CIA’s control of the media has a long history, Fake News all the way from the 1950s :


People + animals + dry climate –> desert happened all over the Middle East. This article doesn’t discuss remediation, but understanding of how to do that is far along, search for ‘restoring deserts’ on Youtube :


Here is an example of how fast things can be reversed :

More nonlinearities in the evolution of systems :


Johnathan Pie’s popularity should have predicted Trump and Brexit. Every one of his skits is a direct critique of the press and the Status Quo they so obviously work to support :


I visited old friends and family on my trip, all across the US. One notable aspect of most of them, they have no clue about how ignorant they are.  The few I met who voted for Clinton were, on average, worse, but my sample is too small to conclude anything about the larger populations. All surrounded themselves with cocoons of confirmation bias. My most Democratic friends read the NYTimes, the New Yorker, New York and London Reviews of Books. They watch MSNBC.

Nobody continues to dig for new points of view, they have found what they believe, and only accept sources that conform to and protect their beliefs. All assume that their news media reflect reality, except for the few who have rejected it all.

On the other hand, the Trump voters seemed to me to be much more in contact with reality, to have a much better sense of actual trends, actual effects of programs  and spending on people’s lives, and to be much more critical of government efforts as a result.

My parent’s generation is retired, some have great grandchildren — a few branches of my father’s family have been very prolific. My generation has kids in college, or recently graduated. The kids are liberal, of course. They will learn that their idealism is just another ideology soon enough, we were all like that once.

I have few readers of this blog, I write it for myself, to force realizations upon myself, prevent myself from mental drift, stimulate understanding, synthesis of sources, points of view. Very difficult for an individual, there is never the possibility of knowing enough, all you can do is try to keep enough different sources of information going through your mind, and reading enough comments, making your own, that somewhere in the world the right information ends up in the right brain with the right point of view, and civilization takes another uptick. This is a social duty, in my understanding of things. Everyone should be trying to understand the big picture from within their own local framework.  If it doesn’t quite make sense, say so. If you don’t say so, no matter how poorly you express yourself when you speak, …

I was just thinking about the import of the CIA’s use of strife and war as a means of producing it’s raw material, hearts and sex workers at good rates for resale to the first world at whatever the market will bear.  Entire institutions have been ensnared in the pursuit of American hegemony in everything, and/or the CIA’s nefarious schemes to corrupt all of the institutions in the civilized world.  That plan is far along, and the outcome of this political contest is a stage leading to or from the need for a shooting revolution here in the first world. Very synergistic, war and the CIA’s growing power here in the US. Also, financialization as a fraction of the world GDP, especially Wall Street’s profits, and the CIA’s growing power.  Does the CIA control the Fed? Or the Fed the CIA? People in the power elite surely consider those naive questions, because they know ‘it all depends’. Everything is alliances, nobody can outright use their power of blackmail, it just keeps them all in the game.

I just made the argument in an email harrangue of a friend, that “Bigger picture always wins, provided it can trace its chains of evidence clear down to bedrock reality. I can, I work at that.” As I wrote my side of the email exchange, I was reading the following article on the CIA’s long past in subverting the world’s institutions. Blackmail was always a large part of their operations, the most reliable way of obtaining some kind of cooperation. What you knew and who you knew had a lot to do with career advancement. The ability to cover up major crimes seems to be important to  advancement within the FBI


Reading the headlines on Truthdig is as informative as on Zerohedge, tho for different reasons.  The left really wants Trump out of office, Constitution be damned.

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