Daily Reading #6F

My wife and I just watched “The Whistleblower”, the story of sex trafficking in Bosnia, the woman who bucked the establishment and exposed the wide-spread participation in the sex trafficking industry by the UN and other organizations who came into Bosnia to fix the social breakdown, (caused by US and NATO black ops, tho that isn’t discussed). It was a good script and a powerful story, it scorches your soul. My wife said she had a hard time sleeping.

Get your mind around that, agencies of the UN and contractors to the US government are involved in child and sex trafficking everywhere they go, with impunity. Thousands of victims every month, from every country in the world. Big $ in that business, as large as the illegal drug trade by some estimates.

The political fight begins. The press is so outclassed by the Trump team, read the comments :


The Purple Revolution Soros is sponsoring continues :



Bracken makes sense to me, I have had the same thoughts that next comes a domestic terrorism phase. Being a revolutionary setting off bombs appeals to liberal arts majors, but only works if they last through the resulting repressions, more and more rare in a world of ever-more detailed dossiers and ubiquitous surveillance.

Even getting to that level of repression would be unlikely, I think, as the long string of FBI-lead ‘Muslim terrorist events’ and Sandy Hoaxen have not much increased the prospects for a police state. My thought is that many small groups will be fostered by some subunit of our Intelligence Community or one of the private mafias that surround them. Only with their assistance could a Bader Meinhof gang escape being tracked down quickly. I don’t think that will work because public open source research is becoming very powerful, but it is another reason to abolish the intelligence agencies and go entirely open source :


Dumb attempts to criminalize dissent and public expression thereof :


This says that the Stasis Quo is going to pin the collapse of the bubble on Trump, that the Fed, etc. have many weapons to cause Trump problems. But Trump’s people are excellent at reality and pounding the facts, as KellyAnne shows above, and Trump is excellent at eliciting loyalty from bureaucracies, as the CIA speech below shows.

Besides, the eventual collapse of the bubble has been predicted for a long time, we know it has been close. Besides, who knows, maybe Trump’s moves will delay or change, and in any case, Trump will produce improvements in contrast to that economic trend. And maybe the future is not one of deficits? Nobody can imagine that, just like they haven’t imagined a lot that Trump has made happen.

The other flaw in this line of thought is worrying about what Krugman, the NYTimes, WaPo and networks will think.  Those are all legacy media, of much less importance to Trump’s messages and subsequent popularity than Drudge or Breaitbart, the alt-media replacements to the legacy media :


How corrupt government has been, national policy bent to favor individual’s election, for a considerable time, and how consistently the legacy media, NYTimes and WaPo, have carefully covered it up, lying as necessary :


This is the 2nd Gatestone Institute article I have seen that makes good sense. The better to attract attention to their other messages, I guess. Also in self-interest, as they definitely need Fake News to be allowed :


I had never seen Mike Pense speak before. Smooth bastard, a trained politician :


Trump has a strategic mind. He started a big fight with the Intelligence Community and then makes friends with the people below the top leadership as he installs his leadership. And promises support if they go along with him, says they are on the same wavelength. Broadcast direct to the people on CSPAN as a news event, big audience because of the previous fight. No media necessary, thank you.

Trump as a speaker is impressive. I hadn’t seen him speak much before. Either thinks on his feet or remembers talking points as a long list. Hits the political points, charms the audience. He gave a prepared speech at the inauguration, must have memorized it. Good with scripts?

His opponents have been so outclassed. Nevertheless, I only lasted 13 minutes, I hate politics.

Pro-Trump people would agree with this. Ideology is the enemy, every time, and only actions count. Meanwhile the Democrats aren’t facing up to what happened to their Party, because to do so is to cut themselves off from the oligarch’s funding.  Same problem as the Republicans have. Thus, they both have a vested interest in seeing Trump fail, which means our nation continuing to fail :


This guy is good, “Rules for Rulers” and “Death and Dynasties”. Clear explanations of the dynamics of political systems :



And, ‘Jury Nullification’, which everyone should know about, a basic element of a working Democracy :


Adam Savage has allied with Vsauce to do videos.  Brainy explanations combined with shop work. Public education is so obsolete :


An example of normalcy bias and also of how China has many problems that interact, economic, social, environmental. Otherwise, the usual leftish bad diagnosis and prescription wrt environment and climate :


Best thing anyone can do for their future and their neighbor’s future is to make your lawn and yard a garden. Add chickens and rabbits if possible. Green, local and prepping, all in one. Force changing regulations and make that popular.

No kidding, the elite’s world is biased toward serving the rich. Horrors, Harvard is not selecting students primarily for their intellectual capabilities and the goal of social diversity is just another quota. Who could have guessed? :


Der Spiegel was the origin of the observation that Trump’s inauguration was a declaration of wr, this is the underlying reason :


Ubiquitous surveillance :


Declining competence in public institutions of all kinds :


If you want more of something you subsidize, popularize and approve of it. If you want less, you tax, criticise and socially disapprove. Given our treatment of whistleblowers, do you think government doesn’t want transparency because it has things to hide? :



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