Daily Reading #71

I linked to this yesterday, obviously had only read the first section, his story wrt the Podesta brothers involved with the McCann kidnapping was the most complete I had seen.

There are solid arguments an facts in that first section, along with many digressions or clever slants on well-known facts, or at least claims. After that, the post goes downhill.

In fact, this is an annotation of a summary of a lot of threads of research and discussion on voat.co. He recounts many many links, so many I couldn’t keep track. Reading it for the third time, it seems to me he makes claims that he can’t back up.

There are ‘sticky’ best summaries of carefully sourced claims on Pizzagate at voat.co/v/pizzagate threads, as well as many of the threads that Yoiichi Shimatsu relies upon. For me, it is more work to sift the solid threads out of Shimatsu’s rendition than to do it myself by reading voat, as interesting as some of his claims and connections are. But in this case more entertainment than assists to thinking, I think.

I already knew of The 4th Media, an otherwise solid source, it seemed to me. I knew of Eric Margolis, Pepe Escobar, this is a good web side, I would read much of it, had I the time.

Select the best, reject the rest. Bleeding edge understanding of issues like Pizzagate require reading a lot of crazy stuff, reading crazy conjectures. Lots of really crazy stuff turns out to be true.

It doesn’t get crazier than 9-11, the major point most people can’t believe, and so anyone who claims otherwise is presumed crazy, it didn’t take much social cueing of the laugh track to make people embarrassed to even have the thought :


Pepe Escobar on China at Davos, Silk Road, strategy :


Pepe Escobar with a view from ‘the masters of the universe’, which conflicts with George Webb’s view on what happened to Libya, for example. Webb’s views has much more research and support, it seems to me :


A long article on how Armenia is taking over parts of Azerbaijan, illegally  :


Paul Craig Roberts on Palast’s view the election was stolen via disenfranchising blacks. PCR dismisses the idea with a general ‘blacks are in states Hillary won’, although I think it easy to argue about the effects in swing states. I agree with PCR, this was a Deep State vs outsider election, and we can be sure Trump is not blackmailable, otherwise he would be working for Clinton :


Eric Margolis comparing Trump’s problem with the bureaucracy with Gorbachav’s in 1991, and agrees that the Deep State opposes Trump and needs cleaned out :


Bill Van Auken (I don’t recognize the name) predicts quick success against ISIS and longer-term war against Iran :


Glen Greenwald on WaPo’s financial success resulting from the ‘fake news’ stories and the media groupthink that allowed the story to prevail despite having no truth at all. Discusses the concerted campaign against Greenwald himself for supporting honesty in journalism and human rights :


Wayne Madsen on the CIA-corporate complex as the major purveyor of Fake News. He details the organizations blacklisted by the PropOrNot puppet and what they likely show about the sponsoring puppeteers :


Chris Hedges is a serious lefty, has some good opinions on foreign affairs. He is not wrong in his facts in this, Americans are largely non-literate, even if they can read, they don’t do it much. But, illiterates rarely vote. Then he assumes the literate do understand enough to vote, despite the effects of the pervasive propaganda served up by legacy media that he delineates.

Nobody faces up to the fact that there is an infinity of information, nobody can know what is important, nobody can hold in their mind more than a tiny fraction of ‘known by someone some time and written down’ information, and that much of the world’s working knowledge is in the skills and habits of illiterates. Civilization was built by illiterates up to the industrial revolution, and is less important in daily life for most people than Hedges wants to believe, especially with voice input to smart phones.

In a world of infinite information, it is amazing hubris to say that someone else is ignorant. You can say “they don’t know what I know, and I think that is ignorance”, but it is a much weaker claim, and people will laugh at you.

Hedges is very down on Obama :


So I conclude 4th Media is an excellent source of information, in the class of strategic-culture.org. Alt-media is outrunning legacy, no question.

Thierry Meyssan on Trump’s appointments. He or his translater uses ‘dispose’ and other English words strangely. His are the most detailed and positive assessments of Flynn, Mattis and Kelly I have seen :


I asked my wife about how friends and clients had voted. It is an interesting pattern among the immigrants to America vs people who grew up here.

This is a very liberal-to-Progressive part of the country which delivered a solid vote for Clinton. Nevertheless, almost all of her friends and clients who are immigrants voted for Trump or didn’t vote Those that didn’t vote are normally Liberal Democrats. Their children who are old enough, who grew up here and went to school and/or college, a few now married, are uniform in supporting Clinton.

There are a few exceptions in all of that, but the pattern seemed clear. She doesn’t know as much about the children of clients, but the pattern holds, immigrants like Trump more than Clinton.

I don’t have any opinion about Preibus, the only thing I know about him was pretty positive the other day. I agree with Steele’s goals of opening up the system, building a more general coalition, and general understanding that Trump is surrounded by people whose goals differ wildly and whose loyalties are not primarily to Trump.

I don’t see how Trump can free anyone from threat of blackmail, it isn’t as if the blackmail dtabase will disappear if the NSA and CIA are severely curtailed or even broken up and large parts eliminated. It will merely cease to be on government servers, and updates will not be via the NSA’s extraction and analysis pipeline, rather private.

