Daily Reading #82

This is the most important issue I have read about today. How can the question even be asked? Of course, this is a case of ‘parallel construction’, where the prosecutor needs the information from accepted legal procedures, not from NSA’s copying of all of the world’s data to its servers in Idaho. The government already has all of the world’s data :


The 2nd most important issue, honesty in public life. This annoys me, I was possibly taken in by the vote count issue in WI, MI and PA. I thought, however, it was more states and that they had done the statistics necessary to rule out effects such as age of the voters, in the article(s) I read. Also, probably the 90-yo foreclosure of Mnuchin’s company. More things to check, if we can’t assume that facts are facts in full context, we spend our lives checking our understanding of ‘real’ instead of living and learning new things. This is a stupid system we allow :


As a measure of the media’s failure, it doesn’t get any better than this :


‘Crush drug cartels’. Like that has ever worked. Trump is rapidly losing my support, but he is still better than Clinton could have been. Read the comments. The world has gotten very Libertarian, or perhaps my sampling is biased :


The US and Israeli intelligence ecosystems continue to merge :


A direct descendent of Stuxnet, NSA-Mossad’s brainchild, has now subverted banks around the world. Do you get the idea that security is an evolutionary arms race? That the disease organisms are now stronger because of the antibiotics, and defenses of servers are relatively very weak?  :



Stockman to Trump: It’s the Economy, Stupid, and Trump’s moves have been mostly window dressing, not draining the swamp, not reducing the government overhead burden on our society. Repealing Obamacare is fading into the background. :


This discusses a fundamental aspect of a financial system based on uncoordinated growth of fiat monies in different countries — they are unstable. His solution is standard economist bunk. Back to the gold standard. Forget dollars, grams of gold, silver, platinum, … worked for millennia, no reason they can’t function well now. Well, except for the loss of Goldman Sachs and their fellows, of course :


Another Ian Welsh, “Fixing the world, moral calculus”. Excellent goals, the problem is implementation, as usual :


Mnuchin’s company did ‘robosigning’, they lied to the courts. They did not even have the titles in their possession in many cases, those were lost in the centralized system

The 9-11 story continues to unravel. Read the comments, see how much people understand. Nobody on ZH believes the government. Nobody defends the government’s position on any of the blogs I read comments on. Intelligent people can be on every side of many issues, but there are no longer any smart people on the gov’s side of 9-11.

I admit my sampling might be biased. I do not admit that any intelligent person can consider the 9-11 evidence and come to any other conclusion than “the CIA and Mossad did it!”. The CIA and Mossad did do it, and didn’t much bother to hide the evidence, or couldn’t. They know that information about many of their lesser plots has leaked out, sooner or later, and must have expected it to happen with 9-11. I think you all should carefully consider what that means for our immediate future, because the 9-11 case showed a 25+ year planning horizon in the Mossad, at least, and the CIA has more experience overthrowing other governments than any group ever in history :


The problem with our world isn’t so much the liars as the believers. The reasons people fall for frauds are all true, his understanding of why Brexit and Trump are necessary is nil :


Mushrooms have gotten popular, it seems to me :


The Archdruid is erudite. A real philosopher, who calls a spade a spade. Good history of the academic world and its degradation. If The Generalissimo could explain things as clearly as The Archdruid, I would be rich by now. Excellent thinking and writing, and he identifies all the bad-faith players in science that I harp on. A wise man is someone who agrees with your own prejudices, by which standard I see that The Archdruid is a wise man :


Charles is excellent, as usual :


From NC, link with the comment “It’s almost as if a shadowy cabal figured out how to get people to pay more to die faster.” pic.twitter.com/9yvlvNZN0d


The National Firearms Act, the original gun control law, before which we had had ‘Constitutional Carry’ everywhere the legislature or town council had not passed the laws to deprive blacks of guns, was based on stupid deception, as have been all of the gun control laws since :


Illargi is good on ‘Fake News’ :


The political/media black hole exists in many other countries too; we are truly entering a whole new phase in both domestic and global affairs. That is what allows for the Trumps and Le Pens of the world to appeal to people; there is nobody else left that people can have any faith in. The system(s) are broken beyond repair, and anyone perceived as belonging to them will be cast aside. Not all at the same time, but all of them nonetheless.

Whether you call the menu the people have been fed, fake or false or just plain nonsense, it makes no difference. The British House of Commons Speaker may not be such a bad guy inside, he’s probably just another victim of the falsehoods, denials and deceit spread 24/7. The difference between them and ordinary citizens is that Her Majesty’s representatives in the political field MUST know. They get paid good salaries to represent the Queen’s subjects, and looking the other way as children get assaulted and raped does not fit their job description.

That goes for representatives of the church (i.e. Jesus) just as much of course, and for the execs at the BBC, but about as many of those people are behind bars as there are bankers. For anyone at all at any of these institutions to now speak with great indignation about Trump’s alleged racism and sexism is the very core of all of their problems, the very reason why so many turn their backs on them. It shows that the very core or our societies is rotten, and the rot is spreading.

We are facing a lot of problems, all of us, in many different ways, financially, politically, morally. But our problem is not called Donald Trump. And we need to stop pretending that it is. We are the problem. We allow our governments to tell our armies to bomb and drone innocent people while we watch cooking shows. We have believed, as long as we’ve been alive, whatever the media feed us, without any critical thought, which we reserve for choosing our next holiday destination.

The longer this braindead attitude prevails, the worse things will get, and the more Trumps will surface as leaders of their respective countries. And the longer the attitude prevails, the more anger we will spread in those parts of the world that do not belong to our ‘chosen’ societies. And for that we will have only ourselves to blame. Not Trump.

Another thing that is becoming part of real news is Pizzagate, as that shows.


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