Daily Reading #70

16 * 7 + 1 = 113rd consecutive day of daily reading and writing this stuff to understand wtf? The world seems crazier all the time. I keep expecting that to end so I can get back to writing serious stuff, but I can never catch up. Pizzagate and allied scandals continue to astound me. Many people and events seem everywhere to be tied into some aspect of blackmail or paedophilia, see the investigation into Snopes below. That is still bleeding edge research and commentary, I want to see other’s confirmations before believing any of it, but have already seen discussions of the Snopes ownership changes and the foundations that support them, so think much of it will be true.

David Seaman is being very human today, a canary in the ecosystem of information flow and analysis about events in the real world:


And reality, Ben Swann on CBS is reporting that Pizzagate is very real, and I loved the advertisement for vid.me he puts up on Youtube. I bet that didn’t go into the vid.me version. Think about that information loop and how it must play out in a center vs peripheral evolutionary arms race. Exactly the same as any other issue in information security, the center can only fight rear-guard actions and only defensively, and thus an inherently decentralizing force built into the base of reality, breaking down larger structures into sizes and complexities that can be managed by trusting and trusted humans. That is the most hopeful thought I have had all year, I hope there are no side effects, ha, ha :


This just changed from the Youtube of the CBS original report by Swann to this one, as Youtube pulled the original. Hope this one lasts :


This is another personal reaction to a person’s experiences, age 5, at the hands of a Satanic paedophile:


And this, the next thing that Youtube suggests, is a discussion with an intelligent investigative journalist. The discussion gets a bit explicit with sexual preferences in discussing the personal honesty of the Snopes ‘myth busters’ for the web. The man is very skeptical that a dominatrix with such an interesting specialty is the proper person to send to international forums for investigative journalists or to receive support from such major sources such as Soros Foundation, Gates Foundation, etc Basically, the Snopes site is a part of the Stasis Quo, controlled as are all media sources and more and more of the web.

I stopped believing Snopes because they were wrong about 9-11 and Sandy Hook, and don’t allow comments, and having more and more doubts about the general utility of Wikipedia for the same reason.

Interesting radiation patterns in the S Pacific from Fukushima.

He has interesting views on drugs and effects and drug sources’ motives. It would be easy to believe they are mere ‘conspiracy theorists’, but the connections this guy is tracing out are very interesting and the fact of massive censorship on the issue of Pizzagate indicates there is a lot of reality behind the issue.

He is another version of George Webb, my first analysis of this new line of thought. Yoishi Shimatsu is OK, from his articles, I don’t think Jeff Rense is as well-grounded, tho is OK on this one. It seems to me they go off the rails on some subjects, e.g. Jews as a coherent force and always ‘external’ power, the power of TPTB to control the news and schedule events in real time to control the news media’s focus.

Problem is, I can’t prove TPTB do not have that power, and can imagine how it might be possible. At least possible if you control someone by the drugs you give them every day and mental states you partly control via counseling sessions. MK Ultra did all of that and more, there are people all over the net claiming that the CIA has incredible power of mind control. Claimed examples are so many of the mass shooters in the last few years having been under the are of the CIA’s psychiatrists who did the research. I have seen many claims of that and think those were sourced and credible, although I can’t recall details.

From all of this, I think it solid that the Paedophilia Epidemic is a strategy of the elites to produce reliable control of independent institutions. I think it solid that the CIA lead in setting up blackmail operations around brothels, and that private groups have done likewise for long periods, e.g. the blackmail ring of men with boys exposed out of NYC maybe 20 years ago,  NYC’s first pedophile tracking cop . Less solid is evidence for MK Ultra kinds of control, I don’t know enough to have an opinion on that yet.

