Daily Reading #7C

Yes, the government and all of the society’s institutions were converted into tools for suppression of political opposition by a long succession of Presidents, including Shrub and Obama. What this misses is that we elected Trump to reverse that, and if he doesn’t, we will have a revolution. So guiding Trump’s choices via effective support and opposition is crucial, whatever your political positions. The hysteria is not useful :


Had Muslim gunmen killed six white Christians, half the world would have Canadian flags as profile pictures. The testimony from many people in the Mosque were that there were 2 shooters who shouted “God is great” before firing, so another screwy story on a mass murder :

Yes, Soros and the CIA-Deep State are doing to America what they have practiced throughout Europe, accomplished in the Ukraine :


Readers share my amazement that there are large numbers of people so stupid as to think that a ban on Muslim immigrants is far worse than murdering Muslims in seven countries for fifteen years.

More about the trip Kucinich and Gabbard took to Syria and Lebanon. It reinforces the utter idiocy of that gd war. Trump better end that fast. Read the comments :


My reaction was the same as commenters. “They could have beaten Trump, I would have voted for them, and I voted for Trump”. And also “Who can believe any of this insanity?” expressed in many different ways.

When we make judgements in community, the results are entirely different than when we make them about the same events outside our community :


Good and bad sides of that community-based values, of course :


Good analysis of the Seal raid in Yemen. Why did they do that? is the biggest question :



Antibiotics in the environment –> genes to resist them. This is another evolutionary arms race, of course. But the shortage of antibiotics, the reason we are losing that arms race, is the FDA’s insistence on clinical trials, which are very expensive. High expense in development -> big pharma only is profitable for very wide-spectrum antibiotics, those are more expensive to find and rarer –> few new effective antibiotics make it to market –> bacteria develop resistance genes before the next antibiotic becomes available. 50K people in the US die from infections per year, the last figure I remember. Those deaths are a direct cost of the FDA’s policies, the ones that are supposed to keep us from dying from dangerous, untested, unproven drugs. Open databases would accomplish the same goal at low cost in money and lives, and then we would have enough antibiotics going through the pipeline :



I think the fiduciary rule is important because it means advice should be honest and make sure that the client should clearly understand the risks and benefits for both himself and the advisor. And if you can’t know that your client understands, if he is a Johnny Depp, then you give that client up to keep your reputation as an honest advisor :


The secret to living a meaningful life :


Living systems are dynamic. This is the Stasis Quo, reducing the dynamism of life, killing the economy and society :


Drug company salespeople get together to fix prices. Also CEOs and VPs. A minor aspect of the deep corruption in our total society :


Another Bannon world-view article. I cannot agree with this view of the world.  He frames it as a conflict of civilizations. I think Extremist Islam is a small problem, if they stop being supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, Israel, … Most of the jihadists who went to Syria are dead, most of the rest will die. No organized government will support extremists, they are dangerous to organized governments. ISIS will be thrown out of Mosul and the rest of Syria. Where do they go? Turkey doesn’t want them, Iraq is throwing them out, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine don’t want them. SA won’t let them in, they are dangerous to SA’s monarchy. So they have no base, no natural source of income from trade or taxes. Bannon has fallen for all the propaganda from the Israeli-Neocons on this. Many of them are crony capitalists, on that issue and a few others, Bannon gets it right :


Judeo-Christian values are not special, many countries have had their own versions of values that created civilizations, better in some ways, worse than others, and neither component was uniformly positive over their history. Same with ‘secularism’ there are many varieties of that. How and what varieties are they opposed, in enough specificity to be meaningful? Vague terms are a sign he is doing politics, not social-political analysis. As for his “war of immense proportions”, I don’t see that at all. Where? Who? Who supplies them? Logistics? The strength of ISIS is trivial, once they run out of ammunition, which the US has been supplying through Turkey continuously, including the Sarin from Libya.

