Daily Reading #79

I just stole this from Naked Capitalism :

“Donald Trump and the Continuing Bush-Obama Legacy” [Limited Hangout]. Interesting corner of blogosphere history, on the “Obama the Conservative” website, “a blog that featured just this single, periodically updated article, nearly 20,000 words long, with obsessively detailed sources and citations (totaling about 500), organized by topic into a navigable table of contents.” Conclusion: “Having been on the receiving end of this kind of zealous tribalism, watching the Democratic party devolve into a foaming pig manure explosion, and witnessing the subsequent utter lack of collective introspection, is sad but not surprising. If the party can’t admit what a terrible idea it was to try and sell Hillary Clinton as an alternative (!) to the untenable status quo, forget about Democrats ever coming to terms with what a particularly disastrous succession the last two presidencies made. If Bush took the most decisive turn towards a fascist America, Obama’s eight years were the coup de grâce that normalized his predecessor’s most radical policies. Trump seems like a logical continuation of this trend.”

Paul Craig Roberts takes the proper “wait and see” wrt Trump, same as I did a couple of days ago :


Pat Buchanan is rather more positive about Trump and negative about Stasis Quo consent :


This is new, recognizing the deaths of soldiers :


Very clever discipline applied to the legacy media, more explicit than Obama employeed :


CHSmith “The Triumph of the Technocrats”. Charles is very nearly always correct in my understanding, despite our very different backgrounds :


A friend sent me this. A very negative view of Trump, interpreting the evidence as Trump being just another Kleptocrat, a more sophisticated mafia than the Clinton mafia it was contending with in dominating the Stasis Quo for vast profits. He says 19% of ‘Rosneft’ as a down payment.’ He assumes that Trump is a coup, calls it such, repeated often in the comments.

Counter info-ops, it seems to me.  The coup via corruption is definitely emanating from the CIA’s side of the world. I see no reason to think Trump’s team is a mafia. It is a pickup team that won the championship, not a mafia :


This seems a calmer interpretation, a better and more critical interpretation of the evidence. There is no coup, there can’t be a conspiracy, the administration isn’t organized enough :


The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion


“Six years to the first artifical organs”. Hearts have been 5 years away since the first estimates. Maybe :


Another hidden dimension, things controlling other things you don’t see. How many other species are affected in ways not seen? You must expect those effects to interact with each other in new and interestign ways, this area of study is just beginning :


Similar mechanisms could be working at all levels of society, we don’t know much about the diseases of bureaucracies and societies, despite all the study. They are at least as complex as the human physiology and anatomy, but medicine has all of the advantages of numbers of patients, animal models of human physiology that can be used in experiments, and 30 allied medical sciences.

Social studies have perhaps 2000 societies studied in enough detail to detect patterns, but that isn’t many, given all of the dimensions of variation in ecology of the human population. We are nowhere in understanding the pellagra-equivalent disease in an 18-year-old man’s society that leads them to join an outlaw movement. We can’t predict anything much, only that our society will continue getting more strident and separate and very possibly violent without some serious peacemaking people.

I don’t see any on the horizon.

This is an interesting discussion of our Age of Anger by Pankaj Mishra. He is right about projects to produce change. They are all opportunities for cancer of an institution’s organs :


This is a long article on another aspect of the same topic “Liberalism as Class Warfare”. This is just the opposite side of blaming all Jews in America for the obvious-after-the-fact Israeli conspiracy to take over the US political system, about which I am writing a blog, in fact. Give him all the facts he claims, and it nevertheless is not a very sophisticated explanation of how or why the world works. He has part of it right, the credentialism, but those slots are positive-biased for minorities of all kinds, so it can’t be the reason for the actual outcomes, in itself. I would ask how many blacks became engineers of each variety. Mexicans are about as brown as dot-Indians (not feather-), so colour bias is not the reason for their differential successes on the American scene :


This is more serious. Getting rid of cash is the ultimate control of everything in the world by the central state. Read this with the George Webb story in mind, micro finance is also enabled by a cashless society and cashless is absolute control of every detail of the economy. Already, you can’t use a CC to order legal drugs prescribed to you from other countries at lower prices :


Fake News is an increasing proportion of our ‘news’ from legacy (soon to be repudiated) media :


Even history has a lot of fake news, as it turns out. This case was before the precedent that re-charging in Federal Court after being acquitted in a state court was not double-jeopardy :


Very fast progress in engineering immune cells to fight cancer :


This trend has been obvious for a lot of years,  I think :


I have read a fair number of articles about specific incidences of racist and sexist cops, but I doubt very many cops are seriously hating racists in the year 2017. When you read this carefully, it is difficult to know what facts it is basing the article on. Anything that talks about ‘hate groups’ and the SPLC in the same paragraph is very suspect. White supremacists certainly exist, but to discuss that in the same section as the Oath Keepers, never a number on anything except the size of police forces, is to generate confusion, not inform. Yes, there are a few bad apples, and they recruit.

But, we know the conditions necessary for this kind of low level social discontent to grow into a political movement. I don’t think those exist, yet. The social Zeitgeist is strongly against expressions of racism, sexism, denigration of people because of religion, gender, … All of those are not a result of PC, the country is a different place now. PC is the extreme rejection of ever hurting anyone’s feelings, so not being able to talk about anything. Rejecting PC doesn’t mean you are any of the things PC thinks it is protecting against.

To have a social movement grow into a political movement, you need clear competition for jobs and other things between social groups. We don’t have that, yet :


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