Wide-ranging discussion, so many connections of paedophiles into the White House and other connections into the elites. The seamy and steamy side of life reaches everywhere, it seems. Blackmail control is  standard technique of mafias everywhere :


This is the story he wrote about Snopes. Interesting style, he does write well :


This is a recent article by Yoishi Shimatsu. The many and nefarious connections Shimatsu finds between Snopes’s various players and scams from every direction astonished me:


The dynamics of information flow, both legacy and alt, is that news begins out on the fringes, is picked up by editors scanning sources including emails from people who do so. Information and research accumulate and the story finally forces its way into the legacy media. The resistance to a story is inversely proportional to the vested interests of the Stasis Quo. 9-11 and Sandy Hook hasn’t made it yet, Pizzagate is on the first step in the US, climbing rapidly in Australia, has been a constant in UK politics for the last several years, but all will produce scandal and dominate the news for next few years, whether or not Trump’s AG pursues them.

Charles is very good in this piece last week.  This frames politics as ‘insider vs outsider’, which makes more sense than left vs right, democrat vs republican in predicting alliances:


Even better in this latest. CHSmith continues to produce excellent and insightful commentary on economic and social issues, better every year. And such impressive output, a book every quarter and a blog every day. Basically, my summary, the US Democrats followed the European socialist parties in abandoning the working class, clearly shown in the leadership in Congress, rich, old and mostly white, former 60s radicals :


Smith is a standout in connecting large-scale ideas about systems and the hard realities of living within them to what to do in everyday life. There are plenty of commentators producing warnings about everything, the issue always is ‘what can you do, today, that is meaningful in the big picture?’ Charles’ answer is the much like mine, ‘honest’, ‘community’, ‘as local as possible’ and ‘as hedged as possible’. A subset of ‘hedged’ is ‘as self-sufficient as possible, at least for the shortrun’. There are many cheap insurances for common uncommon situations, e.g. loss of power through serious storms, epidemics, major earth quakes, major civil disturbances … People mistake the probability of any one of those in the near future with the overall probability, and fail to imagine the seriousness of effects in their lives. Coordinating with neighbors would improve everyone’s ‘prepping’, whatever the hedge.
I think that Trump is an iconoclast, clearly an out-of-the-box thinker and confident of his opinions, but can’t reconcile that with ‘archetype leader’ and the effortless political acumen.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving bears much guilt for the gutting of the 4th amendment :


“Our product has gone viral” is the last thing a GMO manager wants to hear. So Scotts invents an in-irradicable grass that has small, light, seeds easily spread in the wind, and doesn’t plan for its escape? Did they think they could copy Monsanto and charge everyone whose property was growing the grass, by the square yard, perhaps? If he Supreme Court allowed that, followed by the usual bureaucracy to control the new monopoly power, the next step is an even-more-invasive grass from a competitor, etc. We could have lovely lawns, at a price :



We have not been careful enough with pesticides and other ag chemicals, they are produced in the millions of tons and used everywhere, so even small effects on populations, cumulatively, can be big for the species. Including humans. This is one area where I agree with Greens :


Another journalist lamenting the loss of the profession’s standards :


And here is the WaPo lauding governments setting up ‘operations’ to ‘fact check’ the world. Which will inevitably degenerate into censorship. The goal in Czech Republic is countering The Kremlin’s stories, and the WaPo shows how that influences Czech elections. Given that the CIA controls so much media around the world, the focus of the ‘fact checks’ is entirely wrong :


If Flynn shuts down NSA’s surveillance of the US, Trump will get a great deal of support from the tech community :


Purdue Pharma will now lose everything because of the law suits and the cumulative evidence brought out in the discoveries. At least if there is any justice in the world. Executives should be executed, in a just world. On the other hand, who writes prescriptions is freely available from pharmacies, the big pharmas use it to reward MDs who prescribe their drugs, so there is no excuse for a State or County or Town not to know who is prescribing and whether pills are available from a criminal network :


A French translator’s problems with translating Trump. Systematic confusion of language facility with intelligence, the standard of the academic community and especially France’s education system. Interesting discussion of the differences in culture :


Why is Assange still held by the US and UK, 10 months after the UN  found that his detention was unlawful, and ordered his release and that the US and UK compensate him for the time he was unlawfully held? :



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