Daily Reading #7F

It seems to me that the warmongers are winning, again. We voted for Obama because he was the pro-peace candidate. Obama was Shrub II in foreign policy, for all of the stories about how he was opposing the forces pushing war. It was all BS, the US supported Al Qaeda and ISIS from the beginning, the stories of the transport planes delivering arms to the middle of a desert are probably true. Lies from the beginning, which this recounts :


When you add up a large number of stories like that over a long time, work at it so you can keep enough of it in mind and with an overview of history and other contexts to judge ‘wtf?’, it seems to me that ‘CIA-lead conspiracy’ is a solid explanation for much of the world. I don’t like that explanation for many reasons.

First, I have been against such single-issue answers, consistently, because I couldn’t see how enough trust could be imposed over long periods. Clearly they have, and thus there is something to be learned from the example, because from that pov, the CIA and associated organizations are very impressive. They not only run operations with multi-generational consequences, but do an excellent job of controlling the political fallout, and well-enough overall to have grown consistently over the life of the organization.

Second, it is so inconsistent what I thought I understood about human behavior, it  makes me doubt my fellow man. The answer to that, The Generalissimo has laid out : people’s nature depends on the environment. I have never grasped those environments, because the environments that foster such are exactly the ones I don’t fit into, and we avoid each other.

Third, the world that has been produced doesn’t favor the politically naive, which I am. Anyone who is honestly honest is naive, we members of the Honest Party are most disfavored. The world doesn’t run well when politics dominate the other interests, what ultimately ends every Stasis Quo.

I have been watching George Webb’s series on Youtube again. He speculates from a very well-informed, intensively-studied, position. Looking over his references, it is clear that the CIA has subverted many of our organizations over a lot of years. Things I remember include UN Peacekeepers, UN inspectors, … Nobody can keep all of the bits of information in their head over the years, and it takes much contemplation to fit all the pieces in place, to estimate what is missing and know when things are out of place. Any organization with the ability to keep secrets has an enormous advantage.

Even with intensive investigations, we aren’t getting anywhere fast in the many investigations, so many crimes have been buried over the years. The Clintons have skated above the law for many years.

But, 9-11 was the event that changed my mind, although it has taken all this time to do so. It is the way all of us come to these conclusions, a bit at a time. Building 7 was the initial big flaw in the story, then the ‘Dancing Israelis’, the firemen discussing explosions, but the media never emphasized any of the flaws, and they faded from memory. Despite the continuing revelations, more than half the country, and few of the young people, know that 9-11 was a false flag. But, anyone who looks at the evidence has no doubt. The FACT of mind control is obvious, if you define it as ‘unwilling to look at the evidence’. By that criterion, all sides are mind-controlled, assisted by the fact that looking at evidence and disbelieving the opinions of your fellows of like mind is work and tends to make you an outsider.


I think George Webb is working at understanding reality, am not sure what to think of all his speculations. Some of them don’t seem reasonable, but I haven’t read his sources, and so far haven’t found much in the rest of his thinking to critique. But, if they have the power to do 9-11 and skate, what don’t they have the power to do.

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth is an excellent place to start. Solid people, solid minds, solid analysis conducted transparently, entirely in the open, by people you would be proud to have as friends. I urge you to look at the evidence. You will interpret the world much more like I do, once you watch this :


The incredible propaganda campaigns are making Alex Jones and InfoWars into valued sources of information. He was important in electing Trump. This is Lord Monckton, an active researcher and the leading voice in the scientific criticsm of AGW, and long a commentator on everything. Jones is a shit interviewer, he can’t stop interrupting. Monckton approves of Bannon.

No country as indebted as the US is has ever recovered its position. Many interesting comments by Monckton.

