Daily Reading #78

The Generalissimo is insisting that I take dictation, so not much reading and commenting today. As much of a pita as he is, working for the old guy is less stress than politics, so life is better this way.

Jordan Peterson’s video was removed, this one still works :


You don’t lie about anything, ever” to avoid social disasters such as totalitarian government, to avoid becoming an Auschwitz guard. “Truth is a process, incremental progress, begin with your truth”. The reason to focus on raising a Mensch, forget SAT scores :


Peterson’s lectures for his course “Maps of Meaning” are excellent, I have been watching them on and off since last summer :


Reality vs ‘the news’. Our media empower their replacement. There is no ‘Muslim Ban’.

I can’t decide whether Trump is extremely lucky or plays a deeper game than anyone gives him credit for.  Again and again, he does things that seem to be the end of his political career, and comes out smelling like a rose. I predict this is another, that he has chosen the media as his enemy and will vanquish them as an example to others.

The media’s efforts only affect Clinton’s current supporters. Many progressives, e.g. the people who write for Naked Capitalism and comment there, have been non-voters or voted for Trump. This media firestorm will not affect them, they are past mere posturing in social justice war, reality is their measure also. I think realists are winning, and hope Trump will ultimately get there. And will help him, guide him, with my criticism of his actual effects on the world, if any. I don’t know any other way to proceed that makes sense, is positive-sum :


I don’t know all that is correct, but InfoWars has a better record than ABC’s wreckard, and the message is very different, I don’t know of anything particularly counter to the video. So, OK, keep watching, I see more opinion than facts, tho I haven’t been looking today.

The abiotic theory of oil formation invalidates ‘peak oil’ thinking. The science is not yet so clear that one theory explains everything, but the Wikipedia article indicates more researchers think both internal methane and bacteria are involved. The biggest weakness of the theory is it doesn’t tell where to drill for oil, although the Ukrainian experiment claimed it didn’t matter for that kind of crust, or they were very lucky :



However, the energy answer is more likely to be Cold Fusion. The Wikipedia article is obviously dominated by High Energy physicists who do NOT want to see CF or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions succeed, as the first few sections emphasize failures to replicate and extend Pons and Fleishman, not the positive results that indicate new physics. Reading to the end, there are more and more researchers working on CF/LENR. Youtube has a ton of videos of reports and conferences, there have been more and more media reports over the last 10 years.

I do not think there is any doubt about the reality of the phenomena, too many different experiments have cross-validated each other and there is now a body of theory and prediction, which will no doubt be tested in the next few years.  This new body of physics is still in its infancy,  I think. But the claimed energy densities are phenomenal, well worth pursuing.  Combine this with an inertia-less drive, the solar system is a different place. The development of servicebots such as ultimately produced Scherrhy depended on Cold Fusion heat direct to electricity conversion :




CHSmith “The Fix-Nothing Farce Of Symbolic Politics” :



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