Daily Reading #76

This is the best analysis of the ‘ruling class’, ‘Deep State’, ‘Powers That Be” I have seen.

Unz is a fine publication, this is an excellent article, long, and with many excellent comments. The American voter is getting very sophisticated very quickly, social and political evolution is faster than ever. I think our various controllers of public opinion are losing power because of the increasing diversity and sophistication of opinion provided by the many sources they do not and cannot control.

It is difficult to list all of the differences from 50 years ago. This is not 1960, where even a literate family (personal communication from my mother) got the Readers Digest, Life, a local town paper and another from the closest large city, and a book club.  Everything else was from the radio, the relatively few who had a TV, and local library, everyone listened to radio news, tho many more people had a TV by 1970 than a library card.

Nobody consumes that little information now, not even if you are functionally illiterate. TV, as much as I dislike it, is nevertheless much more sophisticated, more information-laden, than TV in 1970, and the internet and Web are vastly more informative, and can be navigated by an illiterate, only pictures. Toddlers do it all the time on their smart phones :


This is another excellent article from Unz and The Saker. Yes, a Color Revolution is happening in the US. This is the most prominent article I have seen that says what I have been claiming since I started blogging — These are Israeli-Neocons + Deep State at work, so many will hang if they lose power. George Webb’s latest additions to our understanding is that there is so much money riding on their power, Clinton’s seizure of the wealth of the ME, country by country, more crimes :


The Israelis and Israeli-Neocons have done big lie propaganda continuously. 9-11 was the culmination that produced the war on terror and the consequent invasion of the entire ME. Our good allies the Saudis have produced the extreme version of Islam that underlies the terrorist groups, who have caused far more deaths among Muslims than even the US wars have done. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya are all against those forces, have all suffered from them.  Guess who Trump banned? ‘Better than Clinton’ was a very low bar :


And another view of the ‘sophisticated populace’ argument :


I view China as a good test of Trump as a serious negotiator vs Trump as an undisciplined mouth. If Trump’s team is serious, and I think they are, they know how important all of these relationships are, and this will resolve itself into some political win for Trump, and not too terrible a cost for the US in return for more jobs and more exports into China :


Robert David Steele, generally good messages, in this case “Truth at any cost lowers all other costs”. His are contrarian views from inside Washington. His is an interesting theory, that Clinton’s charges of “Russian hacking of the election” came too early, and so DHS and others were tightly monitoring the elections and counts, so Clinton couldn’t steal the 13 states she had stolen from Sanders in the primary, all documented by Stanford, in a solid study, reported all over the net.

If he is right, Hillary really did win the popular vote. Swing states are NV, AZ, CO, NM, Minnesota, WI Iowa, MI, Illinois, OH, Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Among those states without a paper trail and thus places where the votes can be ‘fraction magicked’ as BlackBoxVoting has shown, and which were considered ‘swing states’, are Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia. Of those, FL, PA were considered major losses. But so also were states that had paper ballots and relatively clean elections.

So, maybe, but it is just as likely DHS and the others were corrupt or incompetent and so would not have prevented anything. Steele’s numbers are so precise ‘3M people didn’t vote because of the emails’, but no citations I have seen for such precision. Add to this the many people who did predict that Clinton would lose, and did so for persuasive, rational, well-considered reasons, e.g. Mark Blyth. The exit polls relative to the counted vote were pretty screwy for the Presidential election, not just the primaries. Those have been getting worse as the electorate fractures, and are also based on models with the exit poll another sample. There is no solid measure of anything that can be used to measure anything else, another result of voting procedures that cannot be audited.

I like Reality Calls, and Steele has a lot of interesting facts he uses in system-level analysis. Also, he takes 9-11 FF as a fact. This is worthwhile, spend the time, watch it. I don’t agree with all of it, of course, but still worth while. He is a great optimist wrt Trump, I hope he is right. Interesting idea of serious counter-intelligence attention on government itself, Truth and Reconciliation in Congress followed by using them as informers on the blackmailers. Interesting thought about the coming prevalence of pandemics as a way of cutting human populations. (Obama’s science guy said ‘at least half’.)

‘Tipping point’ thinking is correct  :



And the exit polls didn’t predict Trump’s win in states he did win, so you can’t believe any simple explanation, and Steele’s is a simple explanation  :


Overall, Steele thinks the world is more intentionally controlled by TPTB than I do. I think it is all mafias emanating from and surrounding individuals and institutions. All of them running conspiracies of a size and scope they can effect and that will benefit them next year.  Not 10 years in the future. Those are the Council for Foreign Relations, funded and supported by a broad array of interests. But institutions immediately develop agendas of their own, a new bit of complexity. ‘Globalism’ goals change year to year, now they are worried about a backlash, which they didn’t see coming.

Yes, looking in the rear-view mirror, many things were the result of an obvious conspiracy, the effects are obviously too good for them not to be a long-term plan. But that is the same argument as ‘the eye is to perfect in function to have evolved by random chance’. The chances weren’t random because of biology evolving to evolve and the environment is the constant constraint  defining success == producing offspring in reality. In hindsight, we are developing an understanding of the reasons the African modern humans out-evolved the other varieties of humans on the planet beginning 60K years ago, and will likely understand it in detail in 100 years. Which will tell us not much specific about how to improve our species, only illuminate general principles.

The oligarchy and its various institutions have evolved to evolve, and the behavior of humans is the constant constraint, controlling votes of representatives, decisions of executives and institutions, public opinion is their reality. Groups who did that successfully over enough years at the necessary scale have the conspiracies that won. Thus, understanding 9-11, the Ukranian or anything else as a successful conspiracy is useful to understand the dynamics of such things, the general principles. But does not predict much specific about our immediate future, other than who to begin the investigations around.


I picked up a couple of books on the old Arabian culture, one by Wilfred Thesiger called “Arabian Sands”. Exciting trips, e.g. the one that ends “We were lucky. Some rain had fallen recently and filled the water-holes, but 14 of my 18 camels died of starvation before we reached Tajura.”


I just watched a sort-of-movie on “Trafficking”, a segment of actors showing the psychological intimidation and another couple of activists of religious bent discussing “human trafficking”. Their statistics are awful “300K girls and children trafficked or at risk per year”. What kind of a measure is that? Also, to me ‘trafficked’ involves the movement of a person who is taken out of one community into another, and often effectively sold, recruited by trick and forced into prostitution. Most of what they discussed as ‘trafficking’ was common ordinary pimping, their descriptions are the same as I read 30 years ago in books by some pimp-turned-author in Chicago. By conflating the two, they make the size of the problem much larger, and also much less capable of being solved.

Pimps are individuals, cooperating with other pimps perhaps, but not part of an organization, no mutual dependencies. Traffickers are networks. Pimps can be put in jail and that will lessen the amount of prostitution in a city for so long as they are in jail. Pimps are not generally controlled by a local mafia, tho gangs change that. Police can jail pimps, tho they mostly don’t bother. Trafficking networks is a much bigger deal, and arrest of any individual in it won’t shut it down.

This is a much more sophisticated view, an 8-city study of the commercial sex trade by the Urban Institute. 348 pages, so evaluation will take a few days.  They justify using the term ‘trafficking’ because some pimps (they agree with me on the terminology) move their stable from city to city. Doesn’t meet my definition, and screws up analyzing the issues, but … :



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