Daily Reading #75

This must be an aspect of the normal local corruption necessary to enable child trafficking at the scale scale we have seen, and a measure of persistence of the paedophile networks over generations. The entire governments of Scotland, Ireland, and both the child protection sources were complicit, top to bottom. Police cooperated with the paedophile, only Interpol seemed innocently-used by the others. Police surveillance, constant harassment, lies in court. They took 4 young children away from loving parents who are clearly normal, good and honest people, who merely reported a man who offered $ to use their autistic son. No solicitor would take their case in Scotland or Ireland. It is a campaign of terror, constant breakins, constant theft of little things, sometimes they return them. I had read writeups of this before. Nothing is resolved 2 years later the harassment goes on and the couple continue their attempt to get some government entity somewhere to take their side and correct this huge injustice.

Child protective services and police are the first things taken over by a paedophile ring. This is an amazing example of corrupt government, how can this happen in a modern civilized nation? Only by very massive corruption, local to the top of governments. I do not believe that the US is different in many jurisdictions :


More work for Dershowitz :


17,000 people trafficked into the US every year. More slaves in the US in 2017 than ever before in history. Is it possible that Trump is closing the border because someone’s ag slaves would be worth more? Not paranoia on my part, normal manipulation of political opinion on theirs. Big money, and soulless mistreatment of children, horrifying :


Meanwhile, the number of new ‘massage parlours’ in our area has exploded over the last few years. Some with trafficked women, I conclude from the fact that they advertise ‘new girls’ continuously. Either the ads lie (possible, I have no way to evaluate. The photos are fake for those sites, obvious pinups), or those business managers have good reason not to have long-term relationships with service providers. It makes cop’s jobs harder, which is discussed in previous links, gives the pimps more excuses, so is a good reason. However, there isn’t much pressure on massage parlours, there are only a few raids per year I read about in any of the surrounding cities, for most in most years there aren’t any.

Trafficked women are moved often to prevent building alliances or understanding enough to escape. Thus, some of these massage parlours use trafficked women.

I think there are many versions of ‘trafficked’ from kidnapped and forced through ‘voluntary in desperation and owing the smuggler a great deal of $’. Also, self-trafficked, I believe that a proportion of young nannies and tourist visas are sex workers, it is still a reliable, if risky, way of improving a woman’s economic position.

85% of people live under corrupt government, and trends are down world-wide. The exact reason for all the varieties of human trafficking :


This is the problem with a large and powerful political system built on money. Either get outsiders with no prior contributor-supporters, or use powerful insiders who have many of those, and thus conflicts of interest. Trump himself was critiqued as an outsider, and now his choices are critiqued as insiders. The ‘bright line’ for recusing is good, and useless, as any good underling looking to get ahead is good at reading his bosses wishes. Transparency is better, if it is a necessary government power in the first place :


Trump’s first week effect on small business, supply chains :


Measures of the physical brain, therefore genetics, predict some personality traits :


Deep Learning is clearly a major advance in AI. I notice that the images are all of white-to-light-brown skin :


Hard to know how to interpret this, but probably it is an example of how easily ideologues are taken advantage of by pyschopaths :


Electoral Studies Journal in 2014, “as many as 2.8 million non-citizens voted in the 2008 elections” was the headline. Also, as few as 38,000 so their error bars were quite large, it would have been nice to to read the study, but Elsevier doesn’t allow much of that without payment :


The Electoral Studies Journal is an Elsevier property. Hard to say about the average quality, but the Editors are from Oxford and U Texas. More good universities on the editorial board. First glance, it is a serious academic journal :


The rebuttal article isn’t available either.  However, the Federal Government could sort this out very quickly and cheaply. Randomly sample 100 from voters in each of the 50 states. 5000 names is trivial to check in the Federal DBs, NSA has a dossier on every one of them. We can tell when they became citizen, birth or later, and so know whether a vote in any particular year was legit or not. That is a big enough sample to estimate the problem, but if it needs 10 times that for more precision, someone spends a day or 2 writing a program and debugging it. However much it costs, it is still cheap relative to the cost of the trust lost by not knowing, and allowing baseless charges from one side or the other.

Reasoning from simplicity : there are obviously people who think illegals should vote, and help them do it, those have been all over the news, and Democrats approve :


It is socially enabled and no official attempt to control it and also nobody gets caught, only a few cases per year, accidentally. It is useful for Democratic candidates and votes on taxes and propositions. Of course it happens, and those votes are what are being protected by the ‘voter suppression’ laws. If Drivers Licenses are the required document, we will soon put a person’s citizenship status on it, an internal passport by another name. A deep state win, however it goes.

If the CIA-deep state decides to destabilize a country, they need a source of internal conflict, something to divide the nation against itself.  Owning the media is nice, controlling the slants on every social outrage they generate with false flags and false events, fake news. It is handy to have a source of destabilizing agents, e.g. :


On the side of realism, except for a couple of examples, the ‘terrorist’ events done by Muslims have uniformly been the FBI entrapping young Muslim hotheads and talking them into something stupid, then arresting them for conspiracy.

It is astonishing that Snopes has not debunked the recent reports on Snopes.

I have not studied things like this, but watched these videos and someone sent me a related link. These seem rational, science-based, but metabolism is a huge subject, and the science around diet and supplements is often of doubtful quality, even before commercial interests have their own effect. Adding to the cherry picking of evidence, there are a ton of alternative metabolic pathways, the reason that our average of 100 new protein-affecting mutations per person doesn’t kill more of us, an aspect of evolving to evolve.

The videos are bleeding edge thinking, ymmv. ‘Rett’s Syndrome’ is a specific problem, but the discussion is more general. ‘Functional Formularies’ does a lot of hospital foods for IVs, etc, and has several videos I have watched. Science people, selling by science, but I didn’t see anything I thought wrong :




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