Daily Reading #74

A good liberal in flyover country lamenting the disconnects that separate us :


The election of Donald Trump has sent millions of people pouring out onto the streets to protest a man  they think is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic bully who will destroy US democracy in his quest to establish himself as supreme fascist ruler of the country.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe Trump is a fascist who will destroy America. But where were these people when Obama was bombing wedding parties in Kandahar, or training jihadist militants to fight in Syria, or abetting NATO’s destructive onslaught on Libya, or plunging Ukraine into fratricidal warfare, or collecting the phone records of innocent Americans, or deporting hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers, or force-feeding prisoners at Gitmo, or providing bombs and aircraft to the Saudis to continue their genocidal war against Yemen?

Where were they?

Ending the war on drugs is the most important thing Trump could do :




All reversals of inequality in history have been caused by large-scale disruption to the social order, famine, plague, war, revolution :


City-Journal has writers who support keeping cannabis illegal, among other things they consider ‘conservative’. This is a very long article on Soros and critique of his politics. IMHO, Soros does a few things right, he is against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and theft of their land and is for legalizing drugs :


Controlling inflammation with food. This guy is science-based. Not the same as ‘True’, but I don’t see much I disagree with. Guy knows about cows and milk cows, I will give him that :


Yesterday I saw Tulsi Gabbard talking about the war on Syria, America’s support of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the non-existant moderates, including providing them with poison gas. Just 24 months from the first reports to the first Congressman using the facts for political advantage. Miraculous speed :


A state change in the world, so many varieties of bird flu so widely distributed, therefore exponentially more opportunities for recombinations that produce a virulent-in-humans strain and a positive feedback system :


Another stem cell therapy works, this for spinal cord injuries. Maybe, hard to tell about spinal cord injuries. A friend of mine told me about their experiments with monkey spinal cord damage. To produce the measured injury, they dropped a ball bearing through a tube of a certain length onto the exposed spinal cord. At the end of the study, very messy data, they decided they need a control of exposing the spinal cord, no damage. Well, human neurosurgeons are not used to doing work on smaller animals, and weren’t being careful enough. The control group had significant paralysis. Must have been embarrassing:



The IMF is a disaster for the 3rd world, it was a tool to impose political control of resources :


The pipeline story. Also, the various Indian groups protesting the segment that finally stopped it have no standing, the pipeline was not crossing in their territory :


It should not be the leftish side of politics reminding us all of these events in our history. The US returned Jews to Germany and the death camps :


Immigrants, especially illegals, tend to be more law-abiding than natives, of course :


Educational attainment in the US is negatively correlated with the rise of the US Federal education bureaucracy, which has centralized control.  Of course it should be abolished :


Messaging and email encryption are important, and ultimately won’t help :


Our elections are NOT AUDITABLE! If you can’t audit an election, you have no idea whether it was honest or not, it all depends on the people doing the counting. BlackBoxVoting has solid evidence that elections can be stolen, built into the technology. Auditable elections are the only possible counter. So, voters need ID and must sign to receive a paper ballot, same as cashing a check. Then we know how many people voted, and have the ballots for recounts and checks for fraud. It is not voter suppression to expect them to have an ID sufficient to cash a check or receive medical treatment. Be clear who is threatened by laws that would enable auditable elections :


If there was no fraud, the Project Veritas videos showing the Democrats who planned that were implementing fraud, because they certainly took the money to make that happen, and coordinated it with the White House. Also, the Californian registrars who stole the primary election for Hillary had no plan for November.

Painting Putin as anti-female is not reality, especially as compared to our stronger allies of India and Saudi Arabia. Putin wants to stop slapping or paddling children, it produces authoritarian personalities :


Columbia, Missouri, this is. A girl kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. But this was in 2012. I am sure that 5 years later, DynCorp, the major sex trafficking organization who provides police training around the world and all over the US, will have provided the training necessary to stop it :


I was just watching more of George Webb’s “Where is Eric Braverman?” series :


He has referred to extensive documentation of his points, knows names and dates and etc so I have trusted what he was saying, knew some of it was true, independently. That was pass1, this guy was working at finding truth, so I went along with it. Pass 2, I start looking at the background research. It is hosted on google, and his list of figures used in the videos comes through, but the refs are upside down in small type. My browser didn’t like me copying it, but I finally magicked it. Pasted it into thunderbird mail window, and I think it was right side up, but so small I couldn’t read it, and I couldn’t fix that.

I try hard not to be paranoid, and pasted the text into a libreoffice Writer document. That let me fix it, and it knocked my socks off. I am going to post that on the blog, it deserves to be more widely known than George Webb’s efforts so far allow. (Decided that, as I wrote the sentence. Off to do.)

Done :



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