Daily Reading #81

Trump and team are not playing to his base, these days. Nobody wanted war, these assholes are preaching war. When you are on the edge of losing Fred, your mandate is dwindling. Just because the Israeli-Neocons now love him again doesn’t mean he has the country behind him :


This is the wrong way for Gorsuch to handle the question.  If this is accurately reported, he allowed himself to be lead into a poor PR position. What he should have said was “The Federal Court system is a co-equal branch of our tripart government. Judges are certainly not above criticism, same as politicians, Trump has that right. Whether Trump’s criticism is fair in this case, I have no idea, as I have not studied the case. But Trump is also correct to say all court decisions are not equally well founded, even that personal bias can intrude into decisions. That is exactly the reason most politicians don’t critique the courts.”

But read the comments to this. Courts are thought to be part of the oppressing class, is the sense one gets :


George Webb’s story of very deep corruption produced by our Deep State and private mafias is getting summarized and written up and more publicity. He thinks the Clintons are among the private mafias. ‘The CIA’ is many different things with completely different characters, of course, carefully shielded from each other. It is hard to get a perspective on such a varied set of constituent. Nevertheless, they run DynCorp and Dyncorp is bad guys according to police and press accounts world-wide.

I have to read all his refs, some of his conclusions are not supported in my understandings. Just decided it is more important than any other area, as that is the most solid chain of evidence leading back into the CIA involving blackmail of US citizens and enslavement of US citizens. I don’t think that can be excused, nor all of the heroin and cocaine the CIA has moved, world-wide, although the blackmail power is by far the worst for the nation.

We are at least partially controlled by people we don’t know, who are not dependent upon our approval, are outside of any social influence we can bring to bear. That never works out well for either side. This reiterates the point that Everyone Read Hillary’s Email, it was on an effectively-un-secured Windows Server on an open net. Hackers do those automatically, and sweep out the contents. Hillary’s servers were not intensively monitored, to say the least, may even have the logs to know the IP addresses that did that sweep. Years ago, continents away, and many changes of everything by the time anyone first looked, but by this time, many people could know secrets sufficient to blackmail the Deep State and their Representatives in the US Federal Government.

More reasons to end the Deep State, if trafficking teenage girls isn’t enough for you :


Which reminds me, I just flashed on the reason for the misuse of ‘trafficking’. The Mann Act was “The White-Slave Traffic Act”, entirely focused on pimps moving women around, so the same problems of coercion we see in the Urban Institute Report I am reading. That seems qualitatively different than the very literal slavery of young people or adults tricked and trapped into prostitution or worse, especially across national boundaries that remove them from the protection of civil liberties. The police often return them to the original trafficker.

Earlier today, I was re-watching the episode of “The Wire”, early 2nd season, of the problem of women trafficked into America. Frustrating for everyone, everyone working at cross-purposes, all bound by rules imposed from above, nobody able to do the right thing, even when there is a right thing.

Mark Blythe is excellent, a very clear thinker and presenter. I linked to this a few days ago, just watched it again, am impressed again. If you didn’t watch it, do :


This is a more-context view of AntiFa in the American political scene :


As always with insanity on all sides, escalation of violence. Read the comments. I loved ‘reality deficit disorder’ as the problem in DC :


I just heard Trump justifying his ‘Muslim Ban’ by 9-11. He knows perfectly well 9-11 was not Islamic terrorism, he was one of the first people to doubt the story, and for solid reasons. Every GD politician lies every other sentence.

I made the mistake of wondering with “The Bachelor” is, saw it referred to somewhere. I watched 1 minute of a pilot of something. Now Youtube is presenting me with “Bush Twins” from SNL, “Brides of Beverly Hills”, “Key & Peele”, “Two and a Half Men”. Endless crap, nothing real, all TV and movies.

That teaches me not to use Youtube to look at new things.


Amnesty International has produced a report without evidence. I had thought this organization was reality-based. Otoh, Iraq executes all of the ISIS people it captures, so maybe the executions, entirely undocumented, were ISIS and the other ‘rebels’?  :


This is ‘believe it’ news based on the report :


PCRoberts on Mattis’s threats against Iran. We do not need war talk on bogus fears :


This discusses pedophiles and trafficking, carefully confusing the issues. I am still reading the Urban Institute report, don’t see anything out of the ordinary in this wrt that report. This is not obviously part of the pedophile rings that Podesta represents, I think :


Arrests in Haiti, the source of so many children. Full media blackout, his is the only mention of the resort I can find anywhere, except for their advertising :


Alex Jones is an intelligent man, obviously digs into the material, but desperately needs someone to interview him. When he gets it, reasonable talk radio. (Warning, I am not an expert on talk radio, but I can listen to this as background, the way most people do, and info rate is slow enough I can write simple stuff like this, also.) I didn’t know Joe Rogan, tho I have been hearing his name a lot lately.

In any case, Jones is now one of many people saying, based on FBI and NYPD sources, saying that arrest reports of high-level pedophiles are waiting on Session’s desk :



voat.co/pizzagate continues to dig into pedophilia and child trafficking. Amazing connections are revealed between the many known pedophiles and very many suspected pedophiles. The Planned Parenthood and sale of fetal tissue is interesting :


But the number of threads with significant links increases rapidly, many new ones since I looked last, much more evidence and discussions on the threads I knew. More impressive summaries of everything. Very seriously excellent work by open source researchers.

Very excellent reform of education by getting the Feds out of it. Trump does some things right :


Thierry Meyssan’s take on Trump’s progress :


The IMF is very advanced colonialism. Subsequently, to the IMF’s putting Yugoslavia under economic stress, the CIA broke the country into pieces and profited from the event :


The chicken-and-egg problem deep in the heart of biology — which class of molecules are most central to life?  Dumb question, systems don’t have centers :


Note how tptb use the less-able-to-resist as their examples. Just exercise to keep the troops busy, out of trouble :


The falling rate of solving murders is interesting. Some combination of more mobility and more anonymous society making it easier to get away with a crime AND DNA to keep police and prosecutors honest, to prevent them from pinning the crime on an innocent. Excellent article on using data to understand what actions produce the most social order :



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