Daily Reading #8C

I am home. 8K+ miles, 19 states, visited relatives and friends everywhere.

I like our country, we are a civilized people, every segment of society from the agricultural-rural through coastal big city, far West through Deep South through genteel New England. Also, considerable understanding everywhere.  My sample is too small to generalize, but the ‘pro-Trump’ people are more based in reality and aware of the real issues, imho of course, than the pro-Hillary people. It is easy to cocoon yourself in groupthink via your own virtue signalling via the publications you read and the opinions you hold.  That occurs in all groups, not just the left.

The Saker is brilliant, this is a must-read. I read this earlier, apparently have not posted it :


Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul are a team in the law to prohibit the US from funding, training or arming any terrorist group, i.e. all of them that are our special enemies. Notice that none of the big-name Republicans or Democrats are co-sponsors? What do you think that means ?  :


Pizzagate is not going away, it will change the political landscape :

Why Liberals are Trump’s best support :


Big challenge to the Fed, gold and silver will be legal tender in AZ, and transactions have no sales tax :


Centrally-directed research is a huge waste of money.  For the combined budgets of these experiments, 1000s of scientists could have been pursuing small-scale research with adequate budgets. Far more interesting science


The CIA’s propaganda, repeated by the outlets and politicians they control completely, has no substance.  This entire ‘Russia hacked the US elections’ :


Another brilliant (just ask Nuland, Clinton, or any Israeli-Neocon) Deep State foreign policy defeated by reality :


America has no significant enemies that we do not create and support, e.g. our own Deep State, Israel, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, Al Qaeda, …Of those, we don’t acknowledge the worst :





This is an great example of writing with loaded words and phrases, the reader imbibes attitude along with facts, a key attribute of propaganda :


This is what I suspected, most of the outright anti-semitic and racist acts in recent stories are done by progressives for their news value. I had a specific link for this, somehow lost it, but this discusses the propaganda case :


Lousy forensics, and people go to prison for a long time because the prosecutors are not rewarded for good judgment, rather their win rates :


Yes, massive denial of the harms is necessary to continue to continue the use of pesticides :


The end of another brilliant policy by our Israeli-Neocons :


And another :


Ian Welsh has it right, the genuine left is being left in limbo :


Why environmental organizations spend most of their $ suing the EPA :


And another :


Fred is a clever guy and also likes historical context to provide meaning to today’s facts :


That is reality : they literally listen to every phone call, if ‘listen’ means ‘scan for key words’ or ‘use meta-data to analyze patterns’, where patterns identified include husband-wife-gf or husband-wife-bf. When anyone in gov needs to influence anything, down to a school board election in Lima OH, there is a searchable database of blackmail info to begin with, and analysts can go through stored info as Snowden describes.

Those capabilities have not been diminished since Snowden. What do you think that means?

And both Ds and Rs side with the people pushing for an automated ubiquitous surveillance state.  What do you think that means?

I agree with this as to the meaning :

The new GE jet engine is an integration of new technologies and mfging technologies. Those are all part of the technological palette, so will affect everything in the near future :
Very wonderful animation :
This is the kind of thing it is necessary to read, but not have any opinion on. It is possibilities, interpretations supported by some evidence, but far from ‘Truth in context’. This illustrates all of the problems of micro-history in the making, the infinite number of possible equations fitting any set of data points to any arbitrary precision :

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