Daily Reading #88

The Saker’s estimate is that the Deep State has won, it has neutered Trump by forcing Flynn’s resignation over zip. However, the win has cost them and the country enormously in every dimension of trust, and (my opinion) fully exposed the Deep State in its control over domestic affairs. Intelligence services are NOT supposed to have anything to do with domestic affairs.


The comments on this article are more informative than the article, (Iran-Al Qaeda links are BS, they are enemies) which deals with the many possible ways of interpreting Flynn’s resignation. The comments are intelligent. Interesting in how the conclusion depends on the frame, either normal politics or Deep State skulduggery.

This is Flynn’s side of the story :


This is Glen Greenwald’s article on the Flynn matter. Notice how this law applies to Clinton, but all of the leaking officials are committing major violations of the secrecy acts. Greenwald is WRONG about whether the admin should have disclosed it, about whether lying was normal or not.  Of course nobody discusses anything in public before diplomacy has taken place. Flynn was the man to be doing that for the new admin, even if it was not in place yet.

I do not think this is in the same class as Snowden’s leaks, or the leaks of Clinton’s email. Those revealed crimes, this revealed diplomacy happening. Where is the crime in that? No one points to any crime in his discussions, so far as I see.

The leakers are not equivalent, revealing crime vs revealing diplomacy happening. What wrongdoing has been revealed here, besides the wiretaps of the NSA on US officials?

I don’t usually disagree with Greenwald :


Mike Krieger agrees with me, does a better job of trashing Greenwald’s argument :


Manafort denies any Kremlin contacts, also :


Lots of the ZH commenters have decided the Deep State is a driver of events. I agree with that, I don’t see how else to explain enough elements of the big picture, beginning with Gladio and extending through 9-11 and then Sandy Hook, followed by what matches the pattern of a color revolution, the US color rev paid for by one of the major players in Ukraine, George Soros.

George Webb on Youtube has the best synthesis of that story I know of, and I need to get time to read his list of links.

In any case, our Intelligent Agencies + the Military and CIA are home to many secret groups with varying interests and varying ability to commit illegal acts anywhere in the world, and abilities to transport materials into and out of any country, e.g. the US. For instance, on large AF bases, the CIA has its own secure hangars, the CIA’s planes fly in and out with no inspection by the military, and one assumes the same for trucks on and off the base. Drugs, arms, people, … Given the $Bs, very literally, in cash that can be so easily generated by such material flows, there is NO WAY THAT CANNOT HAVE BEEN MISUSED, and on a very large scale.  There is much accumulated evidence that those powers have been misused, including the Pentagon’s unbalanced books.

That is the power of the Deep State, not just $, but the power to make things happen in other spheres, e.g. business. Many people with the ability to direct events with information or decisions have died in recent times.

ISIS is a tool, on the one hand we pay them and train them and supply them to attack Syria, on the other hand we pay and train and supply the people who are opposing them in Iraq. And bomb them ourselves when world opinion demands it. ISIS is a perfect enemy, magnified by their horrors and the willing media, and nothing if they don’t get our support, including payments of the Saudis. Does anyone think the Saudis would be doing that if the US didn’t approve?

Human and sex and child trafficking are part of those cash flows.

Not paranoia, a recognition of what the reality of this world is, and that is what we need Trump to focus on. Getting rid of mafias is very difficult, Italy has been trying for 50 years :


I again warn everyone about how easy Google’s algorithms make finding a supporting link. This came from a comment to the last link, even better than Google. Catherine Austin Fitts, I recognized the voice and manner, maybe the name. Seems like she is very intelligent, an independent mind, and also agrees with me on the issues with the Deep State, but you shouldn’t take any of that seriously, just evaluate her and what she says. She is on many Youtube interview shows :


Aaron Russo’s story. Very interesting, and seems real, I think authentic. Another person who, after long observation of many things in their life, comes to the conclusion that we have massive corruption in our society. If you haven’t read dozens of those over the years, from all walks of life, you aren’t paying attention :


Jews and Arabs are all genetic brothers, children of Abraham :


Oregon’s political patronage system :



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