Daily Reading #7D

Jonathan Pie is brilliant “Protest Pie” :


I noticed a very great difference in styles in telling the same story between Pie and Raconteur :


I knew who Milo was, but hadn’t read or listened to anything of his. Wow, a natural contrarian :


ISIS, a product of our CIA, our allies the Saudis and Qatar and Israel. Their combined effort continue to produce serious fanatics. This is a measure of that fanaticism, quite disturbing. Indeed, we should vet everyone who comes into the US, and no doubt ISIS + the CIA are trying to get terrorist-wannabes into the US to keep the CIA-Deep State’s coup going via more cases like San Bernadino. Don’t lose track of the enemy here. ISIS is bad guys, the the danger to the US is not ISIS, they are a tool of the CIA-Deep State and Israeli-Neocons to seize power through the entire ME and so disrupt the ME that Israel’s Greater Israel plan can proceed. Notice all the new homes in territory that Israel does not own?

Also, continue their corruption of all of America’s institutions. They already control the media,the counter-terrorist division in the FBI, and have people to do their bidding throughout the police forces of America. They have their people, controlled by pay or blackmail, in the Congress, the administration, most courts, and throughout the military. They assign agents as liasons to every State’s governor (Jesse Ventura, governor of MN testified to that). Their agents and informants staff NGOs around the world and work on political campaigns for all of their parties. Their venture capital arms invest in many hi-tech firms throughout the US, Europe and Israel, another path of information flow and control. The administration promotes the integration of religious groups into federally funded social services, with CIA people in charge of that.

That creeping control of every aspect of our institutions is a rolling coup, a seizure of the government outside of Constitutional processes, there is no other way to describe it. The Deep State and CIA are well-practiced at this, the CIA has done the same around the world :


Right, it is difficult to see how Japan can manage its debt without inflating it away. The US also, still in the future, after the example of Japan happens. Only the smart money gets rich out of these trends :


Comparing Trump to Hitler is complete insanity :


I do not find this balanced. OTOH, it is worth reading to comprehend one of the anti-leftish points of view, and has a considerable amount of truth. I carried a concealed gun for years, all during the time my wife and I were dating, when my kid was growing up. My wife’s family liked that :


As bad as the hacker problem is, the big risk is still from insiders. IT staffs are still real slack, I think. One of the companies I worked for 10 years ago didn’t want anyone to have to have root access to their own computers. IT had to install everything on any Windows system. I was engineering, we used Linux and had to have that to do my job, most of us did. Engineering’s net was also the corporate net, no subnetting and no firewall protection one department to another. Thus, I found I could access all of the company’s servers at the root level because I was root on mine! Wow!. Extremely lousy, amateurish IT and network management. I did NOT use that knowledge in the 2 years I worked there.

They laid my entire department off at once as the company’s fortunes fell. Sterling person that I am, I informed the CFO, a serious guy, unlike the rest of the lightweight management, of the problem before I left. If I had done it before then, they certainly would have fired me for accessing a server in an unauthorized way. Like hackers care about authorizations. Like IT didn’t know all of Engineering could get into their servers any time anyone wanted.

If you want to know how good a management team is, evaluate IT’s security model and ask the working engineers about management. Analytical people, engineers, and hate having time and talents wasted, jobs made harder. Many have worked in teams that knew how to make projects happened, and can compare management’s claims with results :


Fascism is opposing free speech by your opponents. Soros’s people want violence against them, but not self-defense. We are doing it right, and WA has good gun laws, but only ‘shall issue’ on permits, should be ‘Constitutional carry’. She is wrong about pre-emptive force, dammit. Throwing the first punch opens you to him pulling out his gun and shooting you. Beating up a few of the current Antifa merely means they go recruit some big tough guys, Soros has plenty of $ to do that. Do not escalate violence, ever, unless your life is in danger :


Sargon of Akkad is consistently good,  I think he has it right about the BlackBloc, fascists, all. But his characterization of anarcho-capitalists very simple and wrong. Half the Libertarian Party is anarcho-capitalists, the most organized people in the LP because they don’t have problems with egos getting in the way. I doubt there are any anarcho-capitalists in the BlackBlocs, certainly all of the LPs’ anarchists subscribe to the Non-Aggression Principal.

But Sargon is correct — The BlackBlocs are going to get the whole nation into big trouble if this continues, Soros and our Deep State leading them :



Trump may be very clever : give the banks everything they want, and then deny the bailouts they need to stay alive when the crash happens, soon. TBTF banks are a self-liquidating problem if they don’t get bailouts. As soon as the Fed comes under attack, they won’t be free to do the Bailouts again. Anyone who isn’t looking for a solid bank to do their banking with is not paying attention, Wells, BofA, etc are NOT solid, they will fail in the first hours of a financial crash :


The AGW climate people seem to be SJWs in climatological clothing, any lie is justified for the goal. It has never been science much less a scientific concensus, as we ‘climate deniers’ have long said :



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