After all, the backdoors on all of the network equipment and the installed NSA network equipment won’t disappear, probably won’t even be disconnected. The software can be moved to an Amazon cloud overnight, although perhaps not the decryption pipelines, those need specialized hardware. One can be sure the CIA’s manual includes gaining control over enough executives and network admins for each major network provider to protect their position, long-term, and that there are already such analysis pipelines and databases on Amazon servers, that is what the $600M contract was for.

I am trying to think whether it is even conceptually possible to guarantee that a fiber optic path is not split, duplicated as it transits the network. Maybe, but I think not easily. And therefore, encryption is the only answer, and NSA helped select the NIST-approved standard algorithms. We have caught them a couple of times, a constant in the elliptic curve that made it breakable was the last.

How paranoid am I if I think using any standard encryption software is dumb? The standard should be a procedure for generating encryption programs, even orderings of members of sets of computationally-expensive lossless transforms and the depth of re-encrypting of variations. Exchange a keyword face to face, and then you can transmit the day’s password in the clear. In addition, you control the channel, you can add as much noise as you would like, with a separate program, separate algorithms of the same kinds of operations. I don’t think there is any feasible way to deal with that, it is equivalent to automating code breaking. It is an application of combinatorics and the fact that most people don’t transmit enough data to allow an opponent to break a reasonable encryption technology, and changing the key often to change the selection and orderings of computationally expensive transforms will prevent even that. The only weakness in this is the weakness of all software, ways of breaking into the system transmitting or receiving the data.

I disagree about Trump’s performance at the CIA, it looked like a good move to enlist personal loyalty and pave the way for his appointee. He has wide support within military and intelligence enlisted and operations personnel and military officers, after all. Many of whom also understand the implications of 9-11  :


On the other hand, Steele is a DC insider with significant connections into the intelligence community. He is a prolific writer, seems reality-based, tho I don’t know enough to judge his assertions. I must admit that I keep coming back, being mostly impressed with his discussions, but somehow don’t come back often.

I saw that Steele does a lot of book reviews, this is an example that makes me want to read more of Steele’s reviews.

I have read a lot of stuff on Farnam Street, here is an interesting bit of wisdom :


I have read this several times, his mental models are what I all ‘points of view’. I have long thought that education needs to train for many POVs, they are proper mental tools for a complex world, and this explains that better than I ever have. A set of mental models is a much better mental toolset than even a narrative, the next best. Far down the list is the ability to work problems and answer multiple-choice tests :


I don’t use Facebook, but the FS page is interesting :


Which links to a good article on reading on Medium :


There are tons of things to be interested in, I have trouble reading books because of all the stuff I think I need to, should read on the net. That is a hard balance, but I hope I can stop paying attention to so much sometime soon. It all is interesting, and the growing understanding of how this benighted world is working is a personal satisfaction, yet I am not sure how it helps in knowing what to do.

Once you grasp that the system is hopelessly corrupt, you should start looking for the exit, as totally corrupt systems don’t get reformed often or easily. No sane person would remain in such a system because the level of violence is surely going to increase, you just can’t predict when or how much or how random, who will be the victim classes. Problem for 2017 is, the corruption is pretty much world-wide, mafias have power everywhere and increasingly cooperate with each other in international trade on the black markets.

After the election is lost, there are dozens of these analyses from inside particular transitions of  urbanites moving into rural areas and the tensions resulting. Each illustrates the problems Ds didn’t face up to, so lost the election :


This is NakedCapitalism’s comment on protesters in DC :

Trump Inaugural

Another flare-up:

A correspondent remarks:

How do we know that black bloc is run by police informers? Because they break windows and burn cars but leave surveillance cameras unmolested.

LinkedIn on rising in organizations :


Paul Craig Roberts on the history of black slaves and citizens and racism. I agree that racism is not a strong political force, as claimed by the left. Economic issues are first in every election :


This is a Mother Jones article with the ‘racism did it’ story, this guy’s history is wrong, Peter’s is more correct :


Chelsea Manning is an existential threat to America’s innocence  by ignorance. This guy is wrong wrt Pizzagate, and the issues of infinite knowledge but finite minds meaning infinite ignorance for all of us, otherwise this is good : https://thebaffler.com/blog/chelsea-manning-existential-threat-madar

Few individuals see the price of stents or any other medical device or service. Insurance companies don’t care so much until customer’s can’t afford the insurance, and until recently almost all health insurance was via companies. So not much competition in pricing :


Finally, everyone with a brain admits to thinking about what happens after supply lines stop working because so many things, including banks, constitute events that can and likely will stop supply lines. ‘Prepping’ it has been called, will need to be renamed to escape the history :


Yves Smith, who runs NakedCapitalism, has a good overview. “Trump shocks by delivering on campaign promises” :


Projecting into the future a short distance based on our love of credentials, America will soon have specialists in cannabis therapeutics, consultants who develop new food and drink recipes with cannabis, sommelier (budtender for a classy restaurant), and bartender (budtender) :


No need to invent rapes for news, they suppress the fact of some rapes and amplify fakes :


Real fake news, although this isn’t exactly well-sourced either :



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