Daily Reading #7B

If evolution has produced trees that cooperate and protect each other in hard times, how could it not be true of primates :


“To sin by silence, when we should protest makes cowards out of men”. It is important to know what to protest, e.g. the protests against Trump vs the ubiquitous surveillance state :




The ‘growth rate’ of the GDP is entirely underestimation of the CPI, so even this version of reality is too optimistic :


Stockman considers the interactions of stock market and political fortunes of Wall Street and DC, thinks Trump may have the strategy. Trump’s team has been ahead of the game ever since he started running, it seems to me, so it would surprise me if it was otherwise. The market must crash, it can’t be put off forever, and it is in Trump’s interest to have it happen soon, put the blame where it is due, and use the power to fix things. When that lift to his ratings fades, 9-11, Pizzagate, etc. The party of the Stasis Quo are both D and R, they and the Deep State are Trump’s enemies who must be vanquished :


The only empirically validated religion is Discordianism, whose major premise is that chaos is the natural state, and attempts to impose order, in the nature of nature, produce the opposition to those attempts that restores the natural state of chaos. That is the System Designers version of Murphy, Yin-Yang, chaos and order.

You can’t find contrary examples, and ones like this are everywhere :


Two kinds of knowledge, and why bad behavior is almost always good politics. Farnamstreetblog is excellent on clear thinking :



Has nobody pointed out to the morons on the Left they should stop using Trump’s supposed opposition to gays? Milo is both a major voice in the conservative movement, and a flaunting flaming homosexual. His ex-boss Bannon a major voice in Trump’s administration,  Milo is a big part of Breitbart’s support of Trump. The Leftish and Soros-funded side of our political system are losing everywhere because they have lost contact with the rest of the country’s reality. My wife sent me this :


Who can believe that woman sways anyone not already in a Leftish orbit? She would be booed off the stage in about 3000 of the nation’s counties, those are the ones with the guns and ammunition and food stored in the big storage bins at the elevator, waiting for shipment to the cities, most of whose citizens don’t approve of this crap either, and who will be the first to suffer if our civilization works even marginally less well. ‘War’ doesn’t mean what they think it means, and I wish they would use the language more carefully.

Stuff like that could lead to war.

I think this is long overdue, and will indeed lead to making it OK to discriminate against Jews, Blacks and whites. I think the actual fact of such discrimination would be terrible for the country, but I think the restriction of freedom is worse. If we want everyone to be treated as ‘normal’ in civil life, work at it. More range for moral behavior is good, not bad. These are on arbitrary traits, and cover the separation of our society into a few strata of elites and many layers of middle-class to poor. This focus on political equality for all relatively normal human traits* via laws is a fine thing, a big improvement in civilization in recent years. But not outside of the government itself. Anything gov money goes into must be blind to anything but ‘citizen’ and their acts. Crimes are crime, hate producing crime is not special, but reprehensible enough that most juries will likely think so. Voting, etc. all of the public paths to power. And public education, another use of government money so long as we tolerate its continuing destruction of our society via producing the kinds of minds in college students that tolerate PC. There is the crime.

Nancy Pelosi, et al : if you want a society where all colors and ethnicities and genders of people participate as equals, come down here and join our churches, visit our bars and theatres and strip malls. Instead, you pass a feel good law that absolves you of the need for any effort, you can just say the words, mouth the platitudes. Minorities are obliged to make the effort to be accepted if they want to be accepted by a majority. Normally that is by assimilation in dimensions not important to your identity, your core values, and normally, people share the great majority of those, can overlook your differences in the others.  But you are obliged, as part of a good PR campaign, to emphasize the commonalities, not the ones you think are your core identity. How hard is that? Every group does the same through history, and we have integrated many cultures by now, 100s of 1000s considering all of the tribes that have merged throughout time.

People have rights, not special groups of people. And if someone doesn’t like you, they don’t have to do business with you. Anything else is anti-Freedom.

As is any person who does not embrace diversity and social evolution. We all want our cultures to be dynamic in the ways that suit us, more incredible symphony orchestras with greater soloists, for instance playing new music, but the price of that in a world of Freedom is that blues and bluegrass may out-compete the symphonies for consumer dollars. Even baseball, basketball and football fans appreciate soccer’s great plays. Everybody wins with more variety, that includes cultures.

*except for being less than brilliant measured in SAT scores, degrees and honors (there is a war on being stupid these days, extremely intolerant of people who are less intelligent in some dimensions due to new fault of their own, and likely far more savvy than their ruling class in important aspects of living their lives, lives important by connections not seen. The most amazing things come from the most improbable sources, reliably :


Repealing the Fiduciary Rule is a terrible idea. Get rid of the new Dodd-Frank, restore the old version makes sense, the new one has too much detail to be useful, the old said “Don’t mix commercial deposit-taking with risking the banks’ money in markets”, meaning it limited the bank to commercial loans :



Another example supporting Discordianism :


This is the story of Trump and Bannon’s relationship, which I hadn’t known. Bannon still seems intelligent to me, except for the need for a major war to begin the next phase of history. Entire nations exist without a Western view of God, so that bit is wrong also. The elements of our Judeo-Christian heritage that we need to keep are the same ones every successful nation has, our civilization hasn’t been the only one to grasp those values :


The effects of financialization include mega-slumlords :


Trump could be the first step to properly distributed functions of government :


There is still no reality behind the gov employment numbers, so this can’t help :


The State Department’s coming role could be very small :


The H-1B program enriches the elites, the oligarchs.  Trump’s proposed changes merely shift that entirely to American elites :


Creation of wealth, this is an interesting view of economic entities :


A note to myself to explore the difference between power relationships and responsibility relationships, how modern management maps power onto responsibility, it is a fallacy that that is necessary.


Spies everywhere, including your medical appliances :


They could have asked anyone in Alt-media and gotten these same answers, years ago :


This was all once just good professional journalism :


Note the professional use of scapegoats. Leader behavior. Trump will know what to do when it is necessary :



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