Daily Reading #89

I am on vacation, and have accumulated these while driving and visiting. As usual, I find many intelligent comments. Info density is generally high, good povs on most of the sites I read :


Another aspect of that :


I believe there are a couple of sites doing summaries of the George Webb series. This is excellent, Webb’s revelations are ultra-important, imho :

106 Days and counting…

I believe this story about a poison gas attack on Los Angeles in July of 2016 because I think it would be easy to organize, could easily be done by a small team. (I just looked, without digging into the synthesis, it looks like a simple set of chemicals that I know have many industrial precursor chemicals easily available.)

Nevertheless, horrifying as a chemical attack is, sending 10 people to kiss a patient of whatever the latest flu or SARS or … epidemic and then cough through a major city would be easier logistics and kill more people. Peace and happiness around the world are the only way to prevent something like that, you cannot have societies that produce young fanatics.

The goal of societies mandated by the necessity of avoiding fanatics is not a result of  ideology or idealism, it is engineering requirements analysis.

Theirs are not the only societies producing fanatics, you do realize?  :


Yes, small political pieces, loosely joined with trusting people who have skin in their games. If I had to pick one solution, it would be to break the country up into counties on a date in the future, prohibiting formal political links for 20 years. That would let everyone make all the voluntary agreements needed to continue a functioning economy. Wisdom would allow 20 years to learn what is important again before any of them contemplated political mergers.

Trump is smart, I agree. Whether every actions is deep strategy, or even good tactics in the given situation, is reading tea leaves.  Nevertheless, an interesting analysis :


As I have been saying for a long time, it is American laws and policies and American values that both push people out of their own countries and pull them into the US to find work. We did all this to ourselves, and building border fences is treating symptoms, not the underlying diseases of bureaucracy and society :


This is what has been needed, Muslims telling the world that the Wahhabis are not Islam. The book I just finished, “Arabian Sands” by Winfred Thesiger, identified Wahhabis as a very bad sect back in 1929. The Russians organized this. So, step by step, Putin and Trump are cooperating to end the Neoconservatives and their allies. So excellent , this approach.

As for the ‘severe inflation’ he predicts, well, that was going to happen no matter what, the debt load of this country is not supportable, a fact that would have to be faced sooner or later. Poor Trump is the guy who will finally face it :


Another layer to the ‘fake news’ story, and ‘blame Russia’ :


I have long said the media were a COINTEL operation in the middle of the society, amplifying the worst ideas and opinions. This is a good example :


Another rendition of the reality of the economy and people’s economic and social state in our 21st century :


Feynman on ultimate scientific integrity, I call it OK-BOB, Open Kimono Bend over Backwards level of honesty :


It must be noted these are the same analysts who have NEVER predicted a terrorist event in the US of A :


Our wonderful allies, the Saudis, are responsible for this war, along with the US military who are providing weapons and supplies and training and spare parts and contract soldiers and … :


The left and media continue the resistance to the Deep State and Democratic Establishment being shown to be criminals and pedophiles :

Chelsea Clinton Is Exploiting the Resistance to Elevate Herself Politically

Nicholas Taleb is wonderful, America’s wisest intellectual, as usual :


The CIA has been running false flag operations in the US at least since the 1993 World Trade Center bombings :


Analysis software to make use of the fact that our NSA vacuums up ALL internet communications, all telephone calls, all of your documented spending, e.g. credit cards or purchases as part of any store’s “preferred customer” plans, all public records, e.g. legal papers filed with a court, arrest reports, property titles, and all financial transactions.  If you think that does not NOT produce a blackmail database, you don’t know much about power or people, expecially not people in power :


More on the CIA’s attempt to continue the new Cold War with Russia. There is no evidence that Flynn did anything wrong, and Pence is the Cold War’s man inside the Trump administration who did in Flynn :


Nobody believes Trump is perfect, e.g. his idiocy on torture :


The Democratic party continues to be the representatives of the Oligarchy and Deep State :


More signs the economy is still headed down :


I see more and more blogs concluding that Trump is the last effort by the pro-Constitution, anti-oligarchy , pro-peace, anti-deep state people of America before a revolution.  Never doubt who will win that contest, the only question is how huge the destruction required :


Another excellent analysis of why Trump won, the need for reform :


And another :


And yet another :


And yet another. Makes you wonder how the elites have missed all of it for so long :


And another :


People’s problems of thinking are due to our natural environment, reason evolved for reasons other than logic. We are good at monitoring fellow human’s contributions to the group, but not at anything abstract. Good article :


On the other hand, people’s mental states are easily changed by psychedelic drugs, for the better when used as part of therapy :


The left has such a difficult time arguing against the other guy’s central planning. Note the narrow definitions, this only discusses the technocrartic approach, without ever saying how it would differ from a full-on socialist approach that Jacobin favors :


The Saker is good, as usual. I agree, Trump must appeal directly to the people and bypass the government if he wishes to drain the swamp :





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