Daily Reading #73

Surely everyone remembers this? That the Libya’s Sarin Gas was shipped to Syria? And that Hillary Clinton was directly implicated in the decision? Where subsequently there were 54 gas attacks by rebels against Assad’s troops, not much reported on, so you might have missed that. But it was all investigated by top reporters, written up in a few mainstream articles overseas, reported widely in the alt-media and repeated by people like me, so if you don’t remember, you weren’t paying attention to reliable sources :



Not so many links today because I spent yesterday watching lectures on the latest research on the human genome, and Human Accelerated Regions. Human evolution has speeded up 10X the rate of chimps, said to be due to humans entering more environments and encountering very different strains of humans and interbreeding with them. The human species has kept 40+% of the Neanderthal genome and probably more of the Denisovan genome, and some of those subspecies’ genes were strongly selected for, some strongly against.

I went looking for the answer to George Webb’s question “Where did Libya’s gold and Kaddafi’s money go?” It is not something the media have written about, so far as I can find.

Companies that pursue shareholder value produce shareholder value, of course. High profits come from running a company intelligently for the long-term, ignoring quarterly profits. This has been well-known for a good many years, companies still brag that they pursue shareholder value :


Crony financialism here, with absolutely no policy support. In fact, it is working directly against future homeowners and renters by keeping housing prices high :


The kind of mind that is early to accept things such as ‘elephants have minds’ is prone to accept less scientifically well established ‘facts’, like telepathy. The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’ :


I found a wonderful new site debunking everything :



CallingBullshit should look at this one. Entrepreneurs can be anything, but these won because they could spend money to buy time, and so outran the people who were writing operating systems for their TRS-80s, etc. Once the network arrived, Linux and the BSDs have decisively outrun Windows and Apple’s IOS, which is itself a layer over a BSD. Every one of the big innovations, email, personal web pages, … was started up by amateurs who ran the networks and applications that showed it was possible, and then got smashed by the people with big money who could adopt a more bleeding edge of technology earlier and so got their products out earlier. All of those greater entrepreneurs then did effectively nothing innovative ever again. For all of the money spent on Microsoft’s research group, what is it doing better than Amazon? Google better than Apple? The research reported is keeping up with the bleeding edge, but all of their products are capable of being mass-produced, meaning far behind the bleeding edge. That is where the real innovators and real early adopters used to build the beginning of new economic ecosystems :


Bees are capable of astonishing mental tasks, e.g. learning from example, with only 1M neurons. Insects have an internal representation of the world I had no idea of this :


The slippery slope of corruption is a) seeing it happening and b) seeing the perps are never caught. These study what happens when an opportunity presents itself to a yet-uncorrupted person :


Frank Luntz as a pollster is known for making the questions in the poll elicit desired answers. As an analyst of focus groups, obviously he is in contact with more social and political reality than any politician I have yet heard. This is from NC, is very good on Trump and his path to the WhiteHouse :


How many years have I been preaching about elementary hedging and supply chain disruption and thus the need for prepping? If you and all of your neighbors can’t feed yourselves comfortably through a serious banking crisis, which might fubar things for months, you are designing an unstable future for yourselves :


It is the end of an era, I have been saying so since I started writing :



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