Daily Reading #77

Ideology is the key for human evil. There is no excuse for being an idealist of any kind. Reality is the only measure of everything, you can’t pursue your interests without attending to reality.

If radicals expect the US population with guns to submit to any totalitarian craziness, they will suffer for it. So far, their have relied on false flags (people with rifles killing demonstrators and police), followed by government over-reaction or a coup from inside the government.

I don’t see how that can work in a country with a well-armed populace. But we all will suffer for the attempt, and the Soros and Clintons and Deep State operatives leading the effort already have their escapes lined up, they don’t care about the losses if they don’t win. Or, depending on how prescient you think them to be, the chaos is cover for something else, like reducing human populations to conserve resources for the survivors.

I find it comforting that Clinton favored Trump as an opponent, because his negatives made her look good. That has been the level of prescience the entire Israeli-Neocon foreign policy has displayed, and they double down on every loss, use it as the justification for the next level of escalation.

9-11 was long in the planning, had serious experience planning it, people who do this around the world as their profession. Was our Pink Revolution planned before 9-11? Has chaos been the goal? How would we know? :


Ignoring that Trump was completely unfit for office by training and background and image-personality, because I think that is Trump’s greatest strength, this is the most substantive critique of Trump I have seen. Sensible discussion, Trump has a built-in pathway for foreign bribes, in every lease of an office or apartment or sale of a property, all private and entirely legitimate in one way, and anything can be explained away by ‘special services’ justifying the much above market value sale. But just leasing or buying property in itself could be a great favor in a terrible market.

Oddly against statistics that I have never seen it before, or didn’t remember it, a considerably higher probability. I read a ton of damnings of Trump, far more than I read about Clinton. I haven’t been real positive about him, except it was clear he was a lot more intelligent than anyone gave him credit for, and a natural political showman. I have continued doing reading critical articles, Trump is no saint, and I hope for a lot, expect little net good.

He could, however, be the Greatest President Ever !! merely by not continuing the modern trend into the depths. Anything more than that is gravy.

If he restores job growth, moves the world into a state of Peace and ends the surveillance state, even Liberals might come to agree he is OK :


Two minutes of thought while going to the kitchen for a snack, and it is clear why Congress will not take on enforcement of the emoluments clause. Because there are an infinity of such means of transferring wealth. Tips on companies which are about to get large government contracts are a favorite, likely a reason that the average Congressman’s portfolio compounds 6.6% better faster than the overall market. I remember that being 5% for the House and 10% for the Senate, but can’t find a link better than these :



Every rental agreement, every purchase of a car or anything over x%, on and on, the Congress would never do anything else.  My father told me about annual auctions in Kentucky by a farm run by a political power that were great events, BBQ, food and drink. Spirited bidding for the cattle, everything paid for by check. People didn’t take their cattle home, so he did it again next year. It looked legal, tho, and would be hard to track.

Another friend of mine was a specialist in high-end Persian rugs. His retirement plan was to end up with a warehouse of very high-end rugs from a business that made a modest profit every year. His inventory never increased in book value because, in the inventory records, one antique Isfahan looks pretty much like another. A politician could buy one of those rugs, a contributor another, and there would be no way to know which one was delivered where, and only a collector would know their values, which would require personally inspecting the rug, barely possible even with good photos, the exact style of knots and source of the colors, how the wool took the dyes, … details go into the value. Another dealer would be happy to buy the expensive rug back next year, paperwork all nice and legal. There is no end to the ways to transfer value, and laws can’t help.

I tentatively conclude the emoluments clause should be changed to require open records for anyone in any political position. Pizzagate is showing the public has a people who like to dig into connections. Free labor, easy law, it will even make cash transfers hard to hide unless used to purchase something that isn’t registered, e.g. not a car, property. Giving cash under the table will show up on a valuation vs purchase price. Cash will inevitably will show up in the pattern of purchases on the record for everyone but a very frugal, minimum lifestyle person who saves every cent. If a public servant doesn’t show a normal pattern of expenditures for a person in their position, they will be asked questions. Transparency is the only answer to this problem.

