Daily Reading #8E

This is shorter, I transcribed some of The Generalissimo’s dictation today, serious technical thinking about cyphers, so progress on the book. Scherrhy is clamoring for attention also.

Yes, banks have such control over everything that their profits are theft :


100 years of British support for Israel and suppression of Palestinian interests, which included many religions, not just Muslim :


Binny on the current state of our surveillance state :


Indeed, NSA’s growing power have never been rolled back in the slightest way :


Academics have little claim to objectivity in the areas of history and politics. This is excellent context for their current judgments of Trump :


Weather is variable, and modern farming doesn’t cope well :


I have always liked Paglia, a natural contrarian like me :


How to run a legal and effective insurgency against local government’s corruption :


The CIA’s technology for taking over countries is well known, used everywhere :



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