Daily Reading #6E

Whoever Tyler Durden is this AM gets it :


And this is blinding evidence of massive corruption in the Clinton campaign and many Republicans, a must-read. The email evidence from Wikileaks showing that Hillary Clinton was making contributions to Republicans, having made the agreements with the individuals personally, Jeb Bush, Cary Fiorina and John Kasich to have them lead anti-Trump efforts. Paul Ryan, also, from the evidence.

The amount of dirt we see every time we look at any detail of our political system seems to increase every time we look, and I don’t see any of it ever cleaned up.

This is crime, corrupt behavior. And we see more of it every time Wikileaks releases a new batch of emails. The drips will continue until that mountain of corruption is flat to bedrock, the technology guarantees it.

Exactly why Trump was elected :


My wife, a master of fashion, taste and other such important facadist arts, thought the Trump women were very perfect, for what its worth.

America under Trump will reach new heights of literature, poetry and art :


The correct answer to health care, abolish the structure that supports the crony-capitalist system, prices will drop so far we don’t worry about insurance for anything but medical catastrophes. Already, MDs that accept only cash for services cost a fraction of what insurance companies have to pay. Get rid of the rest of the price supports, medical costs will again become affordable :


Soros and the CIA have so many common goals and overlaps in operations, it is impossible to know who works for who :



More transgressions on the 4th Amendment, more centralization of unchecked power :


Google has 7.2M links for ‘sex trafficking’. 62K for ‘Kathryn Bolkovac’. 4M for ‘Pizzagate’. This is a problem that has been building for 50 years, and is not going away.

Day 80 Where is Eric Braverman? Conchita Sarnoff. Clinton and Epstein and Bill and the CIA are all involved in child sex trafficking. NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert K Boyce says emails contain child exploitation, sex crimes, perjury, obstruction of justice, money laundering,  pay to play. The FBI’s counter-terrorism division is the CIA’s way of corrupting and controlling state and local law enforcement.

George Webb’s understanding of the story is evolving, DynCorp is the CIA’s domestic arm for sex trafficking, but the results are put to use for what look like private schemes to use the various asset forfeiture laws to seize assets of people who, for example, use underage prostitutes? some ambiguity there?  Corrupting police with underage sex is routine, they only need 6 or so per police force, they make up local action teams for black operations.

Dyncorp is accused of, caught in, sex trafficking again and again, yet goes on getting gov contracts. The last $11B I read somewhere.

This is an organization run by Mafia rules, I think — whatever makes $ and you can get away with, then you owe the boss a cut, money back into the black budget. The CIA-oligarchy accumulate power, the participants accumulate wealth.

This is an awful story he is developing based on a lot of evidence, little of which I see contradicted in my previous understandings and continued reading. He confirms things I had already come to understand. The preponderance of evidence I see says that our CIA is evil and actively cooperates with evil public and private for mutual goals. These are mafias, call them what you will :


Well, this is discouraging. Tight connection between Steve Feinberg, owner of Dyncorp, is Trump’s top economic advisor. Who is also with Cerebus Capital, owned by George Soros. DynCorp, Sex Trafficking specialists, among many other attributes. Could mean anything, we will see :


Day 82 DOJ and FBI release some info about the emails, there are 19 gmail accounts involved in the conspiracy. They were using them for everything that involved kickbacks.

This is Comey’s 7th coverup of Clinton crimes.

This is the film “The Whistleblower” tho this Youtube version is terrible, muddy soundtrack, I am going to look for :


This is a speech by Kathryn Bolkovac, the principal and author of the book :


Summary, no question the UN peacekeepers were involved in child trafficking and child abuse. Not just a few bad apples, systematic, and even more organized than these UN people understand. DynCorp trains everyone and Hillary’s NATO-Bosnian OTPOR Popovic group can cause any necessary outrage to start the destabilization of a society that produces the situation the UN needs to rescue with peacekeepers, trained by DynCorp, no doubt.

This includes an account of the way the populations were divided in Bosnia, interesting. Also interesting about the constant moving of people as a way of controlling them. The relentless forcing of the issues into a feminist mold is insane, it is a criminal problem, not an equality of sexes problem. Had they looked, they would see boys and young men in other brothals and being trafficked also. All of it lead by that paragon of feminist ideology, Hillary Clinton :


Yes, DynCorp and many other less-than-controlled multiply-immune ‘peacekeeper police’ were running the sex trafficking. “Why does the UN fail”, and she has so many possible answers :


This is an interesting additional motivation driving the open source research, the IRS rewards for info on tax evasion. Smart man :


And more incentives for lawyers and victims, very smart man, there are so many assets in the $Billionaire class, all available via RICO suits and so many connected in one way or another in the overall conspiracy and corruption. E.g. Epstein’s lawyer, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz :


Massive violation of the 4th Amendment via DOJ as Obama exits the Presidency :


Robots (computers) still do not navigate the world and handle tasks within it as do humans, not even close. As the ultimate proof that IQ is what IQ tests measure, not intelligence, this bit of confusion :


The original paper made no such claims, of course :



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