Daily Reading #8D

I am trying to make these reading lists smaller and less regular and frequent because I need to read some serious science to continue working on The Generalissimo’s and Scherrhy’s memoirs. Understandings from the future are more important than reading the tea leaves of current events, especially as the collapse of our current Status Quo continues, Thank God!

We can only hope Trump defeats the Deep State, the most powerful of the anti-Constitutional forces, that might avoid the need for a revolution.

This is very good, the kind of thing I should have thought of :


Of course the FBI and NSA tapped everything around Trump.  The latest counter-leaks from the Intelligence Community says that Obama used the British GH?? to provide transcripts to avoid any documentation which might be found by Congress later :

Iran is not a natural enemy, either.  The US has no natural enemies except our own allies and the many terrorist groups we have fostered, trained, funded and armed :


When you dig into the details of the entire ME campaign, we don’t even know what side we are or should be on.  Israel did this to us, we have no dog in these internal conflicts, and our allies and ‘intelligence community’ pushing the wars are the most dangerous to our Constitution, the only genuine enemies the US has :


Alex Jones and the many talk radio stations I listened to while driving are measures of the failure of our centralized media organizations. These alternative views are more and more extreme as this episode in history progresses towards another civil war. That civil war, at base, is driven by the fact that our very illegal government, the Deep State and associated mafias, will hang if they allow peace. They cannot allow themselves to lose this political contest.

Jones et al are not wrong, are more correct than our insane ‘mainstream left’. It is a low bar for Jones and friends to surmount, but a slow way to evolve civilization, successively surmounting the low bars of the Status Quo :

The history of breaking codes is long :

Origin of Wireless Security: the Marconi Radio Hack of 1903

Toward more effective ransomware :

The future of Ransomware

This is an article in Russian that I found interesting. It seems to be the conclusion many US commentators are arriving at.  In the context that Russia warned Erdogan of the coup against him organized by the CIA, is protecting Syria, both as part of protecting Russian interests, and the fact that having America as an enemy is not in Russian interests, we should take it seriously. Maybe. :


Only a fellow software developer would reference “The Mythical Man-Month” :


I don’t approve of the writer’s choice of epithets, and this isn’t exactly an experiment, but it reveals interesting points of view :


This is too funny not to include. Anyone who thinks anyone can hide anything at all is only correct if nobody thinks to go looking :


George Webb’s open source investigation of the Deep State continues to progress :


Whether or not Trump was monitored is another question with only two answers “Yes” and “I didn’t look at the accumulated evidence”, here wrt NSA’s ubiquitous spying. Snowden was far from the first to identify their copying all internet data back to their own analysis systems. I bet that all of the large datacomm companies have been kept profitable via the NSA’s budget for backhaul, and the equipment companies by the FBI, CIA and NSA’s budgets for duplicating the links, transmitting the data and the routers to begin the interpretation.


Russia had nothing to do with Trump’s election, of course. There never was any evidence, as anyone who cared to know knew during the entire propaganda campaign :

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