Daily Reading #85

Another view of Palestine, checkpoints within Palestinian territory, soldiers Just Following Orders, however apologetic they are. Our Great Ally, Israel, is the reason the ME is fubared. Israel is the power behind our Israeli-Neocons, AIPAC and their ownership of Congress. This is a standard side-effect within Empires, corrupt systems are easy to take over from the outside, e.g. Rome was strongly influenced by the ruled at different times.

Her description of the poor Jews being moved into the colonies on Palestinian land is another example of Oligarchs taking advantage of governments and policies. Look at the bit about censorship @36 minutes.

Israel is theft, pure and simple, from the beginning. Israel managing the fallout from that is a very major cause of the world’s discords, major tools are propaganda and terrorism, including 9-11 and the resulting ME wars :



Very excellent talk by Miko Peled, son of one of Israel’s generals in its wars. He makes a good point, that the ‘threat from Iran’ is nonsense, but a great political ploy that keeps attention off Israeli treatment of Palestinians :


Pretty clear that the Israelis could build Trump’s wall cheaper, they have so much experience.

Newsbud is an excellent organization, independent views on many issues, and getting better every year :




This is the failure of everything in public life. ‘Cost disease’, Tyler Durden claims. This is an excellent overview of the reasons behind the many symptoms that elected Trump :


If some government program found a way to give poor people good health insurance for a few hundred dollars a year, college tuition for about a thousand, and housing for only two-thirds what it costs now, that would be the greatest anti-poverty advance in history. That program is called “having things be as efficient as they were a few decades ago”.

Some of the reasoning behind the education’s side of that :


Unz’s critique, based as it is on ‘limited and non-reversible cognitive ability’ of students, is bogus if it isn’t due to lead in the water or some such environmental problem. There are individuals in every city who take the kids kicked out of these school and put them into top colleges based on their scores on tests. Abolish the system that produces these terrible results and watch replacements arise. The answer won’t be ‘charter schools’.

Just watching this, as impressive as it is, it seems to me to illustrate all of the problems of ‘cost disease’. It is hard to believe that Mercedes cars are made cheaper or significantly better quality on completely automated assembly lines than they were on human-operated lines, or that this is more flexible, etc. This system is software intensive, and I guarantee you there was huge wastage getting it to work the first time, that is the nature of software. Wastage repeated for every model change.  Mercedes seems to be gaining market share, now let us see how it does in an economic decline, given the huge fixed costs and capital costs of their automated assembly line :


When you look at Putin and his behavior over the years since he rose to prominence, the guy is by far the standout among political leaders in foresight and intelligently working for his country’s interests. ‘Intelligent’ meaning positive-sum games where his opponents permit that :


This is an interesting view of things from Indians and Pakistakis in the US. More intelligent journalism than I see in the NYTimes or WaPo, for certain :


Trump is doing some things right, he is keeping many very wrong people, mostly Israeli-Neocons who are natural supporters of the Clinton cabal, out of his admin :


Interesting comparison between Eisenhower and Trump in political positions and cabinet picks :


My wife is buying Ivanka Trump’s clothes because they are stylish and cheap, as the store has deeply discounted them as it discontinues carrying them. Aren’t side-effects wonderful ? :


Do you think this might be one of the side effects of managing your stores by politics? Except for Sears, their problem is long standing :


This is the next iteration of all that, activism as a sales tool :


Headline is wrong, you must replace the word ‘against’ with ‘promoting’ for it to fit the facts. What caused this? What did anyone benefit from such an award at this time in history? A source of fake news is revealed, in any case :


Local community is the way to take back control of your lives :


Very good social psychology, “The illusion of asymmetric insight”. People don’t generally know more about others than those others know about them, but always think so :


If you do not have physical control of your assets, they stand a good chance of being lost in the coming financial problems. This is 1929, the aftermath of which continued for 10 years, and during which all of the safe deposit boxes in the nation were opened by the government, and any gold coins were seized, later paid for at a 30% discount. That was the ‘haircut’ then, this one will be worse :


Greece’s problem is its own people don’t trust their government because of corruption, and so don’t pay taxes. That allows Germany and Holland to blame them for the deficits and put conditions on the ‘bailouts’ that have destroyed Greece’s economy, even tho the bailouts have merely saved European banks and do nothing for Greece’s economy. So the standard problem of every large, impersonal and rule-bound bureaucracy, people game the system and power counts far more than justice or common sense :

Our civilization has not scaled because large systems are easily gamed without lasting consequences to the gamers, who thus have no skin in the game. Most of the outrageous stories in the Daily Reading lists are due to that fundamental problem :



Every streetlight a video camera, microphone and other sensors with a link to voice and face recognition and license plate readers, the surveillance state continues its march to totalitarian control :


Animals are much more intelligent than they get credit for :


Nicer, also :


These kinds of incentive plans are responsible for the rising costs and falling effectiveness of US medical care. The story here is serious abuse of power for $, with patients suffering and dying as a result, e.g. “Delashaw’s complication rate was “higher than anybody else I’ve ever seen in my life.” along with a shift to more dangerous and invasive procedures for aneurysm that Medicare and insurance paid more for, etc. Atrocious medicine, MDs and management gaming the system for their own wealth, no effective pushback from anywhere :


Gun manufacturers were surprised by Clinton’s loss, this is an overstock sale with prices for ARs in the $500 range, normally 2X that. If you don’t own your shotgun and rifle, this is a good time :


I promise myself not to read high-energy physics, quantum physics unless related to electronics, or astronomy, because I can’t do everything, but fall off the wagon too often. This is a good reminder that humans are still doing baby steps in understanding the universe :


Trump’s wall will do nothing to stop with cartels, of course. Yes, no kidding, legalizing drugs would. And Mexico’s reason for wanting the illegals in the US is the remittances, $69B of Mexico’s $404B GDP, 17% of GDP  :


This is the standard frame of “the government must be responsible for all improvements in everything, so the choices are different ways of centralizing”. That is how we got here, with everything failing. Did this prescient philosopher predict that? :


I agree with this, I have called the media a COINTELPRO operation against the American people for some time. We are being divided, and our oligarch-CIA Deep State needs that as part of its takeover operation :


The Generalissimo has made this point often :


Taleb on ‘faux experts’ as the basis of the problem. :


This guy, a fellow system designer, is excellent in his thinking about remedies :



The whole ‘Russia will give Snowden to Trump’ is another Deep State ploy :


Dance evolving, this from the belly dance genre, now called ‘Tribal’ :



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