Daily Reading #80

This is the threat to our Constitutional government, takeover from the inside, suppression of dissent. The apparatus to do that is in place, has been constructed over 50 years of relentless growth of police power and the ubiquitous surveillance state :


Where did their moral relativism go when we need it? :


Jonathan Pie is truly brilliant :


Milo is using Trump’s strategy of being outrageous as a way of spreading the message. This is what we needed, and when Milo and friends finally are ready to take on 9-11, they will take down this Stasus Quo in short order :




Secrets always are revealed. These aren’t particularly large amounts of $, but this is one of many routes Soros and others would have used. People don’t, can’t remember the specifics, but these kinds of stories are often in the news, trust declines continuously :


Ian Welsh is another reality-bound old-fashioned Liberal. His economics is the usual lousy, but his social and political analysis is generally good. This discusses one of Trump’s recent statements that horrified everyone “Putin isn’t the only one with killers”. Yes, the morons in the Democratic Party who run Hillary Clinton produced President Donald Trump :


All of this makes liberals look, to people who supported Trump, like raving hypocritical hysterics, crying about flesh wounds when they didn’t care about broken bones when Obama was in charge.

And so it goes. Trump’s a bad man, he’s done and will do bad things, but the reaction so far has been vastly out of scale to anything he’s actually done.

And yeah, the US isn’t exactly some bastion of purity and non-violence. Strange that the President who said that had to be Trump, because we all know it is true.

A little less pearl-clutching, please

OK, maybe Trump isn’t doing badly on the relationship with Russa, but the conflicting voices is a problem :


Videos of never-happened events are easier and easier as the technology improves. There are already many examples on Youtube, this discusses the next-gen Fake News, including faces with emotions reciting words, e.g. President Trump supporting genocide or some equivalent :


Big cities are still growing, but not outgrowing smaller cities and large towns are growing as fast or faster. So long as an area has high speed data links, the internet and online businesses shipping anything anywhere makes lower-cost areas more attractive. Many online jobs exist all across the US as a result. A friend of mine was telling me about one of the major internet sites that had all of the US customer support done by US citizens in rural areas, and thus by far the best customer support compared to competitors. Good discussion of Zipf’s Law :


Very bad effects of human’s garbage on our fellow creatures on the planet we co-dependently share :


No kidding, we can’t import all of the world’s impoverished people, as the world produces 80M every year. If we want to do anything for the poor of the world, we have to help them there.  That hasn’t worked very well, the AID programs and NGOs have been a waste of money and effort, governments are the problem everywhere :


The H-1B visa program is fraud and a gift to oligarchs :


I spent some time last week talking to an acquaintance about his company’s problems hiring people.  He had worked as a manager in the US for projects being executed in countries of the ex-USSR. I had worked for companies who used engineers in those countries and Vietnam. 10 years ago, when the company I worked for set up the engineering division in Vietnam, the exec who did that told us that the low wages would only last 5 years, because the supply of engineers around the globe was limited. Overseas groups were not as productive as people here for many reasons, so they hired 4 people in Vietnam for every person they would have had to hire here in the US. Nevertheless, because wages in Vietnam were so low relative to the US, that difference and the availability of engineers made it worthwhile to set up the Vietnamese subsidiary and move work there.

Last week, the story was that there are now no large sources of engineers anywhere in the world, and that hiring competent people was the limiting issue for every tech company. Not just engineers, support people, … He talked about how their support people were in small offices all across the US.

Engineering still has a good future, it seems to me. I hear from many people that they wouldn’t become an engineer again, although most cite the lousy management as one of the biggest dissatisfactions.  If we had enough competent engineers, they would be managers, instead of the engineer the would be least missed in their engineering role. Many countries have engineers running their governments, not lawyers :



The FBI is in coverup mode wrt Clinton’s crimes. 650K emails they are not releasing any information on, with a NYPD senior officer saying they contain evidence of many crimes, including sex trafficking :


Another comparison of Trump to Hitler. Complete BS :


I deny that there can ever be a measure of ‘national interest’ that is meaningful. Nevertheless, our military’s recent NATO deployments certainly are not in our country’s interests, really dumb, in fact :


Nicholas Taleb is against centralization, against the growth of the faux expert classes, for localism. We don’t need leaders, just someone at the top who doesn’t mess the system up :


Charles Hugh Smith is excellent today, as always. Powerful governments always FUBAR things, socialist or capitalist :


Israel implements robbery by the government on behalf of favored citizens at the expense of Palestinians. Israel is a too-powerful state FUBARing its own future :


The long-running very serious problem of Fukushima continues. Fuel has escaped the reactor, of course, radiation is not confined and continues to leak into the Pacific :


The news systematically mislead people on the situation in Syria and Aleppo :


All of the obsessing about AGW, no attention to the risks of a magnetic pole reversal. Is there influence of the magnetic field on the climate? I bet ‘yes’, but don’t believe I have seen it discussed, beyond the influence of cosmic rays on clouds :



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