Congress has been perfectly happy to have the Federal government able to make the live of every American that transparent. Every one of us has a summary file in NSA’s headquarters, containing everything that can be gleaned from any data source, including all of your phone calls and bank, credit card and interactions with the legal or police systems. Among those are inevitably links to things that could be used to control us. The intelligence services do that, we know they do that by the case of the Chicago paedophile Republican Dennis Hastert, the CIA’s man in Congress because the CIA’s pimps provided Congressional junketeers whatever their deviant hearts could desire. Add to that this list of Republicans molesting children, which stops in 2007. Confirmation that Steele’s claim there are more sexual deviants in the Republican Party than the Democratic is probably correct :


It seems true. I did the same searches with ‘Democratic’ replacing ‘Republican’ and the Democrats are not so prone to sex with the young.  Otoh, as Steele said, paedophilia is a rich man’s perversion. The CIA almost certainly turns an operating profit on its Brownstone operations.

Interesting discussion in some of the above comment streams wrt the definition of ‘paedophile’ as desire for the pre-pubescent child, so there was nothing abnormal about sex with a 16-year-old page, however inappropriate it is for Congressmen to take such advantage of the young in their midst.

OK, but we certainly should punish transgressions proportionally to the power-disparity between perp and victim.  Clearly, a 50-year-old power in the US government should be hung for sex with a 16-year-old page. Instead, they get a month under house arrest, sentence suspended while doing community service.

A genuine detective from the old days :


Media consolidation. I believe that Drudge Report is now bigger than any other online site and rivals the print media for visits and views. Certainly the internet has been the counter to this consolidation :


Progress in synthetic organisms. Expanding the number of base pairs in the genetic code by 2 means that 2X the number of different amino acids can be incorporated into proteins, which should increase the scope of what enzymes can do. They are getting good at evolving enzymes, so this has some promise :


Soros’s color revolutions via the NGOs funded by Soros and staffed by CIA, now come to America, are being thrown out of Europe :


Every few weeks I find another excellent citizen commentator. The web has bought amazing talents into the public eye. Some people listen to audiobooks while driving, this guy creates video commentary :


The torture was used to produce exactly this situation. The 9-11 story needed torture and the false confessions to make it seem that there was a large team of terrorists behind international terrorism, and thus make 9-11 plausible :


Easy money makes things grow, including weeds. Politics has weeds also :


In hindsight, data was mis-interpreted, optimistically interpreted, as making Clinton’s win inevitable. So much for ‘nobody saw it coming’. This is a very normal sequence, it seems to me, and the same problem as interpreting evolution and conspiracies. Every piece of data must be interpreted in context to make sense of an overall picture. ‘Context’ is in the mind of the beholder, the interpreter, the reason it is so important to have many povs and sources in making sense of reality :


Some of the concerns in the EU about US food production are valid :


Trade is neutral. We explained our US opening to China, which still had a seriously Communist rule, as creating a society with more stakeholders with more varied interests, inevitably producing evolution to a more open and free political system. We justify our embargos by the reverse logic. The first is valid, just takes a long time to work, especially if Soros and CIA try to help it along :


OK, be skeptical, but technology, of which Silicon Valley and The Web are a major component, has produced more social change than all of the government policies cumulative in the last 100 years, including world wars and revolutions. All of the limits of “evolution’s path can be understood in hindsight, but that doesn’t predict a particular future” apply, of course :


Evolution is incremental progress, variation tested against reality. Every science experiment is a variation added to the technology palette, available for combination with other items. The possible solution space for answers to new problems and new products is N^2 for pairs of technologies, N^3 for triples, etc. We don’t have enough researchers to pursue all of the opportunities, and thus there is a major social evolutionary path opening up, if we can move more people into research :



That problem of social evolution is what The Generalissimo is working on :


More technology, this trans-cranial stimulation of the brain to deal with depression, perhaps many other problems :


This is validation of The Generalissimo’s technology for producing super-human minds. He created 8-parent Tessels to do so :


My wife wanted to know how to grow avocados. We had an avocado growing in our patio garden, it grew entirely from a seed I pushed into the ground, was doing well. I gave it away when it started shading other things, so we never saw any fruit. Type A and Type B flowering probably means you should have both types near enough for pollination for max fruit yield, the reason for the comment “It is widely accepted that fruit production can be helped with the presence of another avocado variety, but it isn’t always required.”, but I haven’t read enough to know that :



I am up to page 60 in the Urban Institutes’ research wrt the underground economy for sexual services. Very detailed discussion of the measures and math they use, I will have to do a separate blog to make sense out of it. They just finished discussing the data collection, and the bureaucracy they needed to navigate in order to interview people in federal, state and local prisons is huge. Not so bad to interview the police and prosecutors, but it would be hard to do without a big name and federal money behind them.

I must have 30 PDFs open, reports waiting for me to read them. 30 books on the bedside table waiting, … not enough hours in the day, and I keep finding new things I need to read.


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