Daily Reading #8A

Still on vacation.

This is an excellent overview of the base problem of The System, although I think economics is equally based on information and energy, both are aspects of thermodynamics and information is less related to monetary units than energy :



Israel’s domestic policy of a Greater Israel is driving all of the adjacent countries via Israeli-Mossad subversion :





Fox is an Israeli-Neocon house organ, of course :


If it was only unlimited bribery, there would be some hope. Beyond bribery, there is the coercive power if blackmail, every police force and NSA has a database:


No kidding, the CIA works with journalists to manipulate public opinion! Who could have guessed? :


There is a good reason for political asylum, we must not forget that :


Someone needs to shut down the people pretending to be Microsoft’s Tech Support.  I get 3 calls a week from them most weeks :


Evolutionary arms races inevitably go to the fastest-evolving organism. Modern medicine has pitted science against bacteria, modern agriculture has pitted science against weeds and bugs. Both are losing, although medicine is losing mostly because of the associated bureaucracy of the FDA, as nature provides plenty of antibiotics that the FDA prevents from becoming part of medical treatments :



More medical science progress that the FDA will obstruct with the requirement of large-scale clinical trials. Clinical trials of drugs are the least-replicable studies in science, only 30% of their results are replicated when that is attempted :


Jobs in the modern world are not manufacturing :




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