Discordianism is the empirically valid religion, and more and more of us are embracing local community emerging from, not imposed upon, the actions of citizens. If there is one thing people are good at, it is growing community, we have done it 100s of 1000 times in becoming the species that we are. That is chaos from the points of view of our centralizing powers and oligarchs. The centralizing powers have built a political and intellectual monoculture just at the point where they are losing power. Yin-Yang, chaos rebalancing the world. Love it :


I am getting pissed at the Trump administration’s bashing of Russia. The US is causing the upset around the world, not Russia. The GD flareup in the Ukraine was our Deep State making it hard for Trump to be warm. Of course Russia is supplying  the Eastern Ukrainians, they are Russian and dependent upon Russia’s economy as much as Kiev’s. Russia wants a buffer, it doesn’t want to take over the country, all of its actions are consistent with that limited goal, and they sacrificed a lot of Eastern Ukrainian Russian-ethnics to that goal, and took in 2M refugees, sent a lot of food and medical support across the border along with arms. A few solders, I think, from some reports, but never tanks, never artillery support across the border, etc. There was never evidence for those that survived initial scrutiny, it was all faked.

The US organized and paid-for Kiev coup put real genuine Nazis, direct political descendents from Hitler in WWII, into power in Kiev. The Russian-Ukrainians objected, civil war ensued. Civilian airliners are shot down by military jets, of which the rebels had none, but for which they were blamed by the US, but not the Russians. All of those investigations say ‘military jets’.

The hard right free battalions have been shelling civilians on the border of the ceasefire ceaselessly. The ‘flareup’ was them, not the victims in all this, the Eastern side of a multi-ethnic state. If everyone doesn’t arm themselves and intermingle block by block, and family by family, the CIA has no problem breaking your country into warring sections, and making lots of $ out of that situation. Yugoslavia was integrated, 25% of the marriages were across ethnic groups, they just weren’t well-armed, could not oppose the terrorists, very likely false flags or the CIA funding the terrorists, criminals in some ethnic group. We know people who went through that, won the lottery to come to America. Bad stories.

Obviously that would be the case, they have a lot of practice at this, they know the stages and the opportunities, are in touch with all of the right mafias and shippers and port officials and … Of course an agency with the power of secrecy would make $ out of it by adding some government power, financing and longer-term management. Inevitably, they would interface with others in government and business. Bankers, armaments manufacturers, shippers, airlines, … Bit by bit, their influence grows and more and more policy favors their methods of operation, their profitability. War is good for the CIA, the Islamic extremists have been a Godsend for them.

Then Trump comes along, an outsider, and threatens the cash flow of major powers, the people who move the drugs and the girls and the diamonds and arms. The man won’t live through the year.


Step by step. They collected the information with government money, then this is resale of the information, and a way of controlling another bit of the society, another expansion of central power.


We keep centralizing everything. That produces monoculture, genetic, intellectual, operational. Nature opposes monoculture, parasites and disease always win again monoculture. There are diseases of organizations of humans and communities. Don’t be part of a monoculture, it is bad strategy, an inevitable loss in a Black Swan event. Diversity in everything wins against

That is the reason to oppose GMOs, far more than any effects on health, they expose the food supply to massive loss. And the reason to oppose PC in universities, 1-party rule, … all of the things the produce Oligarchs and powerful government and allow ideologies to enter the positive feedback stage and avoid discipline from the environment for long periods. Events such as killing fields and internment camps and revolutions are examples of the epidemic phase of social contagions :


This is a social contagion :


Examples of parasites in social systems are everywhere:


It has already a successful year by one measure of mine. I survived yesterday’s Superbowl without hearing the names of the teams playing or who won, so I successfully prevented the zeitgeist from wasting my time or my mind. I likewise have no clue about the Emmys, what my wife is watching movies for.

Now to make it past the World Series also.

A conversation with my 7th-grade-dropout son last week discussed John Tolland’s book “The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire”. He has been listening to the audiobook version he bought, while commuting, nearly finished it. He was telling me about the internal politics that lead to the military taking over, didn’t know about all of the maneuvers of the US to lead Japan to war. Then he asked ‘what besides history can I read that is interesting with a lot of facts?” No need to worry about his education, just his lack of credentials.

Criticism of the Saudi Monarchy from a Shia. The Saudis executed his father, a leading Shiite cleric in SA. He says that SA’s monarchy, as it came to power, treated the Shia same as does ISIS does now. “My father was a humanist. We are all human, we are all one kind, and we should live peacefully with equal rights. We should live equally and peacefully”. Real people, who have suffered greatly because of US support of the Saudis and their extremists :



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