Daily Reading #83

This is brilliant. “Optimizing collective intelligence” is the problem, and the net enables a better evolutionary system which is replacing the centralized organs of our current FUBARed system.  The guy thinks like The Generalissimo :


The Generalissimo has a new essay nearly done on the requirements for humans optimizing their collective intelligence. Jordan Greenhall is social system analysis, The Generalissimo is total system analysis and design.

More centralization, Israel is a failing state because of that. Treating people badly comes back to bite, no matter your ethnic group :


When the London Review of Books accepts that Western Media pushes ‘Fake News’, the question is beyond dispute :


The real reason that reporting of the Syrian conflict has been so inadequate is that Western news organisations have almost entirely outsourced their coverage to the rebel side.

I think that was intentional, a consequence of the US government funding, training and arming ‘the rebels’, meaning Al Qaeda and ISIS. Note what isn’t discussed, Mosul, “the largest urban military operation since WWII”, which is not yet half won by Iraq, Iran and maybe the US. “47 % of gunshot wounds are to civilians, far more than other wars the UN has seen”.

Yesterday’s link to the various fake news stories included one I didn’t think was fake. This is the study showing that Clinton’s performance outperformed exit polls only in states that are vulnerable to electronic hacking. This is persuasive evidence that the counts are not correct, imho, that the election results were changed after the fact FOR CLINTON. Also the reason that I think her supposed 3M vote win in the total vote is untrue :


Ways to get rid of Trump. Bad idea. Our elites think our system is so stable that any of these methods will do. Impeachment would be OK only if the evidence was clear and both parties were near-unanimous. Otherwise, just another great divide with unknown long term consequences. Likely short-term, imho, this is no longer a stable system we live within :


Google long ago gave up “don’t be evil”, and is helping to fill your home with surveillance devices :


All of the reasons that Zuckerberg and other oligarchs won’t “end disease”, e.g. it is built into the total system of biological life :


An article I quoted a couple of days ago is very relevant to that, excellent discussion of systems in biology :


I missed the Archdruid a week ago. This is an interesting view of the present as a position on the wheel of historical change. Large-scale dynamics of systems of human minds and ecosystems, emergent properties of the systems we created, tho he doesn’t frame it quite like that :


Improving on the wisdom of crowds. Good thinking :


Immigration policy from the old days may be an improvement. But ‘policy’ doesn’t work. I think the lottery aspect of the current plan is excellent because it produces randomness :


The Central Valley of CA alternates between desert and inland sea :


More environmental problems.  Grass carp were the solution to take care of weeds in waterways, imported from Asia. The carp’s spread could maybe have been stopped earlier, but it would have cost less and might have been successful, so nothing was done.

I need to make a list of all of the species in the US that are here to clean up a problem, then cause another problem. The USDA is a genius at introducing obnoxious species :


I was going through the Pizzagate threads on voat.co/pizzagate again. One of them has a link to this :


From one point of view, yes indeed, there are crazies in the world, but you can’t generalize about crazies to anything.

I agree with that point of view, until you read the entire article, and see that the man was not punished, nor judged insane, is free of rape charges because he has power and powerful friends. His lawyers will settle with the civil suits, all will be well in his world.

Until I read the 10th example in a time short enough to remember it. At that point, it is time to start checking statistics.

Symptoms of the systematic perversion of people with power, not that it takes much effort with Saudi Royals, I think, are showing up everywhere. Jeffrey Epstein got off with a fake sentence, nobody ever checked on him. All of the girls suing him are getting a few million, must sign very confidential agreements and never talk about anything. 102 of them, at this point. You know that will come out of the taxpayer at some point, he works for either the CIA, or the Mossad with full cooperation from both. DynCorp provides his plane and other services, although he probably made a profit up until the suits began. That fallout only happened because all this came out a few years too soon, before they got the country corrupted enough that they were immune.

Just judging by the number of major paedophile scandals that have come out in the last 10 years and the number of years behind bars that anyone prominent has been sentenced to (zero, in case you aren’t watching), I think it is still a close race.

When they arrest the Clintons for any of this, it will mean they are serious, and I can breath easy again.

Read the links on this thread, no kidding, the brownstone operations own Hollywood. Selena Diana Jenkins certainly has an interesting background. Did she show up in George Webb’s story yet? Because it would be easy to fit her into the pattern that Webb is talking about. She would be a cross between Epstein and Valery Plame. Some of Epstein’s people have come up from the ranks, maybe she did :


I also believe that human minds are very good at finding patterns, we can see faces in clouds. We need statistics.

And on the other hand, the Clintons are long-time crooks, natural allies of the CIA :


Another interesting voat thread, the kind of things that produces statistics :


As I say, the FBI has been corrupted. Comey is corrupt, he is covering for the Clintons, the entire Deep State is covering for, allied with, the Clintons.

This is citizens against the Deep State, be sure you are on the right side of this :


Representative Cummings is excellent cover for Comey’s corruption, everything he says is true, and completely irrelevant, noise in the argument.

Representative Maloney is another digression, defending Clinton. The gov never argues for ‘privacy of individuals’ unless it is part of a coverup.

Mr. Jordan is impressive, liked his approach.

Mr. Lynch is another Democrat, covering for Clinton. We should never allow lawyers in any  legislature because they argue to support the case, have no particular reverence for actual Truth, the Facts Of The Case In Full Context. These people are paid to do that for their constituents, but the Ds are covering up for a crime, the exact opposite of their role. The fact that Clinton was the recent nominee of the D party is completely irrelevant, if she is guilty. “Protect the witness’s privacy” is such BS.
Mr. Mica is low key. Pounds the facts, the Congress has always had access to the FBI’s files in investigations, as necessary for the Oversight Committee.
Mr Connolley is another D. Introduces a Newsweek article and puts it into the record. Another set of excuses for Clinton. Nobody deals with reality.
Mr Meadows is a great prosecuting attorney.
Mr. Cargwright is another obfuscator Democrat. We need to stop putting DAs into Congress. They have no sense of reality, it is all image, arguing for or against a case. Being a DA makes Justice just a negotiation. Wrong attitude.
Comey can be as ‘done’ with Congress as he wants, his agency still is subject to Congress’s oversight and budget decisions and laws. The FBI has evidence, what is it? How did Comey so easily decide Clinton’s handling of secure information as stupidly as she did?

I only knew the name Chaffetz before, he is reasserting Congress’s power, good for him.

As for the witneses– what a bunch of bureaucrats. We pay a million dollars a year for these people? And Congress allows this waste of time? Congress under the Constitution has the power of the purse, if it actually had that power in reality, it would tell Comey “We will zero out your budget and break up your agency”, and Cummings would be as anxious as any other person in Congress to protect Congress’s power.

The Republicans have the high ground here, ethically and legally. Any resistance is the opposite. Also, I very much approve of the process, just not any of the people and their fundamental values, bureaucrats all. But the need for the process in this case indicates a very deep corruption of our government, because our government is not working inside the Constitution, no matter how civilized the process. One segment is covering the crimes of its leaders, and the bureaucracy can assist without fear of the power of Congress. Wow!

ZH’s side of the story :


One of the things I have noticed recently in the net’s info flow is that more people (20-30 a day) are coming to my blog because of my linking to another post. ‘pingback’ is the mechanism, every time I include a link, wordpress sends a link to all the other wordpress web pages, which normally produce the link back to me in the comments. It is ultimately a nice side-step of search engines, although not in summary version, but statistically the same. This has to be affecting other web sites, not just mine.


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