Daily Reading #87

This is not entirely wrong, but is framed as the standard ‘big gov fixes everything’ view. E.g. ‘Trump’s dismantling free markets, comfort with mushrooming debt, and destabilization of the international order they helped foster’. Such BS, the author has no understanding of the meaning of words :


Bannon as a social entrepreneur :


The US’s standard propaganda frames the other side as the threat, when the US is the one pushing the envelop :


Fed Warns: “Asset Valuation Pressures Have Increased”, “Leverage Remains Elevated”. Otherwise called ‘a bubble’. Wonder who is responsible for that happening? :


The Supreme Court is not selected by a process that has any predictive value in knowing how they will vote on cases :



An example of the increasing scale of network hacking problems :


Just in case you thought our elites were at all superior to you and me in measures of humanity :



I think that humans are the majority of the environment when it comes to meeting evolution’s fitness test of reproduction, so there isn’t much power to the argument of altruism vs selfish in propagating your genes. We are not the only species like that :


Meanwhile, human researchers assume they can easily understand human’s performance in tests. Except for people in 3rd world countries, maybe :


Subsidies fuzz the worth of everything, including the opinions of social groups and institutions. This is a pro-Refugee group that receives much $ from the federal government for resettling refugees :


Parasites routinely change aspects of the host to foster their own survival. This is malaria making animals who have malaria more attractive to mosquitoes by helping the mosquitoes to breed better, which is in the malaria parasite’s best interest because it better spreads the malaria. Social-level parasites obviously do the same to the societies they infest :


Oliver Stone is generally presented as someone with far-out ‘conspiracy theory’ opinions. I don’t know, but if the Saker says this is good, it is, and the few minutes I watched tells a story consistent with what I know about the Ukraine, i.e. a CIA-lead color revolution for profit :


Jordan Greenhall is a systems thinker who I think is very good, I am reading all of his stuff.  He thinks like The Generalissimo :



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