Interesting that Netflix is putting $6B/year into movies. 54 Emmy nominations in 2016. :


Yes, Trump should try to hear opposition. He can decide to ignore it, but it is foolish not to hear it, even if it is coming from enemies :


NOAA has been a leader in pushing Anthropogenic Global Warming, the idea that people are causing the warming of the earth. That is not good science, models are not reality, they are treating these as if they are validated against reality. When did that happen?

NOAA may be producing good data, do we have outsiders critiquing their research, their interpretations? But they do not have standing to critique their new boss, especially not when they claim ‘discredited views on climate science’ :


Pen and paper are analog. Analog has advantages over digital, it turns out :


Even if the data are accepted, and I see arguments continuing between reputable scientists on every aspect of that, the simple fact is that we don’t have a long enough time line to make judgements. The models are not reality, they are updated with every new piece of atmospheric chemistry, physics, and other sciences, e.g. the actual nitrogen processing in oceans as a feedback on the atmosphere, and then the many constants need adjusted again to match historical climate data, finally a new revision of future climates is produced.

Different for about 50 different models, but they all agree, consistently over 20 years now, temperatures are going up much faster than they have gone up in fact, even with the land data biased to the high side because of heat island effects.

The full story on the problem of climate is NOT being discussed. Could be temperatures are warming, could be we are headed for an ice age, and we don’t have a clue about the probabilities. Meanwhile, the costs of mitigation are less than the costs of prevention, at least in the case of warming (maybe), the possibility of an ice age is much more serious for humanity, and has not been taken seriously enough, imho, I have seen only a few articles on that. The debate on all of these issues continues. It is far too soon for legislation, in any case :


We have plenty of self-created problems, the entire gd climate debate is a distraction from real problems that we could do something about, aided and abetted by our news media, a COINTELPRO operation in the midst of our society :


We are NOT being careful enough of the environment, including the effects on ourselves. Protecting the various aspects of the commons are the things that gov uses to justify its monopoly power, then consistently accomplishes the opposite, the resultant vectors of all of the laws and policies. Get the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers out of the permit issuing business and private law suits in civilian courts would make this kind of shit unprofitable.

If you want to stop something, make it unprofitable, don’t pass a law. Funding 1000 law suits in 1000 different jurisdictions against Dow and farmers would cost much less than the campaign contributions to produce this mess. But now we are stuck with a powerful government, and intense opposition to the needed reforms, supported by enormous cash flows through crony capitalists and their control of the bureaucracies, AND the permissions to produce and sell the chemicals, which protects Dow and farmers from such law suits, until they prove that Dow’s science is bad. But the EPA doesn’t take account of a few law suits that Dow loses, doesn’t have to, it can go on believing Dow’s bad science.

There are a ton of out-of-work lawyers in the world, people who want to move up in legal standing, could be swayed by a grant or prize for the first case in their jurisdiction, and further payment at every stage. Every case in a different jurisdiction, insisting on a jury trial, separate disclosure processes and requests, … it would be unprofitable for Dow and less of a social cost than the EPA has been, by orders of magnitude. Dow couldn’t afford bad science in a proper system of torts, which the EPA foils with its permit process.

This plan only needs a philanthropist who has not invested in Dow Chemical, and an environmental leadership that finally gives up on the EPA as a solution to anything, the organization they have had to sue to get the chemicals banned, results are ignored again and again, and starts suing the organization that causes the damage. The environmental movement has seemed to me intentionally obtuse for many years, ever since they were taken over by big name university graduates and became acceptable to the major philanthropies:


Read that. It provides a lot of evidence that explains the many forms of insanity in our society.

Sign up for Charles Hugh Smith’s ‘musings report’, it always has good thinking and links. This week’s title is “The Overlapping Crises Are Coming, Regardless of Who Is Elected”. His post of Friday is outstanding,eems right to me :


I steal links from Charles, full disclosure, e.g. Mark Byth an honest economist discussing the ‘horrible policy mix’. This guy is as good as Taleb, very worthwhile :



Maybe we should stop worrying about currencies, and just deal in grams of gold? Right, it would end Wall Street and big government. How terrible.


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